How to make a swollen eye go down fast

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Avatar f tn U work in an office setting, and I am sure it has florescent lights which can affect us, make us dizzy and nauseated,..... My eye Dr suggested a tinted pair of glasses to help with the light sensitivity. And u may want to go back part time, and slowly work ur way back to full time.....FMLA is set up for that ask about it.
Avatar n tn They said it was unusual for something to occur like this for no good reason and so severly, they suggested a cold compress and to go to the doctors the next day. So I sat there with a bag of ice between my legs totally freaked by this baloon animal I was now sporting between my legs. I awoke it the morning and most of the swelling had thankfully gone down . I went to the doctors and he said it was highly likely that the heat of the laptop and lack of air has caused it to swell up!
Avatar n tn If you have it, you can be treated with antibiotics. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I have to get a diagnosis. My presentation wasn't "typical" Lyme, but there truth is, there is no such thing as typical Lyme symptoms. Some people get arthritic symptoms, and others have neurological, nervous system and/or heart symptoms. Anxiety and panic attacks can be a symptom of an underlying disease, and if you don't start feeling better, I think it's worth further investigation.
Avatar n tn I feel like its more than that because my far sight is off. Sometimes I get a little dizzy if I look uo to fast, try to focus. My eyes have gotten very sensitive to light. It doesnt have to always be bright outside and my eyes seem to be bliding by i guess the uv rays( I dont know. I cant stare or keeo my eyes focused for too long a period with out them tearing up. Floresent light are my worst enemy too, i get headaches. I am confurd because I dont know why this is happening. I know hashi.
Avatar n tn My biggest concern now is i still get heart palpatations, chest pain and now for the past week I can't breath, cant get enough oxygen, this has happened to me before and eventually I got back to normal, i don't know is it underlying stress that is causing this breathlessness??? I don't have a racing heart, and i'm not really worried about anything! I'm afraid to go back to the dr's just for them to think that i am a hypocondriact,my file must be huge with all the visits.
Avatar m tn My doc told me it was due to a virus and that I probably have a virus in my intestines which is causing the abdominal pain, but I still have to go to a gastro doc to have checked. Funny how some docs don't know what's going on. it seems a lot of people are getting this. The white tongue is just that your tongue is dry. We all have hair like things on our tongues. Brush your tongue and keep it clean.
Avatar n tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar f tn I kind of just sat in silence and absorbed all the very fast, exaggerated sounds around me (and loud, rapid thoughts in my head), until it all became too much, and I forced myself to get up and go for a walk. Just getting up to leave the house was intense - walking gently to the door seemed like I was stomping, and moving at the speed of light, but I knew I wasn't. I could hear my thoughts yelling "I'M WALKING TO THE DOOR I SHOULD GO FOR A WALK I'M TURNING THE DOOR HANDLE" etc.
1353650 tn?1429466974 Had persistent health problems after surgery and seeing my rheumatologist. Muscle pain, headaches and migrains, stiff neck, swollen glands. Went to see a lyme specialist and tested. I tested positive for lyme, mychoplasma, and babesia through Igenex labs. Treated with antibiotics for almost 3 years not realizing then that I had a candida issue. Antibiotics helped some but it wasn't until I treated the candida that things began to turn around.
2188441 tn?1338104828 there was a british girl with swollen hands a few posts down, she thought it was thyroid. water retention also causes swelling in extremities. do you have other symptoms? Neurological symptoms? coordination, balance, headache, lethargy? when did it start exactly? was it sudden, did you have anything like that before?
Avatar n tn That, at least, could rule out many systemic problems. Sometimes, a lymph node will come up then go down again. A lymph node is basically doing its job of protecting the system from any infection. They swell when they are actively doing this. Sometimes with dogs we can't see very easily what can be the cause.
664710 tn?1226933196 I get this bright idea sometime around 1 in the afternoon that I needed to go for a long walk to get my blood circulating and some fresh air in my lungs. Surely this would make me feel better and wake my darn leg up. Well, it also did NOT. By the time my boyfriend and I made it the, just under two miles, down the trail to turn back I could barely use my right leg.
480448 tn?1426952138 He normally fusses to be held (always tries to get down because he'd rather play), but today, he's like a sack of potatoes when you pick him up, doesn't struggle to get down at all. He's walking fine. The swelling seems to have gotten a little worse too since first thing this morning, where it's showing more in his face now than it originally was.
