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Avatar m tn Were you seeing a pain specialist before or were you seeing your family Dr?I'm asking because if was your family Dr some of them know little about how to manage chronic pain. A pain specialist does. That's what I would recommend, getting in to see a pain specialist. Ask your family Dr to recommend one or you can do your own research on the internet to find one with high patient ratings.One that truly understands their patients and their needs.
647120 tn?1256601651 When I started seeing a pain manager for chronic leg pain last fall, she said it was nerve pain without doing any diagnostics. She put me on morphine, and I've had ups and downs with it. Now I am considering going back to square one by weening off of morphine and seeing what my pain level is. It is almost a year since I had L4-5 spinal fusion, and I hate the side effects, costs, and stigma that go with taking this class of drugs. Has anyone tried this? What was your experience?
Avatar f tn Its not a toy and isnt much good for chronic pain as far as I am concerned........
Avatar f tn My question really is when is it more beneficial for hydromorphyn to be used for chronic pain over hydrocodone?
Avatar n tn I've been in severe pain for 15 years, and it keeps getting worse. My doctor put me on Hydrocodone 10/660 about 10 years ago, and it has worked wonders and kept my pain level down to a 2 (scale 1-10). Now, I'm told she can't prescribe it for me anymore, and has cut me back to 10-335. I feel like I've gone backwards in time. I'm back to soaking me feet in ice water, and coating my feet with Capazation, just for a little bit of temporary relief.
Avatar n tn Opioids do not reduce inflammation but instead attach to mu-opioid receptors located discreetly throughout the body in the brain, spinal cord, and other tissues to relieve many types of chronic pain, surgical pain, and acute pain by blocking pain signals from being realized by the brain. Combining an NSAID with an opioid produces a synergistic effect that may provide additional pain relief than one or the other taken by itself.
Monkey It is impossible to know what medication would be most appropriate for your chronic pain without a complete eveluation. However, it is important to know that your body will become tolerant to narcotic pain medication after a few weeks-months. So that what was previously effective will, over time, feel less effective. The answer though may not be to increase the dose or to constantly switch pain meds but perhaps to consider a "drug holiday" for several days to a week every month or so.
Avatar m tn I was precribed darvocet for joint and back pain,Can anyone recommend a better pain med without the acedamedafin(sorry for the spelling)Ive been taking darvocet for 7 years and its not working anymore
Avatar n tn m about to the point I would almost rather risk the pills than be in pain for the rest of my older years. I have spinal stenosis and scoliosis, so my pain is constant. It's bearable, but unnecessary. Has anyone had this debate with yourself, as I am having? Have been on the pills since Feb. 07.
Avatar n tn I read all the theories and statistics of chronic pain patients taking opiates for pain and people taking pills searching for the high. IMO, I feel that people in chronic pain are sometimes at higher risk for addiction for two reasons. First, because they have a steady prescription coming in every month.They know their drug is readily available. Secondly, the mere fact that a condition is chronic puts one at a higher risk of depression thus, self medicating.
1331804 tn?1336867358 I can NOT understand why we spend millions on research, to make formulations for stronger pain control, and then tremble at the thought of someone actually USING them for pain! It is ridiculous, if it didn't affect us so much, it would be laughable! When are they going to teach the med students, even in residency about pain control, I mean the need for it to live a reasonable life. It seems to take a person that is in so much pain, a chance like the lottery, to find a Dr. who understands!
Avatar f tn m not sure but I will say unless you have a high tolerance for pain you will need something for it. At least while in the hospital after which will be @3-5 days. And they will expect you up and standing/walking immediately. Yes at least a couple of steps. Chronic pain pill takers are not always addicts or abusers. But eventually they will become dependent even when taking as prescribed.
Avatar f tn Lately, my sister has noticed I have slurring of speech occasionally and use the wrong words in a sentence sometimes. Can hydrocodone use cause this? Thank you for any response.
Avatar m tn ve been forced into a position where my particular management methods have been called into question and am seeking a legal definition of chronic pain. My doc, for all intents and purposes, does acknowledge a chronic pain condition- it just seems so broad a term.
Avatar f tn you got to want it bad but if you do it is wonderful not being chained to a pill bottle...as for chronic pain we have many members who have kicked the habit and now do much better managing the pain without the narcotics im one oft them....spent 10yrs on the pils 6 1/2 yrs more on methadone because everything else quit working eventually even that stoped working and I was left with a huge addiction to break...I got threw it and I thank God everyday im free from it now....
Avatar f tn What do the DR. give for chronic pain. I quit taking hydrocodone 10mg 51/2 months ago because they didn't help my pain. The pain gets so bad I can hardly stand it. ( nerve pain) anymore. I go to a surgeon the 28th of April. to see what he can do. The pain management Dr. said the injections would not work for what's wrong with me ( he's the one that sent me to the surgeon . I don't need the injections anyway, they make my sugar shoot to 300 and stay there for a few days.
Avatar f tn Yes. Xanax , in combination with opiates/opioids contributes to huge numbers resulting overdose deaths. Both types of medications can cause respiratory suppression, and using them both together compounds the effects. Most PM doctors want any and all scheduled medications prescribed by one office, making it easier to track usage, fills, and compliance.
Avatar f tn My pcp was prescribing me 120 10mg hydrocodone tablets/month for 14 months when she suddenly decided I needed to see pain management which I have currently been at for 3 months. Yesterday I went in to have my 2nd round of injections on my neck and without warning my dr changed my medicine from the 90 10mg hydrocodone per month to Buprenorphine 5mcg transdermal patches 1 per week for 30 days. I'm extremely nervous that this is not going to help me a d a little shell shocked to say the least.
15254172 tn?1439477225 Even sitting done it still hurts. My question is, is this part of the physical? What else worked for people dealing with chronic pain and quitting opiates?
1692231 tn?1325130959 The strange thing is lately it seems to be worse on my left side. My left ankle, knee, wrist, and shoulder seem to be in constant pain. I take hydrocodone for the pain and it doesn't even take the edge off the left side. It takes care of my arthritis pain on the right side. I also have pain in my lower back and left hip occasionally. I've been tested for RA and gout and all that came back was that I have over 50% inflamation. I don't know what to do. Walking is almost impossible.
939983 tn?1262528060 Forgive me but I do not completely understand your post. Are you struggling with addiction or chronic pain or both? Because we are the Pain Management Forum we do not have a lot of information or personal experience to assist you with a journey through recovery if that is what you are dealing with. So if that is the case you may want to consider posting on the Substance Abuse Forum in addition to the Pain Management Forum. There are many knowledgeable and compassionate ppl there also.
680303 tn?1239984840 As I said though be careful your basing your choices on what other people have said about how the medicine effected them as we are all different. taking pain medications for chronic pain is no different than anyone else taking medicine for a disease.
Avatar f tn Im sorry but are you serious? This is a pain managment forum for people that have chronic pain the amount of medication you were prescribed for 1 time use for dental pain is a very very small amount for someone who isnt prescribed opiates on a regular basis and is not opiate tolerant. You were given a one time prescription for dental pain. I dont know why your asking this on a chronic pain mgmt forum?
Avatar f tn The goal of a medication is to reduce your pain enough so that you can function more and do more for yourself, and friends and family. If the hydrocodone left you suffering in pain most of the time and unable to do things, the fentanyl should definitely be much stronger and should help you have a more normal life. On the flip side, you don't want to be so drugged that you don't do anything either.
Business man2 I am a chronic migraine sufferer that nothing helps relieve my pain, but hydrocodone. I have been approved for boots injections for managing the headaches. Is there anything I need to concerned about with this procedure?