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Avatar f tn I was prescribed percocet for kidney stones in my last pregnancy. My doc said it's bad for you to be in pain because it stresses the baby out. If your ob have it to you and said to take it, just take it when it hurts. You don't want you or baby to become addicted. Good luck and I hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn I've been in severe pain for 15 years, and it keeps getting worse. My doctor put me on Hydrocodone 10/660 about 10 years ago, and it has worked wonders and kept my pain level down to a 2 (scale 1-10). Now, I'm told she can't prescribe it for me anymore, and has cut me back to 10-335. I feel like I've gone backwards in time. I'm back to soaking me feet in ice water, and coating my feet with Capazation, just for a little bit of temporary relief.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tooken hydrocodone during there pregnacy any how long did it take to get out yours an your babys systems? No rude comments.
Avatar m tn 2 days ago we ended up back in the ER because he was having pain for almost 12 hours with no relief. The hydrocodone he was prescribed does not help at all. They gave him dilaudid, which took the pain right away for about 12 hours, but it came back and lasted most of the day. That was yesterday and now today the same thing. Going on 12 hours of non stop pain.
Avatar f tn As far as pain killers are concerned. All NSAID group of pain killers can produce kidney damage. Among NSAIDS drugs, low dose aspirin [40 mg] and sulindac are relatively safe and may be tried for pain relief temporarily. Discuss about these options with your primary doctor / urologist. You may try aspirin or sulindac, but I would prefer to treat the problem by surgical means than by medications. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.
Avatar f tn Hey I was originally put on pain meds for kidney stones, I mean I was given everything ( Oxycodone, stadol nose spray, Darvecet, Dilauded, hydrocodone,) I have taken all of them at one point or another for the pain, but then I noticed how even when I really wasn't in alot of pain they made me feel so good, energy happiness powerful like I could accomplish anything so that is when the trouble began then I ended up on hydrocodone I should have never taken that first pill for the Fake Happy fee
Avatar m tn Also it could be due to referred pain of kidney stones. An ultrasound of the lower abdomen will be able to rule out kidney stones. It could be due to cancer of testis. It could be due to varicocele or spermatocele. An ultrasound of the testicles will diagnose cancer, varicocele and spermatocele. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. You should see an urologist regarding this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn My placenta was smushing and collapsing my urethra tubes. For the unbearable pain my surgen has prescribed me hydrocodone. Every 4-6 hours as needed. Im a little worried. When i was pregnant with my first daughter they gave me Percocet. Which scared me tk but they said its ont of the safest "narcotics" to take during pregnancy. Has anyone else had to take pain meds during pregnancy? Any bad out comes? Please km so worried im makinh myself sick to the though of it!
Avatar n tn I have taken Norco for the past 5 years. I was taken off the Norco 10/325 and now take Tramadol. In the beginning of taking Tramadol it seemed to be working alright. Now I have been taking the Tramadol for 2 months and I am experiencing an increase in pain. I can barely walk or use my right arm I have increased back pain as well. Is there any pain medication that I can take that won't affect my heart, liver and kidneys while giving me relief from this pain?
900459 tn?1304993259 No I wouldnt think so. That doesnt sound normal. Have you tried just drinking alot of water and see if that makes you feel better? I have withdrawn from hydrocodone many times (or at least attempted) and never had anything like that. Maybe just drink alot of water and cranberry juice and see if that helps.
Avatar n tn I had heard that acetomenaphen was to be taken from some pain pills, damages the liver i think. what is TAMCK?
Avatar f tn I am wondering the same thing.... I have had kidney stones since ten weeks and recently found out my right kidney is blocked completely from passing urine. I have been on vicaden for pain off and on since 12 weeks but only take half to one a day otherwise my blood pressure spikes and baby stresses.
Avatar n tn Mckayla- I was wondering that too, but OB and the urologist really want to keep her in atleast another week, maybe longer if this pain and infection clear.away.. :( And thank you Hollywood.... It's just that its just as painful and a whole.other set of problems seem to be appearing since we did this. And the nurses are like "we.need to wean you off stadol(its the strong iv pain med). Just some hydrocodone orally will be better" so I take what they say.
Avatar f tn I also have friends who had to take pain medication during there pregnancies they took hydrocodone or oxycodone and their babies are fine. So id talk with your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn I have been given, hydrocodone, Tylenol 3, morphine, Vicodin, and others, I feel absolutely no relief from pain EVER, be it kidney stone or tooth ache. I have bottles of this crap. I tell drs I feel no pain relief ever! I do get nauseated and a bit sleepy. These r my only two symptoms after taking a pill, or they IV it in my arm. Otherwise nothing. My daughter for an arm break got down right loopy after some morphine.. It was amazing too watch. Me? Never. Drs never believe you either.
Avatar n tn lithrotripsy is a walk in the park ive had 2 of them and have kidney stones since 1995!!
Avatar f tn Even at home today I have not been able to do anything but lay in one spot and not move without severe pain. The pain has eased on hydrocodone but every time I even move an inch it’s excruciating. I have not had any diarrhea or vomiting except for vomiting with pain.
Avatar f tn Even at home today I have not been able to do anything but lay in one spot and not move without severe pain. The pain has eased on hydrocodone but every time I even move an inch it’s excruciating. I have not had any diarrhea or vomiting except for vomiting with pain.
Avatar n tn I was passing kidney stones at 19 weeks and 27 I was allowed to take hydrocodone as long as you don't take it every day, I took one each time to help with passing the stone, the baby will be fine, I was also in a car accident with my first at 35 weeks and was given pain meds through iv they said it would do the same to the baby make him sleepy
Avatar m tn She had been readmitted a day after her surgery for 3 days for pain management. She had a CT scan done and the doctor said she was clear of kidney stones. Currently she can't sit up or stand for more than 5 minutes without being in extreme pain. She is on 2x Hydrocodone 7.5/325mg and it's not helping with the pain. She is also experiencing a heaviness in the center of her chest like someone is sitting on it and a bit of difficulty breathing.
Avatar f tn For the record, I have lower back pain on my right side, but that's from kidney issues. I knew I had an 8mm stone in there, saw a urologist today about it...urinalysis also revealed high creatinine and a good deal of blood (no bacteria, so no infection)...so my kidney(s) aren't doing so well at the moment either. I'm only 26, shouldn't have these many problems and so much pain. My back is killing me today...
Avatar m tn Three days later, again I was awakened, but at 3AM this time. Same pain and again I took some hydrocodone tablets I had and toughed it out. The pain was bad but the hydro tabs helped. This time the pain subsided at 10:23AM.and went completely away. Please note that up until this time, my urine appeared rather normal in color on both of these days. I woke up two days later at my normal time and only had what I call the "kidney stone twinge". More like the starting pain of a stone.
Avatar f tn No problem babe! As I said, don't feel guilty. I'm 29w4d today and I'm still taking pain medication and my boy is perfectly fine! Yesterday I ran out of my Hydrocodone so I'm taking just tramadol and I'm feeling him kick more because tramadol isn't as strong as hydro/oxy. I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 24-27 weeks and I would take almost 10 hydrocodone a day for my pain! & he's still fine! I don't take nearly as much now but still..
Avatar m tn i called 2 of my doctors...they are both in agreement to send me to pain management.....is pain management going to be able to help me with this problem? with 1 kidney i have been taking 750/500..10/325....10/500....my wife had been given 10/325 magnacet and 25gm. baclofen for her back and i was taking those on top of the hydrocodone......it is 7:23 and i have taken 16 pills for the day....i started at 11:00 this morning.......i have been up to 25 to 30 in a day........