How to make swollen glands go down

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Avatar n tn How do you suggest him to go for a test, do you even know whether he had a risk ? Concerned: you need no testing. you were protected, your cut was protected under the rubber and that makes you safe. Deal with your anxiety.
Avatar m tn Has anyone had any experience with this symptom? I don't mean to go on about it, but swollen glands in that timeframe and for that duration seem convincing. Teak has mentioned that seroconversion related swelling isn't painful, but I have read and been advised that this feeling could be due to lymph production. It isn't crippling pain, just constant, specific, and has been sufficient enought to be noticable, and not just in his head.
Avatar n tn Hey. Glad you went to the dr finally. When I went my node had been swollen for a week, my blood was fine. He said if I had a serious prob, by the time the gland swelled my blood would have been off. Still, I didn't feel better about it. I have to go give my blood tomorrow for the surgery Wednesday. I have been crying a lot, but I swear the celexa has helped me a lot. I didn't notice it at first, but I think it does. I am still leaning on a thyroid nodule, probably malignant, due to the node.
86664 tn?1291561395 Doctors sometimes do not have enough depth of knowledge about this virus, and can either overlook symptoms like swollen Parotic glands, lymph nodes, etc, or just not connect them to Hep-C. There is a large body of medical literature over the past ten to fifteen years describing the effects of HCV on the salivary system, lymphatic system, connective tissues (rheumatology).
461551 tn?1328996184 It looks really bad and the nurse told me it would take weeks, months and sometimes up to a year to go back to normal. Has anybody had this or know of somebody that has? Cause I am going crazy my poor baby looks very uncomfortable.
525956 tn?1212489214 They're really painful - even when I don't touch them or move my mouth - and make my face look even more horribly fat. I'd really like to know how to reduce or eliminate the swelling, so help would really be appreciated.
Avatar n tn There is now a swollen knot on my cheek that extends down my neck to the left side of my throat. I have had severe discomfort but found more relief through Advil rather than the Percocet. The tooth was difficult for the oral surgeon to extract and I need a few stitches afterwards. When I look inside my mouth, I can see a yellow flecks around the area. It's hard to tell if it's food or a "scab". I don't want to remotely poke around to find out.
Avatar n tn I also had ear pain in the beginning but better now with the Flonase. Why would my glands stay swollen? How long does it usually take to go down? Could it be cancer? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I am supposed to go back to doctor Friday so I will be sure to mention it to him then. I am a 33 year old female and my period has been irregular for what seems like forever. I just kind of hoped maybe I might be trying to strart the change REALLY early. Wishful thinking I suppose. Maybe it's all sinus related though because I do have facial pain on the left side (same side the knots are) under my eye and this morning when I got up my eyes had a little bit of drainage dried on them.
442340 tn?1326821017 ) My whites are down to 1.5 as of last week, so I wonder if I need to drop my Inf. down from 180 - 135? I'm just so mad that they don't do weight-based b/c today I'm at 104lbs (8 pounds down in 10 weeks...YUCK!). I know 800mg Riba would be enough for me, especially since I was UND at week 4 and Geno 3 - those are great odds! At what point does one take matters into their own hands? How much suffering first? :) Thanks! Booo Happy Sunday!
Avatar n tn Hello, Swollen lymph nodes are usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Other causes include allergic reactions, arthritis, cancer, metabolic diseases, and an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).Since he is having other symptoms of frequent cough,night sweats and epistaxis,I would watch out for chronic respiratory infections esp TB, liver disorders,sinus and nasopharyngeal abnormalities or serious causes like bleeding disorders and leukmias.
Avatar m tn All negitive HIV (always safe, even took a pcr at 7 weeks just incase), white and red cells are good,no lyme, no bacteria. Why are my glands still swollen? I did go to the dentist and they told me that my wisdom teeth need to come out. She asked if one was infected, i guess it looked kinda weird. But they dont hurt or anything. Could it be that? Anyone please these are very annoying.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend has had an infected wisdom tooth ever since we started dating, which was almost 2 yrs ago. i have tried to him to go get it looked at, but he can be very stubborn! Now this morning he told me he had woken up with a mouth full of blood! I just got a couple of questions: How bad is the infection when your waking up with a mouth full of blood? And, how would you suggest getting someone(28 yrold male) who is afraid of needles to go to the doctor and get themselves checked out?
