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507619 tn?1211845850 i have been clean for 3 and 1/2 weeks now and i got a horriable migraine if i take it again will with drwals come back if i just use today and then stop when migraine goes away
Avatar f tn m a chronic migraine sufferer and I was given hydroxyzine before pregnancy for it. Tylenol is pretty useless to me so I take a Benadryl and go to bed. Good luck!
Avatar f tn The buorenorphine can cause rebound headaches. I took this a looong time ago for headaches, and it would help for a little while, then the headache would come back full force. I think most opiates can cause these rebound headaches. I would call the doc and see if he has any further recommendations. Again congrats to you!
Avatar n tn Or else consult your neurologist for change of medication. Avoid triggers for migraine, if possible. By keeping a headache diary, you will be able to identify some of the triggers for your headaches. I am sorry you are dealing with this frustrating concern and I hope you can find yourself in better health soon with the help of your neurologist. You need to be on medications to prevent migraine becoming more chronic in the future.
Avatar f tn t take now. My Dr prescribed me fiorocet and hydrocodone for when I start to feel them coming on. My migraines did seem a bit calmer during first trimester, got a little hard to manage during the beginning of 2nd and now in 3rd are back to almost non existent. Good luck!
Business man2 I have been approved for boots injections for managing the headaches. Is there anything I need to concerned about with this procedure?
Avatar m tn Has been Zoloft free for approx 3 weeks. Headaches are worse than ever. Has been taking Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 1x daily for a couple of months with little relief. Later given rx for Butalbital as alternate pain med but pt has only tried a few times. Hydrocodone gives better relief but not full/long lasting relief.
Avatar n tn i used to have migraines also, tylox was the answer for that one, another addictive drug, but it never worked once the migraine hit...coffee worked better...LOL! imitrex is another option for migraines...i wouldnt take vicoprofen for migraines, you could end up with rebound migraines or headaches from the vicoprofen. another option would be your BEST bet... GOOD LUCK!
492921 tn?1321289896 but I know that they prescribed vicodin 5-500 for me this pregnancy to use on breakthrough migraine headaches ( i was taking tylenol #3 but the codeine started making me sick so they switched me) and I can take 1-2 every 6 hours (i never take more than 1 every 8 hours though)...I'm 20wks now...and it was prescribed by my OB so I wouldn't have to keep going to the hospital every time I had a bad migraine....
221913 tn?1372276661 7 Oxycodone 5mg left and also have an appointment with a pain specialist tomorrow morning at 10:00am. I can NOT handle the headaches anymore! They are BRUTAL! My goal is to come off of the narcotic pain medication effective immediately with the help of these pain specialist and I'm praying that they can prescribe me medications for the withdrawals that I am certain to experience. I mean at is their specialty right? Can you guys please provide feedback, I need it badly!
Avatar f tn I am addicted to Hydrocodone and have been "off and on" for about 3 years. Sometimes I go through periods of not taking them, or taking very little. But in the last few months I've been going on binges. I'd take 3-4 5/500s a day at the most. I am now at the end of one of those binges. I managed to get off them a few months ago and was miserable physically for a good three weeks. Now I want to taper off and STOP.
Avatar m tn i have multiple sclerosis and have been taking the same 3 basic med's for 20+ years. recently along with the hydrocodone-10 mg -4per/day---- soma-350 mg -4per/day----and valium 10-mg-2perday__ ( all med's are generic's) about 2 years ago i started having some numbness and tingeling in my feet so i was put on neurotin 400 mg-3/per day . in the last 6+ month's i was prescribed MS contin 30 mg 2per/day. well that didn't do well! skull busting headache's from the jump.
Avatar m tn t respond to medicine. At least when I went to the ER and they gave me a migraine cocktail, it worked! This Hydrocodone 5/325 mg APAP didn't touch it. Since I've had brain surgery years ago, then a brain bleed recently, it makes it hard for me to separate what's going on and what is coming from what. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I was introduced to Tylenol since the age of 7 because of migraines and I'm now 23 on November 29th. I started taking them just for migraines but I also suffer headaches frequently so I thought if the pills work for that, they'll definitely work for headaches. I thought,"Why be in pain ever if I don't have to." I also always took two on the first dose everytime. The bottle says to take one and if it doesn't work, take two on the next dose but I never followed that.
Avatar f tn Klonopin for anxiety and hydrocodone for arthritis and fibermyalgia. I called in 3 refills on Saturday the 9th. Not an early refill. I take several meds and there all auto refill for 3 months except the three the other one being cyclobenzaprene. They only filled 1 on the following Monday. When I finally talked to a nurse on Tues afternoon she said the doctor was not refilling but going with pain management and the doctor left no other explanation.
Avatar m tn The W/d , migraine headaches , body aches. How long does it take for this to get out your body and system ?
Avatar m tn I have had doctors try and treat these headaches with migrane medications, also with medications that are for tension headaches, neither of which in my opinion are the source of the problem. It's very frustrating. I have compiled a list of everything that has been tried.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 5 years old and was seen by a Neurologist that told us she suffered from migraine headaches. we have not been able to come up with anything that causes her headaches. We have tried keeping a diary and everything seems so random. Some of the headaches she gets will put her to bed for the night. Is there anything besides just letting her sleep it off i can do for her?
Avatar f tn It is important also that you identify possible triggers that could be responsible for your migraines. There is a migraine tracker here in Medhelp that you can use for this. If you can identify the triggers, you can also avoid recurrences of your headache. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I was given a perscription for Hydrocodone and was told to take that along with 4 ibuprophen. I was also given amitriptyline to take every day to prevent headaches. I see the neurologist tomorrow morning. Any advice would be helpful. I am to the point that I cannot stand this anymore the pain is so severe and it gets worse every time I get up and try to do anything. Thanks!
231048 tn?1214354453 i just thought of something u know iw as taking alot of oxycontin and i always had to take something for headaches.....u would think that after having 500mg of oc running threw ur blood u wouldnt have a migraine...
Avatar f tn If it lasts for more than 4 hours it could be chronic tension headache, chronic migraine or altered migraine or hemicranias continua. Indomethacin is the drug of choice in hemicranias continua. In fact the diagnosis is considered confirmed if a patient responds to Indomethacin. Doctors should also rule out hormone imbalance and low estrogen as the cause of your headaches. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please discuss these possibilities with your doctor once.
Avatar f tn i have had a migraine for seven days now. i have some numbness on my left side. i was diagnosed with a sinus infection and have been taking amoxicillin for 6 days now with no improvement. i feel groggy and tired all the time. and very irritable. any kind of noise, stress makes it worse. i have tried taking darvocett, maxalt, excederin migraine and none of these are working. I had a CT scan and thats where they found the sinus infection.
Avatar f tn Sometimes you starting eating a new food and it has MSG in it (which triggers my migrianes) so you have to watch the ingredients in foods even dried fruit give me a migraine if it has sulfur dioxide for a preservative. I am now vegan too. I like the diet as you can eat a lot of carbs and the food is actually very good and healthier. Anyway, try to figure out if there is something new triggering your migrianes.