Hydrocodone and stomach upset

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Avatar n tn m on day 12 with no vics feeling the same way. Maybe it is the flu? My stomach only hurts when I eat, and it the cramping in the stomach...just like you described. Alot of germs floating around this time of the year.
Avatar n tn Also, after having all this stuff draining into my stomach all night it feels upset the next morning. I broke my leg and was given Hydrocodone pills for a few months and guess what zero problems of any kind with nasal drip at night or stomach problems during the day. I am spending 40$ a month now on a mix of antihistamine and Sudafed which does'nt work nearly as well. I wish there was something I could take that would work like the Hydrocondone pills.
Avatar f tn 5/750 for several months and all the tylonel is starting to upset my stomach. Does anyone know the different strengths of vicodin so I can try something different?
Avatar n tn he says that he has been trying to get off of them for 5 days now and he is still saying he is sick, ie having an upset stomach and votimiting. i have never been around anyone whom has been on drugs ever in my life and i do not know how to deal with it. i dont know if he is really being sick from not taking them or really sick because he still is taking them. how long does it usually take for someone to get off taking this kind of med. and what are systoms that would should withdrawls?
1099361 tn?1258662257 I can't take asperin as I have trouble with my stomach... As far as I know, tylenol, is the only pain pill I can take without stomach upsets... very bad.. I don't want to upset my ulsers... so , I need to find some pain medication to replace the norcos.. I am down to 1 norco a day.. finally!! I could probably just stop taking them now if there were something easy on the stomach for pain... that is not addicting or harmful to the body... anybody know????
Avatar n tn She will feel sick for about 5 days - flu like symptoms (aches, pains, runny nose, restless legs, hot/cold flashes, sweating, stomach problems) and then start to feel better... I am not sure of any complication that would occur with the diabetes but I would definitely suggest going to see a doctor to discuss it. A good doctor will help and give suggestions.. Where is she getting the meds? She should speak to the doctor prescribing her the meds..
Avatar n tn I suffered exactly the same and it's was my IBS playing up. I was so worried and had no idea what was going on.I ended up changing my pregnancy vitamins and it worked wonders. I am now 10 weeks and feeling amazing.
762453 tn?1234365625 m used to getting my upset stomach during the night but now this had occured during the day yesterday and this morning. I don't know what to do or think. Help?
Avatar f tn ve had a kinda upset stomach like the feeling you get when you think you have to go number 2 and some pressure in my lower stomach and back and I have been going number 2 more then usual and its not that loose or anything I'm just wondering if I should be worried? Or I need to talk to my doc about it?
Avatar n tn I had my period Nov 25-30 and now I am having a upset stomach, nauseas, spotting and it has been going on for days. What could this be?
Avatar n tn What is an H. pylori infection and where does one get such a thing?
Avatar f tn 5ng /ml from 9ng /ml) , Indian goose berry juice 20ml per day for vitamin C (Jatashankar warned that this juice is known to cause renal stones, so thinking of stopping it) I am from India and vegetarian, diet is rice, Dal (lentil), curd (Indian yogurt), cooked and raw veggies, fruit (banana, and papaya, and apple). Milk only in tea twice a day. No cheese. Can anyone help in suggesting proper diet/supplements? Felt very good between 2 and 4 months of entecavir.
Avatar f tn Sorry if tmi(dont think anything is on this app though lol) but I had really runny diarreah and my stomach was cramping and contracting. I felt like I was going to die. Once everything was done I felt a lot better and managed to get some rest. I am only 28 weeks, I know it can be a sign of labor so it was kind of worrying me. Honestly, I hope labor doesn't feel like that because I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up as well.
Avatar n tn Where are the pains exactly? I'm having intense stomach pains from the top of my naval to the top of my stomach and they are refrerring it to GERD (Acid Reflux Disease). I'd go see your GI and see if they can do an upper endoscopy on you. I'm going in on the 3rd to for one to see if I have GERD or a peptic ulcer. Drink a lot of water and a very bland diet (toast with peanut butter).
1422850 tn?1307364413 r u taking any meds? some can upset ur stomach.... have u taken a preg test??
Avatar f tn Hi im 35 w 4 days and my stomach feels so full like i need to throw up and im not constipated im the opposite i go everytime i pee and its not dihareha any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have had. stomach problems my whole life as well, mine. got really bad around 3 years ago. It Is getting worse and don't know what to do either. Are there some days where the pain is different or feels like a. different pain in the same area? I don't eat dairy I don't have a gallbladder anymore and its still really bad and I have even started questioning living. Do you have any tea's or meds that help at all?
Avatar f tn For the past couple days ive had a upset stomach to the point that its making me vomit. Have or did any of you ladies experience something similar this far along in your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn if this is recent and only been happening for a few days, it could be a stomach bug or food poisoning. They can last anywhere from 1 to 10 days. If its been this way for more than a week or two, it could be a new food allergy, maybe a gallbladder issue like gallstones. Try avoiding fatty foods and dairy. Eat soup, steamed veggies, steamed chicken, and things like that that are easy to digest. see if that helps.
Avatar n tn This morning I woke up and have had cramping in stomach and loose to runny bowels all day and threw up a bunch of acid this morning what's going on I'm 23 5'7 130lbs
Avatar f tn I'm 32 weeks and all last night I kept getting woken up with horrible stomach cramps and had diarrhea (if I'm spelling it right ) so bad. Anyone experience this? I'm a ftm and could just be getting sick but didn't know if it could mean anything with my pregnancy.
Avatar n tn t drag a vomiting child to the ER, but do watch and monitor, and try to get a little bit of fluid, a very, very small amount, every 15 minutes, into them. Bigger gulps of fluid will make them vomit more, but small spoonfuls or ice chips may go down. ps -- In his case, it was just a virus. Not that it wasn't scary for him to be vomiting all day, but it was not a serious illness. There are a lot of bugs going around.
Avatar f tn is it normal that my stomach feels so upset and like I have to throw up until I eat something then I feel back to normal?
Avatar f tn I've been vomiting today but when I vomit its just like spit. What can I do or eat or drink ): ?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and everything I eat seems to upset my stomach (like food poisening) even though that's not the case. I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea though. Is this happening to anyone else?