469755 tn?1267837078 After a few days, I was strung out on the steroids - having to take long walks at 2 am to calm down and eventually going to the emergency room with severe anxiety/stress. My allergist said he'd done all he could do and referred me to an excellent ENT. The ENT prescribed steroid based nose sprays to open the tubes. After 2 days, it wasn't working and I was going crazy again. At this time, I went to my chiropractor for my monthly adjustment on my lower back.
Avatar n tn I had a sore throat, chest congestion, low-grade fever of 100 degrees for 17 days. Thought it was a virus and/or cold. I have always been told that if it isn't gone by 10 days go to your doctor, so i did. He said i had broncitus and prescribed antibotics, zpack. At that time a new symptom appeared, swollen glands on top of my collar bone. I finished the treatment and it had no-effect on this. It didn't stop the fever, or slow down the fatique.
Avatar m tn The pain seems to go down into my neck from the back of my eye. It can be a dull pain around the back of my eye, or more and more lately, its a piercing pain. My glands in my neck are swollen and I have constant nasal mucus drip in my throat. The musuc drip is mostly white. My vision seems the same, however I have always been extelemely myopic (-16). I have been to the GP and ENT, waiting to get back to the Opthamalogist in a couple of weeks. The ENT did a sinus CT and nothing major showed.
Avatar n tn I was on a very strong antibiotic augmentin and something else for 10 days and that's when the lymph node action began nolt started to go away...maybe this is not an infection. I have extreme fatique swollen lymph glands flulike symptoms hot and the chills etc. Any advice please.....
Avatar n tn That being said, HCV patients are 4 times more likely to contract lymphoma due to stress on immune system and one symptom of lymphoma is swollen glands. You may want to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn I could breathe fine but it took about 10 more minutes of concern before I generated enough moisture to get it to go down. My epiglottis was then swollen for the next 2 or 3 days after that. I suppose the irritation caused by too-dry of food being force-swallowed past it must have irritated it. I happens every 6 months or so for unknow reasons but it's probably from the same cause.
Avatar n tn AND the weirdest part of all this is that when I eat anything, even the blandest bowl of Cheerios, I get that intensely zesty-swelling sensation in that gland. What can I do to make this swelling and this irritating sensation go away?
Avatar f tn My body is quite sensitive to medications and I'm worried about a reaction to one I haven't had before especially cos my body feels quite under strain with all these antibiotics and whatever illness I'm fighting. Has anyone had steroids for swollen glands before? Are they likely to go down without the steroids?should I have blood tests first? I haven't had them yet and am still taking antibiotics. Feeling less wrecked but not myself and still have the swollen glands.
Avatar n tn vet will check neck after swelling gone down to see if glands enlarged. thanks for your concern and advice. cheers.
Avatar f tn Im not even getting the ultrasound on it or whatever its called until sometime next week. Then i beleive they decide how to treat it. My biggest concern is that its seemingly eating things up like my back and muscles. Im afraid it could do permanent irreversable damage by the time its fixed or removed possibly even disabling me to a point. Is this possible or am i being paranoid? Is it doing the damage i think or is it just pain that will go away quickly?
Avatar n tn This morning he ate a bagel and swollowed a big peice and it scraped the gland and it has It stopped swelling but I would like to know if anyone knows what it is and if he should go to the doctor. How serious is it?
Avatar n tn now my doctor has told me I must see an endocrinologist immediately, although she would not adjust my synthroid to get my TSH down, preferring to leave that to the endo. The wait is not easy for me. My appointment is on Friday the 13th this month. Couldn't they have made it a different day? So that's that... in my head the picture is this... my high TSH has been stimulating growth.
Avatar n tn could you please tell me how to get your answer to my question. i'm very scare and confuse and don't know what this could be. how do i look for your answer and how long does it take? THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.
Avatar m tn I forgot to ask did your CA levels ever go down.
Avatar m tn My doc told me it was due to a virus and that I probably have a virus in my intestines which is causing the abdominal pain, but I still have to go to a gastro doc to have checked. Funny how some docs don't know what's going on. it seems a lot of people are getting this. The white tongue is just that your tongue is dry. We all have hair like things on our tongues. Brush your tongue and keep it clean.
Avatar m tn If this isn't in the right forum section, please move it to the correct one, but read my post first. I guess this could also go in the allergies section. I am nearly 16 years old, now a Junior in High School, and have had problems with bumps and swelling on my eyelids since the 4th grade. I woke up this morning to my right eye being half open. Looking in the mirror, it's swollen yet again. There are two "folds" or "wrinkles" it looks like on my eyelid.