Avatar n tn Rarely, enough puss can form behind the eye to do damage to it and/or to the brain, so if this does not settle down soon I'd go to a ornithologist real soon so they can rule out anything life threatening. That's an eye ear nose and throat guy. Again, this is RARE, but not unheard of. Do any of your other glands feel swollen, like under your jaw bone, behind the ear?? under the arms, behind the knee??
Avatar n tn I cant even walk to my car without hy heart rate going to 150 and feeling like im going to pass out or just even walking to go to the bathroom not to mention being home with a 4 year old who doesnt understand why mommy cant go run around and play or go to the park and play with him and a 9 month old who just to get up and get a bottle leaves me out of breath and exhausted!
Avatar f tn Irregular heart beat can be caused by being hyper, but it's a good idea to have a good heart work up to make sure there aren't any issues there. The titanium wouldn't cause an "autoimmune" response, but it could certainly cause an allergic response, though titanium is used in a lot of things because allergy is quite rare... I'll look forward to seeing your blood test results...
Avatar n tn I have had no voice for 5 months and was told it might be a reaction to a chemo drug. I decided to go to an ENT on my own, first they gave me Nexium thinking I had acid reflux which had contaminated my vocal cords but I took the pills for 2 weeks with no results. I went back to ENT then he sent me for a CT scan of neck and chest. It showed enlarged lymph nodes in throat area (which is reason for no voice I guess) and in subclavical?? area.
Avatar m tn I hope everything works out for your wife, and yourself whatever you decide, and don't worry about trying to figure out all this L-form mumbo jumbo to fast it's a lot of information to go through.
Avatar f tn Then my heart rate accelerates when I try to calm down, I just don't know how to stop it. It was a big worry when I was 7, but it stopped I'd have to say around the age of 10, didn't stop entirely. Just didn't happen as much. Recently (about a year ago), it started happening more and more. I just want it to stop. It scares me when I wake up like that. I just feel like it shouldn't be happening.
Avatar m tn It seems that you're trying to make this more complicated than it really has to be... but of course, I'm not a doctor.
Avatar m tn Sorry I meant is NOT working (asprine). Anyone know how to delete a post when you need to make corrections?
Avatar n tn I called the oncologist on call and told him my glands were really swollen and very sore and that I had a really bad headache. He had me go back to Extended Care. The Dr. I saw this day said I had shingles. So, is headache a symptom too?
Avatar m tn You may want to go to a medical school department of ophthalmology. Again at some point they should make an effort to get a tissue diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Others I get can be external or other areas internally. I think I am going to go back to the doctor to be referred to a specialist as these are a continuous problem for me. I am happy to have found this site though and know that others are having the same problem. I also know they are not STD's as I have already been tested...I was worried they may have been herpes...thank God they aren't!!
1388357 tn?1280193093 so u may have had all of this without notice of symptoms, but the epidural is what sparked it all to flare up. All u need is a leak, or if they do a LP for them to draw the fluid too fast and it pulls on the tonsils. I would strongly suggest sending ur MRI's to a chiari specialist for review. This is deff not an easy condition to live with or find the right Drs, but we r here to help the best we can.....just ask questions when u have them, we have threads for venting when u need to....
408312 tn?1202062473 I have had to eliminate all pepper from my diet (this is not easy as you have to make everything from scratch) and I have yet to have an outbreak. Also, my doctor prescribed a steroid ointment to apply onmy lips and it really helped after 2 days of use. Good luck!!!!
Avatar f tn What a joke. No one ever said Iodine can make Thyroid Eye disease worse, or If I was going to do it take prednisone for a few weeks prior to it. All this hard lessons in life I learned after getting a moderate form of congested GO. Only after reading Elaine Moores books did I realize what a useful idiot I had been to the medical community. Knowledge is impowering, even if it does come a day late and a dollar short. Thank goodness I have great medical insurance.
Avatar f tn It is simple, genital sores, mouth sores, then later eye inflammation, this is what they need to see to make the diagnosis. Waiting for eye inflammation ruined my life because I was seriously sick and no one would believe me. I couldn't work and I couldn't prove why. If it wasn't for my husband, no one would have helped me. My Rheumotologist told me he didn't believe in this disease when I first met him. It took me a year with full blown symptoms to get him to change his mind.
Avatar f tn But it usually means a Lyme Literate MD is the one needed to make that clinical decision. I'll post a really good explanation of how one can have a negative blood test and still be positive with Lyme. (And it looks as if the other tick borne illnesses may be following suit.