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Avatar m tn Want to make skin glowing and healthy then try to use Eyerid Serum. I am 57 yrs. old and I do have wrinkles but started using this stuff and I really can see some difference in the wrinkles they are getting smaller. I am on my second bottle and I will be ordering more.
119341 tn?1232567357 Amy Wechsler, has a recipe for hot chocolate that can make your skin glow. Dark Is Key In one study, just 6 weeks of a daily dose of cocoa made skin smoother, better hydrated, and less sun sensitive. And 12 weeks did even more. All thanks to the skin-boosting antioxidants in cocoa, called flavonols. But it’s got to be dark chocolate, according to Wechsler.
Avatar n tn But i dont suffer break outs hardly at all. My skins just looking very pale Im mixed race so used to have a healthy glow atleast now its very light and I notice my face goes very red when Im hot on the cheeks and forehead area. I thought maybe rosacea but I dont think its as severe as that. If anyone has any ideas how I can just kind of get back the healthy look Id be thankful!
Avatar n tn I would like to recommend to anyone trying after a loss to wait a few months to let your body get back to normal. Even though your heart is aching for a baby..It has been just over a year and we feel safe to try again. Good luck to you all who have been down my same path.
Avatar f tn I have become very self conscious about this because my complexion looks awful and i cant even get a luminous glow. My skin looks dull and feels tight. The same problem happens under my eyes as well. I use a day and night cream for that area as well. I don't understand how to give my skin the mositure it needs so it won't be flaky and dry anymore. I'm only 22. I don't smoke or drink, I stopped tanning almost 2 years ago, I drink tons of water and avoid soda. For the most part I eat healthy.
Avatar f tn Get a lotion called Neturagenia Norwegian Formula scent free. My skin has become so healthy since using this.
Avatar m tn With the potency of Bella Gold, appearance of wrinkles and skin roughness is reduced by restoring collagen level, helping each lady to get flawlessly gorgeous and turn into young than even before! Get the elixir of youth in a bottle, so read along to see how Bella Gold effectively works.
318890 tn?1297968920 moggys we smoke weed but thats the norm 2 us we dont drink. i;am 30 to cut a long story short how long does it take to start looking well again i mean really well & 4 my hair to shine these are all very self centered questions but it means alot to me i hate looking like a addict peaople say i dont enymore but threre been nice. we are on day 5 now again . but it's 1 of those pick yourself up and start again no 1 can do it first time.
864885 tn?1240014394 Yes , I believe it makes your hair very dry, dark circles under your eyes and a grayish tint to your skin. I have heard so many times on hear (after people got clean) that others comment on their new glow. This is another reason to quit.
Avatar f tn i am basically fair n have good skin too,,, but jus because i neglected it all these years i los the glow n charm ,, i am 23 now n waddu i do to get my skin glowing again, lost my fairness too,, can anyone suggest the thungs i can follow to rejuvenate my complete body n face skin?
Avatar n tn It's funny how people get from a curling sensation behind your shoulder to your entire body feeling like you have ants. I would like to say that my sensation of something curling under my skin is excitedly where some of the others have felts this. In my case, behind my left shoulder, in a small spot. And always in the same spot. It's been going on now for about 4yrs. It seems to go away during the winter months, but come summer, it's back.
Avatar f tn How long have you been clean? Your skin should start looking better by about 2 weeks. At least mine and my sister's did. It is amazing how the pills destroy your looks. I had horrible dark area's around my eyes and my hair started thinning and was really dry.
Avatar n tn I'll wait to see if I reach peak as I know it can take a couple cycles to "get to know you". I'll let you know how it goes!! You have up to day 5 to put in your period so day day 6-9 was low fert and today (day 10) came up high so we'll see. Told the hubby to get ready lol. Our daughter turns 4 at the end of this month so we were trying to time it for an august baby as she will be starting school this coming Sept.
Avatar f tn I cannot tell you how long I have needed to hear that.. Every morning I have a new spot on my face, every morning I dread what the day has because if it means getting dressed, I just want to stay home. Everytime I have went to get dressed, I just cry and cry. I dont see the weight, but my clothes reveal it all. I am only four months, and in my first three I gained a lot and fast.
Avatar f tn People who have frequent PVC's get used to what they feel like, and as a result of learning how they feel, notice every single PVC they have, even when their PVC rate drops to "normal" levels.
