Hydrocodone and joint pain

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Avatar f tn How long does the joint pain last with hydrocodone wd. I've been taking it for over 10 years.
Avatar n tn i work out alot by doing weightlifting and running. i am feeling joint pain in the lower back area. A year ago i injured my lower back and it took months to heal. i am wondering if there is somthing that i can take to help my pain and if these symptoms are only temporary.
548642 tn?1266179652 I know that marijuana is illegal but can that be harmful to my liver?
Avatar m tn I was precribed darvocet for joint and back pain,Can anyone recommend a better pain med without the acedamedafin(sorry for the spelling)Ive been taking darvocet for 7 years and its not working anymore
Avatar f tn I have had the same surgery done in Aug 07. I am still bothered with headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain. And recently the numbness is returning. I cannot get the the insurance company to approve an injection of the facet joint, so I have been living on hydrocodone three times a day and not being able to do much of anything. Now I have to see the neurosurgeon again and I am afraid they will not refill my prescription for pain meds even though I cannot be seen until June 4th.
Avatar m tn I am only on day 5, but I can promise you that my pain, which was very real, is incredibly better... some joint and muscle aches, but nothing like the rebound junk after the meds wore off after a few hours. I used to turn down my phone ringer so I couldn't answer it, etc. My grown children just decided their mother was eccentric and never left the house unless she went to work!
Avatar m tn I'm a 34 year old male that suddenly was stricken with buttock and excruciating hip pain. I've had X-rays of my hip and lower spine, mri of lower lumbar and CT of pelvis with contrast. Of course everything has come back showing nothing. The mri showed no bulging discs or anything like that. I'm get in so much pain now in the hips and buttocks I take hydrocodone twice a day. I'm currently in my 4th week of PT and all the stretches and exercises don't decrease the pain.
772216 tn?1259273237 m 18 and I have suffered from joint pain since I was 10. It started in my knees and about 4 years ago started spreading, within about 2 years it was in almost every joint and last year affected my jaw (my jaw is not a huge problem just some occasional aches, rarely is it really bad). I am in severe pain daily with little to no relief and also have muscle spasms mostly in my chest and back. I have been on a range of diff.
Avatar m tn I have taken neurotin before to help ease withdrawal but lately it doesnt seem to help the achiness and joint pain. I recently discovered a bottle of methocarbomal also known as robaxin i was prescribed like 5 years ago and had read that this stuff can help ease the achiness of withdrawal. My question is, will it help ease the pain and is it still even good after 5 years? I also may be getting some tramadol tomorrow to help with the withdrawal as well...can these be taken together?
Avatar f tn although your dose is not high, i think you still will have WD once you stop. You did state you can go 2 days before you get some WD? that may be because you are only taking your medicine 1x a day instead of sperad out throughout in several doses. I cant imagine you not having some WD after taking 30 mg every day for a year... as for your knee pain, have they ever mentioned doing injections?
4939681 tn?1361299299 Lyrica for trigeminal pain and ibuprofen for joint pain. By using both types I could use a lower doses of each - the max dose of ibuprofen wasn't enough to deal with the trigeminal (neurological) pain and lyrica alone didn't help joint pain. Taking a lowish dose of both dealt with everything.
Avatar m tn I am disabled from my injuries and I have been on hydrocodone and it never took the pain away and I have take darvacet, percacet and to my surprise Tramadol works for me and my quality of life is so much better and I am 48 yrs old!!!
557400 tn?1266108714 it woke me up last night crying in suck pain that i had to sleep half on my bell and half on my side. i have already taken two tylenols. would it be safe to take two more today just because the pain is starting to come back and it hurts so bad. i have no idea why my back hurts like this. my boobs have got bigger but is it enough to make my back hurt that bad? would a heating pad be okay to use?
