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Avatar n tn She prescribed Valacyclovir 10 mg tablets, her anti-viral, takes three per day for seven days, also prescribed Mupirocin 2% for the blisters and Hydrocodone/APAP, SMG/325mg Tabs for pain. Recommended if pain is unbearable to go to the ER for possible admitance to Hospital and intravenious pain care. So far she has slept a lot. Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I've had them but caught it within 48 hours so my primary care put me on acyclovir, which cuts the duration as well as the aeverity. I think you might be too far in for an antiviral. Narcotics aren't the best way to treat shingles pain. Ask for neurontin or lyrica. Cymbalta may work but that takes longer to kixk in. Treating shingles pain is pretty basic. If your doctor doesn't take your pain seriously, you might want to look at finding a new doctor.
Avatar m tn This is just my opinion, I don't judge. I took Suboxone to get off hydrocodone. I believe both of these meds dont help depression. After getting off sub, I went back to pain meds, very ignorant of me because I felt better without these drugs. I have insomnia really bad and I take Xanax, not good for depression either. I take Percocet, for pain from shingles, 2 years I've had it. I want to wish you the best. You can beat this, I'm gonna beat it.
Avatar f tn Can anyone give me some idea where to turn or what tests to ask for which could identify this as a post shingles condition....Please help.
Avatar m tn So I'm 20 year old male. About 140 lbs and the main part of my question is this: My girlfriend got a script for some lortabs (7.5 mg) for shingles. For the last week or 10 days I've been taking about 25 mgs a day of hydrocodone from them and also increased my alcohol consumption to about 3 or 4 drinks a day for the last ten days or 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn Nearly fainted while I was at the gym which then turned into constant lightheadedness for now its 5th month. I had a shingles approximately a week after the episode. Our cases seem similar so I was hoping you had some input and suggestions to help. Did the B1 supplements help at all too? Cheers.
Avatar f tn My wife was prescribed Hydrocodone for Shingles. She has been taking 1-2 pills every 6 hours for 2 weeks. How long does it take to become dependent/addicted to the drug? She also takes Gabopentin(sp?) for the nerve pain.
Avatar m tn I am not a doctor by any means but search this site for shingles and you will get some insight. I was thinking Lyrica or something like that. Maybe I am totally off base. Medhelp search is your friend as well as Google itself.
Avatar f tn It affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain. More and more this is being prescribed for various causes of nerve pain.Also it reportedly is showing success as a ************** option for fibromyalgia symptoms. Neurotin is chemically similar to the drug Lyrica. Neurontin is also used to treat nerve pain caused by herpes virus or shingles. It can interact with hydrocodone, morphine or naproxen and others.
1351082 tn?1479840132 I had to take something strong for pain. It last for about month. I can still feel some tingling there. I have heard that some people have this for months and it can occur. Your doctor should be able to help you through this. Good luck.
Avatar m tn my wife has had the shingles virus for over 70 days the blisters are gone she still has the blotches on her back and stomach. she is still having a lot of pain with this. she takes meds for pain she gets for her back but it just doesn't help. what can we do?
Avatar f tn Hi doctor I've had shingles for about 13 years now & I'm only 18. For years I've been wanting to get rid of the ugly scars that are on my forehead but every doctor was like a dead end. I really want to pursue removing the scars! What should I do?
Avatar f tn I still have symtons and get shingles about 5 times a year, after many appiontments and prescriptions for aviculor for shingles and complaining about my symptons, and blood tests for everything in the book later, the doctor said last week it sounds like cfs but wanted 2 check my thyroid levels yet AGAIN 1st and rushed me out the door. How can I be taken seriously what should I do next?
Avatar n tn Four days later the doctor found out that it was not folliculitis buy shingles. He gave me antiviral for shingles. After taking all these antibiotics and antiviral I started having diarrhea. I passed stool three times a day with some cramp. Also I got that itching on the groin area back. I am under a lot of stress beginning from august. I wanted to check with you to see if I could have contracted any infection including HIV and STD. Should I go for any tests and if so what kind of test?
Avatar f tn Is the lab detecting minor amounts of hydrocodone -- then this is normal for codeine metabolism. But if it is detecting a therapeutic dose of hydrocodone, then its presence can't be due to the metabolism of codeine. Here's a reference for your doctor's use: http://www.wardelab.com/22-2.html#t1 I hope this helps. Best wishes with your pain management routine.
Avatar n tn I have received the explanation of atypical shingles, but I am not satisfied. I have also been tested for lyme disease 4 times and all have come back negative. A CBC showed no abnormalities, but I remain concerned. I worry that this is along my nerve tract and if I do not address it I could end up with damage. I have not experienced pain, but occasional itching, and generally no real difference in feeling.
Avatar n tn Hence i wonder if this could be shingles. I havent felt any else shingles symptom except minor tingling the whole 4 weeks. What could it be? Stress related? I tested hiv negative at 32 and 52 days.
Avatar n tn I've been taking hydrocodone 7.5/500 for about 6 or 7 weeks. I was originally prescribed this for pain I had from "Shingles", but for the past 10 days I've had no pain and have just been taking them because they make me feel so calm. The last 8 days I have taken about 7 per day. I know I have to quit this. What can I expect in terms of withdrawl symptoms if I quit completely? What can I do to ease the withdrawl? Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Avatar m tn Went to my Doctor, he said it looked like Shingles. He took a blood draw, again, for type 1 AND 2 Herpes. This time, we ran for both IGM, and IGG antibodies. Test comes back today, and I passed the IGG with flying colors, but got a positive on my IGM. I've been monogamous with my girl for 3 years, and so has she. My question is this... Can an IGM show a positive from Shingles? Is that what happened to me?
2030686 tn?1351688548 I have been taking hydrocodone for multiple issues for almost 10 years. It doesn't seem to be helping much anymore and I need suggestions on something new to try. I don't want to go to percoset, because it works post surgery where morphine does not. Tramadol causes me to have seizures (they think) so it's off the table, and they gave me demerol for dental pain once but it did nothing. So I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on something new to try.
1351082 tn?1479840132 mind will develop a dependency on it, there for u will need to go through W/D again. Sorry for ur pain but if u research it online u will be able to find out all the info u need. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn It is time to bid these pills fair well once and for all, When I first broke out with the shingles I went to the doctor to get meds for shingles. I told him my struggles with the hydrocodone. The doctor happened to be a pain management Dr. He said why don't I put you on a stronger pain med to help with the pain of the shingles and was going to prescribe me oxy 30's to take every 4 hrs and once the pain went away then I could go on suboxone.
Avatar m tn I get urine drug tested every month when i go to get my prescriptions from a pain management clinic. I have tested positive for either Hydrocodone or Oxycontin the last 6 times I tested. I havent taken Hydrocodone in 5 years and Ive never taken Oxycontin. The dr doesnt believe me and Im probably gonna be released because of it. I cant make him believe me. Can anyone tell me if any of the following drugs can give a false positive for Hydrocodone or Oxycontin.
Avatar f tn I started going to a clinic 7 days ago to seek help for Hydrocodone withdrawals. I had been on Hydrocodone for about 4 years and my new Dr felt Methadone would help. Day one they gave me 30mg. I could not function and I was very sick, vomiting, etc. I told them that was too high that I wanted no more than 10-15 mg per day. I was a little shocked at their encouraging people to take high doses and increase 5 mg per day.