Avatar f tn She knew this was not normal as her pet always met her anxiously at the door. As she realized there might be a problem, she rushed to get ready to take the duck to the closest veterinarian's office. She hurried into the office holding the still bird carefully in both hands and calling out to the doctor to please help her. The vet and his assistant quickly entered and proceeded to ask her what the problem was.
168348 tn?1379360675 Even things like frozen potatoes often have preservatives that make her glow. This summer she started to get terrible rashes so they did skin tests for chemical compounds. They showed she's allergic to many things, including cinnamon. But her rashes did not subside despite treatment. They are currently in the process of diagnosing her with an autoimmune disorder.
Avatar f tn I want to see my toes. I want to have a drink. I want to take a bath and the water come up over my belly. I want to wear heels without falling. I want to have sex ( placenta previa). I want to feel like a person again instead of a walking incubator. I want to hold my little girl but I also want to be able to hand her to someone else to hold. I just never feel like me anymore.
Avatar n tn now im just trying to get used to my skin.. i know how you all feel.. its very hard especially when having a boyfriend and not knowing what excuse to give him to not have sex... i sometimes feel disgusted bout my legs and wish i could just have them nice and clean like all of you guys... but like we all know no ones perfect...i lost 15 pounds in 4 months and my legs have gotten a little bit lighter... im now trying to loose more weight hoping it will get even better..
304653 tn?1217004902 we pay for it in the beggining but in the end it all is all for the best! I couldnt even imagine having to get up and heat a bottle at 2 am!!! I dont understand why those choose formula either. once we have learned to feed our lo? all is wonderful and couldnt be better for them.
Avatar n tn We are in the 3rd stage of our lives and we have to go through crap to get there. I, too, cannot WAIT for it to be over. But, I'm trying my best to put a positive and humorous spin on it...or else I may have to bite someone's head off! Sorry for making light, it's the way I can get through the body aches, mood swings, etc. However, I have been on Menersa for about 5 or 6 months now and it has made a DRAMATIC difference in how I feel. It is all natural and that, for me, is a good thing.
162948 tn?1205256292 I know your period is the lining in your uterus which the mirena keeps it thin so obviously keeps mine to nothing since i dont bleed. I am really concerned now as to how long it is going to take me to concieve. I had a friend who got hers pulled out and got pregnant the next day. Now I really wonder when I should get it taken out. Now or when hes here so we can have sex right away.
Avatar f tn Now I am finally to a stage where we can not just fight the infection but start fixing the skin....I get a low dose retrinal cream at night.....the end is near! Whew! Oh, one poster did mention biofilms...they were correct. Staph epi makes these. While they are present, antibiotics and even the body's own natural defenses cannot get to these buggers well. They have a protective shield. I did some research.....N-acetyl cysteine.....breaks down biofilms. I bought a high-quality oral version.
Avatar n tn I'm so ADDICTED to picking that if I know I have a scab or something to be picked and I try not to touch it I feel like a nervous wreck, it's the same feeling I get when I need a cigarette ( I did quit those) or a pill. Addiction is addiction whether it's picking, binging, shooting up, or tipping the bottle back. As a 24 year old girl that's been through all of these things. It is all mentally and physically draining.
1158221 tn?1327976203 00 this was I am going to get ready to get a pedicure and have lunch with a friend of mine (also pregnant). It should be a good day. Any new news with you? How is the little one? Still vomiting regularly? Only 1 new symptoms for me....sore boobies! Still no sickness. I am hoping I so dont get any.
Avatar n tn I did not laugh this hard today until I got home from work and got on here to see what you ladies had to say. I looked like the Dogs A** When I was PG with my son.....I went to las Vegas to get married in March and from that point on I retained water until my son was two months old. I still have funny looking legs to this point. My son is three and a half now. lol girls. You GO! Thank you for your comments. Don't you just love these kind of Questions that just get you going!
1703313 tn?1322582195 I read that salicylic acid is okay in moderation as long as it doesn't stay on your skin for a long time like with a mask. So I have a light face wash and scrub that seem to help. I use the scrub maybe once or twice a week. That seemed to help a little. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so ugly and painful :( One of my employees (who has 9 kids, by the way) said that there's nothing I can do.
1891853 tn?1344652042 My great gma use to say if you're having a girl you glow, with pretty skin. If its a boy your nose spreads and gets bigger, and your face breaks out...and your hair tends to fall out.
1697690 tn?1329127238 Ifeel like i was doing around the same amt as you, same age and all, i have tried to stop so many times and always go back to using, how did u get to ur 6 months of sobriety???