Hydrocodone and back pain

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Avatar n tn I am going to a pain specialist so that I can work and to avoid another back surgery! I am confused about pain meds. I am taking Vicuprofen 3 x a day. Is it Ok to take this med forever? The only other thing I could do would be a steel rod in my back.
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with upper back pain for almost 8 months also numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg. I have been seeing a D.O and we finally got and MRI done and it just showed a small bulging disc in my "t" area. I had been a heavy drinker until 2 years ago. I have been taking 10 mg of valium for over 2 years and then the doctor had me on hydrocodone 500/5 1-2 a day for about 6 months. I have no other symptoms but the pain is horrible. My D.O.
Avatar n tn Once at the ER they took my history took a chest xray and an EKG and told me I had back sprain. Sent me home with Flexeril and hydrocodone. I have had a back sprain before and never felt like this before. I still feel pain. Now a new symptom has appeared. I have cold sensation spreading through my legs and arms. I have tried to start walking short distances again and even on the Hydrocodone I am in tears.
Avatar m tn This is a board for people quitting pills and drugs. Maybe one of the other boards for pain management on this site would be better support for you.
Avatar n tn i work out alot by doing weightlifting and running. i am feeling joint pain in the lower back area. A year ago i injured my lower back and it took months to heal. i am wondering if there is somthing that i can take to help my pain and if these symptoms are only temporary.
Avatar n tn I am up for it because I need so much help! I looked at their website and they mention lower back pain but not head pain. I also noticed that my DR had written 'evaluation for a pump' on the script. I have tried looking it up but there is so much information on it that it's confusing. Most of them mention 'morphine' pumps. Is that the only kind of pump available? I would appreciate anyone that could give me more information on the types of pumps available.
Avatar f tn Thank u both philnoir and jerry _oll19 for a wealth of info on the two medications i adked about. Back ground info: i have been on opiate pain medication for chronic pain for 10+ years About 2yrs ago i made the jump off of methadone, after being tapered off of 10 mg x8 dayly & 5yrs of use. I was very nieve about pain medication and was put on heavy dose for chronic back pain,bulging disk in C6&7 and L2&3?. After that Dr was no longer in practice.
Avatar n tn i've had back pain for about 1 year from a car accident and my doctor will not give me any help at all he's givin me toadol, tramadol, but nothing like hydrocodone, or oxycodone and i don't know why im in a hell of a lot of pain but i don't know what to do?
Avatar f tn thank you for your reply. i just stumbled on to this and am surprised that someone responded. i went the whole dr thing a couple years ago and nothing could be found out. a dr did put me on amtriptylene that made the pain go away. but i do get bad headaches and i got a dr to give me some hydro ( they aren't vicodins lower dose) and now this pain has came back and even worse now. thanks again.
492921 tn?1321289896 I woke up Saturday morning with my shoulder acting up and everytime I move my neck I get a very sharp shooting pain down behind my shoulder blade. I've been prescribed hydrocodone for when this acts up but last time was about 5 months ago before I was pregnant. I can't see the chiropractor till Monday afternoon and I haven't gotten any sleep for two nights already. Is it safe to take a half of hydrocodone?
Avatar f tn I have a friend who is 20 weeks tomorrow and she is not prescribed them but her mother gives her pain pills(hydrocodone) when her back hurts she said at 25 weeks she is going to stop and no longer take them at all and nome but she is wondering if it could still be in his system when he is born even if she stops at 25 weeks... I sold her to stop now!
Avatar f tn I am a chronic pain sufferer activist, and the reason many doctors will write hydrocodone and not oxycodone is due that difference in scheduling, unfortunately the DEA frowns upon doctors who write for pain meds as the war on rugs I actually a war on he pain patient an the doctors who treat them
Avatar f tn I waited for 5 years after my pain began and my back is disaster. I have chronic pain that is relentless and would not anyone as young as you to have to live like that. Blood tests will tell you nothing regarding a back injury. Please take care of yourself, you only get one spine and you need to take care of it. See a specialist ASAP.
Avatar f tn Some like oxycodone better, some like hydrocodone better. Here's what I've heard: for short term pain (like after a root canal, surgical procedure, etc., where the doctor gives you 2 or 3 days worth of a prescription), oxycodone works well. But, for long term pain (e.g. pain lasting weeks, or chronic pain), some find that although oxycodone "hits the pain hard," it wears off quickly. And some physicians and patients find that to be a recipe for dependence and addiction.
Avatar m tn I have bone spurs and disc problems in my neck I have been on hydrocodone for 5 years and they do not do what they started out doing I take 10/325 4 times daily the doctor put me on morphine 15mg 3 times daily but they make me very sleepy so he put me back on hydrocodone is their anything that does not make you sleepy stronger than the hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn Paxiled, I have anxious feeling too at times. They are not anything like they were in the beginning. I had full blown panic attacks. I felt like I was going to die.They were brought on by a pain specialist changing me from hydrocodone to stronger medications(which I couldn't take) and then going back to hydrocodone. I was finally put on Ativan, which seem to be the miracle drug for awhile. Then I started having adverse reactions to it.
Avatar f tn I am on hydrocodone for back pain. I happen to be 49 1/2 years old which puts me into menopause territorry; however, I have been prescribed ALL manner of drugs to combat menopausal sweating such as Effexor, Gabapentin, Bellergal etc... I'm beginning to think that the sweating has something to do with the hydrocodone....could this be true? I usually only take one or two a day, but have had to take the max prescribed of 4 a few times. Can anybody out there help me....
Avatar n tn By the same token, if a doctor prescribes, say, 50 Vicodin or hydrocodone (or any Schedule III narcotic) for you and you cannot afford to buy the whole prescription at once, you CAN buy whatever you can afford, leave the rest at the pharmacy, and go back at another time to pick those up. With Schedule II narcotics, if you cannot afford to purchase the whole prescription at one time, you must forfeit however many you cannot afford to pay for at the time.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm just going crazy. I have been on zoloft 100mg for the last six or seven years, they have helped great for me. I take them for anxiety and slight depression. I have arthritis in both my hips and it's been getting severe, since July I have been taking 2 - 6 hydrocodone for the pain. It just depends on what I am doing. Last Monday I quit taking the hydrocodone because I was worried after talking to a friend that I should get off them because they are addicting.
Avatar f tn I broke my back a few years ago and had 2 back surgeries, I take hydrocodone 7.5 twice a day. I just found out im pregnant around 3 weeks, my obgyn wont see me till april 8th. I stopped taking hydrocodone as soon as I found out I was pregnant its now 3 days into it and I've been going through withdraws my back is killing me and I cant sleep. What should I do? I just broke down and cried because im so frustrated and in pain. Im trying so hard to do the right thing for my baby.
2059984 tn?1330722704 My daughter is 8 and had surgery on the 24th of Feb. She isn't eating food. She can only drink water and juice. I give her hydrocodone every 4 hours. Now it's been a few days and she still doesn't want 2 eat. She yells and cries in the middle of the night that she has pain. She hasn't had any fever, I took her to the dr and they said that she is heeling. I just want to know if anyone has had the same thing happen with thier child.
Avatar m tn I was precribed darvocet for joint and back pain,Can anyone recommend a better pain med without the acedamedafin(sorry for the spelling)Ive been taking darvocet for 7 years and its not working anymore
Avatar f tn I have taken the hydrocodone 7/500 tabs with this pregnancy due to severe back and hip pain. I also took it for a wisdom tooth removal with one of my other pregnancies.