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Avatar f tn Yup...it definitely gave me dry mouth and a bad taste....and it can make you tired. It lowers your blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure already and are taking it that might cause it. At the same time, fatigue is a huge part of withdrawal. Its usually the symptom that lasts the longest. Could be that too.
Avatar f tn Have taken two at bedtime, along with Lunesta and sometime phenergan for nausea. I never take anything during the day. Have been tapering off for four days. The worst time has been at night....really restless and cannot sleep. I have been having lots of dreams....which I cannot remember the last time I remember ever dreaming...is this related to tapering off hydrocodone? These four days have been difficult; however am wondering if the worse is yet to come?
Avatar n tn I dont know why it is making me nausea. My doc then perscribed lunesta 3mg. Has anyone tried lunesta and experienced better sleep with it? I am afraid of trying lunesta because i dont want to feel so nausea again. I didn't take any sleep med last night...didnt have a very good sleep but still i feel nausea. I need something to help me sleep without causing nausea and to help me sleep like a baby throughout the night pleaseee.
Avatar f tn Hey all, so I got tired of not sleeping more than 4hrs a night after being off of Tramadol 42days and my Dr gave me Lunesta. I asked if it was addicting and he said yes but you won't buid up a tolerance to it... I would like to hear this though from someone that has taken this medication and has had to come off it... How hard was it? What where the wds like???ect.ect any info on this would be appreciated...Thank You. Jeffi.
2021910 tn?1339896686 I'm on Ambien every night, otherwise, I would only get 2 hours of sleep a night. The benefits outweigh the risks. My doctor said there is a chance of depending on it to put you to sleep, but when my newborn comes, I'll wean off of it from having to be up with him all night. I even took Ambien with my first son, and he was born picture perfect. Get some rest!
Avatar f tn It's 3 weeks since I've been having a pretty serious depression, including anxiety & sleeplessness. I was put on a new antidepressant LexiPro (15 days now), xanax as needed, which I only need to "take the edge off" when Im shaky, and Lunesta to sleep. This is the 2nd time I've used Lunesta.
Avatar m tn The highest available dose of Lunesta is 3mg. Recently, thought is that Lunesta, Ambien, and others in this class are very similar to benzodiazepine drugs. But I haven't read much about addiction or withdrawl from these meds. Seems like insomnia would be a given, but you could try melatonin or valerian root to combat that. Good luck either way.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if thats good i tried it once and really liked it it doesnt seem to be addicting
Avatar f tn When I kept forgetting to take the second dose, he suggested the 30mg X-RAY And it seemed to work extremely well, I was not sleeping at all, had lots of stress and went through a number of different antidepressants, they all pretty much made feel hung over and generally like crap all day. He suggested Lunesta and it seemed to work enough to get atleast 6hrs of sleep and felt well rested the next day.
Avatar n tn Now I am post TX and the insomnia has not yet left, so they prescribed Ambien and Lunesta for me (i grew allergic to something in the benedryl). They are all harmless to liver but the ambien & lunesta do cause dependence so I alternate them: Ambien for a couple nights, then lunesta (which does not work as well for me) for one night. The 'dependence' is not a big deal; just means you'll have a several very sleepless nights after you quit them.
Avatar m tn its been 2 days on That dose, tday im gonna try not to take it. My Doc prescribed me some 350mg soma for the pain and lunesta for sleep. Im going to try taking soma if the pain becomes unbearable, any advice pls?
Avatar m tn this is just my experience, and I'm not on tx yet...I can't take Lunesta and ambien, ambien makes me feel nutzo the next morning, but many people are fine with it...I take ativan if I have had a lot of sleepless nights in a row, and at a very low dose...I find tranquilizers lull me into sleep, which I prefer...best of luck...
Avatar n tn I never tried remeron, but ambien was horrible and so was resterol the taste of the lunesta that it leaves in your mouth is horrible so there is no easy answer but I did find the ativan did help for a while and I still take it with the lunesta and I agree if I get a good nights sleep the next day is much better.
Avatar f tn I took Ambien 4 about 6 months for insomnia and when I was withdrawing from Hydrocodone. I took it as prescribed but I know if taken for a period of time and more than prescribed it can be addictive as anything. You will probably have withdrawals from it like other drugs and not be able to sleep well for a week or so. Tell your doctor you have been on it too long and need to be switched to something else or want to get off of it all together.
266660 tn?1189755834 ) I was prescribed Klonopin for anxiety and sleep and she said to not take it with Lunesta (this is after I asked *her*, she didn't mention it until then.) The Klonopin seems to work as well as the Lunesta, BTW. Kevin, I've read that Lunesta and Ambien are the same "types" of sleep aids but that is all I know. I hope Ryan can clear this up for us.
Avatar f tn You might try taking a combination of Valerian and Melatonin when you stop the Lunesta. I was taking Lunesta in my early withdrawals and it did make me sleep, but that nasty taste was to much for me. I must say I haven't really slept really well since, but the herbs I mention do help somewhat, I take a hot bath before bed then I take them. From what I've heard Lunesta withdrawals are mainly mental, but you can get addicted to just about anything.
Avatar f tn Recently, i have been on night duty every other week. I am having to use Lunesta to hep me sleep during the day but would rather use something more natural- I was thinking of melatonin- there seems to be conflicting reports about it's effect with autoimmune diseases. I have been stable for a few years- has anyone with Hashi's actually used it?
Avatar m tn I also wonder if the culprit could possibly be one of your other medications? Most definitely the medications you're on could all be on the list of possible causes. The one that stands out to me the most, even more so than the Klonopin is the hydrocodone. How long have you been on the hydrocodone, and how much do you take, and how often? As I'm sure you know, opioid medications come with tolerance and dependency issues, which could be causing you w/d symptoms.
Avatar n tn Do prescription drugs that are used for people like myself with chronic Insomnia cause depression? Since I have been taken Lunesta now for 8 months I have been depressed and have been prescribed Fluoxetine by my doctor. My friend Roberto has told me about a new product that is advertised on TV called Straight2sleep that he is trying. He said that it is all natural and gives him a great night sleep with no side effects. Do you know of this product and how effective is it?
Avatar n tn s a day, most of which I take in the evening, will it be easier if I reduce my Hydrocodone at night and take valium (10MG) for 3 or four nights? Or will the valium just be a substitute that will bring me no closer to the finish line. In other words, which is less addictive over the next 3 or 4 days, Valium (10MG ) or Hydrocodone (10 MG )?
Avatar m tn I have been on 80 mg. Of oxy for a year now n quit cold turkey Friday night. I had no idea what I was in for. The muscle spasms , migriane followed by vomiting. Can't sleep so tried. Final call some local abuse hotline. They were closed for mlk. Call my doc. On 4th day gave Xanax for a week and lunesta at night is this a bad idea? My wife.
Avatar n tn i took 3 goodys pm and i have a 2mg lunesta....would it be a bad idea to take them together.
572651 tn?1530999357 The mfg of Lunesta will send you a discount card that will pay your copay on insurance, up to $50 per month ($600 per year) if you use their sleep medicine. I figure this is information worth sharing with you ..... http://www.lunesta.com/dreamkit/lunesta-savings.html?
1102799 tn?1269237714 be careful if you try to switch to Lunesta, a friend of mine did that and he started to sleepwalk!!