Avatar n tn They may be able to prescribe another pain killer or drug in place of the Hydrocodone and perhaps that will help with the migraines/symptoms you are having. If not, I would recommend a second opinion as this sounds like something that does not allow you to live a normal life. College is important and I know the reading is never-ending so please get yourself checked out again. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi, i'd recently come off oxy - and its been almost 6 months, and i got a hydrocodone script cuz i have serious joint problems, I havnt been able to control taking the hydrocodone - i'd get it then take 120 in 10 days then get withdrawls, the first time i had Kratom & it helped - when that wore out i was off everything 12 days before getting my vicodin script again... now i messed up AGAIN and took all of them AGAIN in about 10 days - taking 3-4 at a time - ( 7.
Avatar n tn Ok so does anyone else going thru withdrawals have like this electric shock sort of sensation? It's mostly in my head but sometimes effects my arms and shoulders too? I am coming off of a mixture of opiates, but mostly tramadol and hydrocodone but with some oxy, roxy and morphine thrown in (my husbands prescriptions). Basically whatever I could get my greedy little hands on. I took 10 mg morphine yesterday morning and the day before that 20 mg of norco.
Avatar f tn I have arthritis in almost every joint of my body including my fingers, as well as carpal tunnel, and pain in my hips. On top of this, I developed an ulcer on my tongue in February….after two surgeries, it was still there. They were sending me to a specialist and talking about a third surgery, when I stood back and said, No! I’m not letting someone cut on my tongue again when they don’t even know what is wrong.
Avatar f tn btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar m tn Hi Wadster, You've asked the 64 million dollar question. We are all unique individuals therefore what works for Bill may not work for Harry and vise versa. Hydrocodone is more effect on my chronic SI Joint pain than Oxycodone. There isn't a good reason for that and actually it makes no sense, it's just me. However when I have extreme pain in other locations Oxycodone is more effect.
Avatar m tn I am trying to come off hydrocodone and find that it is difficult. I had total knee replacement one month ago and have been reducing from 2 pills every 4 hours to one every 8 and now one every 12. I still feel lousy after that. How long does it take to get off totally and do I go to halving one to further get off?
Avatar m tn You will have the runs (I would go 20 times a day), headache, joint aches, very hot and sweaty, nervousness, shakiness and you might cry...a lot. I know this is probably the wrong way to deal with it but I went to the pharmacy and bought some sudafed (with the psudophedrine in it) and took that to get the "buzz" THEN, I used some valium that I had for my insomnia (which you wont sleep for a few days, either) and it worked just fine. It was the worst withdraw I have had yet.
Avatar m tn The first couple of days are the worst and it can make you have more intense pain than you had before. It causes pain in your bones and muscles, kind of like the flu. There really are no narcotic meds including Ultram (Tramadol) that are nonaddictive. Even Ultram can be abused and will have wd's when suddenly stopped after taken for awhile.
Avatar n tn It is not stronger and would not have increased pain relief. If you are taking 15 mg of Hydrocodone and it last for 4-6 hours the Hydrocodone ER would simply last longer. Indeed I have never seen it prescribed and I am sure there must be more reasons than the I stated. I suggest you discuss the fact that your current medication is not controlling your pain with your physician. Life is too short to suffer needlessly. Please take care and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar m tn it is not part of the 2 rods and 8 screws and dont know what im looking at and if its moved somewhere else? Have sought out a new Dr but cant see him until end of april. Presently on hydrocodone, which is the only thing that works but now with no pain dr or neuro at present i dont know what i am going to do until end of april. any professional suggestions?, . . I have photos of my xrays but for some reason this forum doesnt give me the option of upload as in the public forum.
Avatar f tn I am on day two of trying to quit once again and am having bad joint pain and low back pain, no energy, very depressed. I am taking advil and drinking lots of fluid. Some days it just seems impossible to stay off of this stuff. Wish me luck folks, and best to you all, many of the stories are inspiring, thanks for your site!
Avatar n tn The hydrocodone is quite a bit stronger than the Excedrine and I am surprised it is not working and not even making a dent in the pain. The hydrocodone isn't officially a migraine medication, it is a weak opioid medication for pain. It can be making you more nauseous as that is one of its side effects. Hydrocodone, has however, been used for migraines and has helped a lot of people but some people do better with a prescription migraine medication.