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Avatar n tn I was wondering what vitamins help to create healthy urine,and also help to improve skin,more so the skin on the penis.If this is at all possible. Also what are the benifits of Vit C and cranberry juice.
Avatar n tn The vitamins which are important for healthy skin are vitamins A,C and E. Zinc is also good for skin. Do not take more than the recommended daily amount of any vitamin, unless under supervision from your doctor.
Avatar f tn I haven't taken my prenatal vitamins in months, & I'm now 28wks pregnant. Is it bad that I'm not taking the vitamins?
Avatar f tn It's a good idea during pregnancy to take a prenatal vitamin to help cover any nutritional gaps in the mother's diet. Prenatal vitamins contain many vitamins and minerals. Their folic acid, iron, and calcium are especially important. Www.webmd.
6647728 tn?1383449743 As I've been using the My Diet Diary App I have noticed that the only thing healthy in my diet is whole wheat bread. I want to eat more vegetables but I hate them. Any recipes out there that can help me eat healthier?
Avatar n tn Vitamin K (K1, K2 MK-7, K2 MK-4) supplements can cause liver damage, kidney damage (kidney tubal degeneration), dangerous blood clots, headaches, fatigue, weakness, irritability, dizziness, fainting, anemia, increased perspiration, skin rashes, and skin itching.
Avatar m tn Calculating the surface area of those blueberries (remember, most of the supernutrients are in the skin) we find that a cup of wild blueberries has almost twice the blueberry skin as the cup of cultivated blueberries. Twice the skin, twice the antioxidant power in a cup of wild vs. cultivated blueberries! The blueberry contains more powerful disease-fighting antioxidants that any other fruit or vegetable.
1338820 tn?1312057713 Sometimes I think these vitamins are a little unnecessary to me, but if I say that, people look at me like I am crazy. I am very healthy, have very healthy eating habits, do not have any Iron deficiency, what can I do? I am thinking of taking the Folic Acid alone and the Omega-3 and just leave the rest alone. My doctor does not say anything, he just asks if I am taking them and if I say I am not, he tells me to try a different brand.
973741 tn?1342346373 Isn't it vitamin A that helps with the vision? I'm not sure what all other vitamins/minerals pumpkin has in it, but I know it's healthy for us, as long as we leave out the sugar and whipped cream... lol I did not know it could help take care of loose stools - definitely less glamorous, still a nice thing to know.
Avatar m tn Hi, Have read conflicting reports regarding Vitamins helping and aggravating IBS. Can multi vitamins,cod liver oil or Vitamin C help or is it the reverse.
Avatar n tn A friend is trying to sell me a nutrition supplement called Reliv. She says drinking supplements help you retain more vitamins than pills and that Reliv products give you everything you would ever need - vitamin and mineral wise. I need to find out if this is actually a good product to use or not. And a recommendation for a good supplement if this is not. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have always taken vitamins. My dermatologist feels that is why my skin is in such good condition, and why I look youthful. Also, I have taken vitamins throughout my treatment. I just got back my 1 month CBC blood test, my HGB has gone up from 11.1 to 12.5 and my platelets are normal and so is the rest of the blood work.
1444453 tn?1287106737 focus on the eating healthy, getting the vitamins you need. This will help get you back on track. Your body needs time to reset itself, period. For my last CT I used the stuff I listed out (it was all recommended by a Methadone Detox Doc.) It helped. Talk to your healthfood store people before you start downing tons of pills/supplements everyday as they can have some funky interactions!!! Keep your spirits up and definitely get some of the Adrenal Factors I told you about (don't forget...
Avatar n tn I do have some real dry skin, but mostly it is where I had a rash, and it's still not back to normal. Other parts of my body that weren't affected are still somewhat soft, except for feet. No matter HOW much lotion I put on dry areas it still feels like leather. I'm probably drying out from the extremities-in. I should probably take some vitamin E, and C but how much? I certainly don't want to put any stress on my liver.
Avatar m tn Ever since the Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Linus Pauling first promoted “megadoses” of essential nutrients 40 years ago, Americans have been devoted to their vitamins. Today about half of all adults use some form of dietary supplement, at a cost of $23 billion a year. But are vitamins worth it? In the past few years, several high-quality studies have failed to show that extra vitamins, at least in pill form, help prevent chronic disease or prolong life.
5720485 tn?1373566655 Has anyone had success adding higher doses of vitamins to your treatment regimen? I found some articles on B12 and Vitamin D. Also found lots on vitamin C, but was unable to find any verification, or personal endorsment.
513175 tn?1222961102 This is because it is converted to vitamin A as the body needs it, helps maintain normal growth and bone development, protective sheathing around nerve fibers, as well as promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. Since hair is protein, a diet that is too low in protein may cause some thinning in hair or a retardation in the growth cycle. The converse is true, If you eat a protein-rich diet it will often result in improved hair growth.
Avatar m tn they are absorbed through the intestines mostly, although skin plays a role also unlike water soluable vitamins such as B and C, which have a brief life span in the body..these are diluted by the bile, used, and the excess thrown off by the kidneys. Important difference since C is highly acidic and were excess not removes it would cause great damage, including kidney stones.
Avatar f tn Im insulin dependent & in order to keep BOTH my weight & sugar levels under control i basically live off a chicken breast & small garden salad daily, oo & a Babybel cheese as a snack. I know eatimg a diet such as this i'm probably deficient in many vitamins & minerals. I used 2 take multi vitamins & few other supplements but stopped taking them after reading a number of studies about the dangers of supplementation. Im not sure what to do for the best.
1765695 tn?1313673183 From what I understand, these vitamins are good for healthy hair! Some of the healthy hair vitamins are as follows: 1. Vitamin A – This healthy sebum in the scalp. 2. Vitamin C –antioxidant / skin & hair health. 3. Vitamin E –antioxidant that enhances scalp circulation. 4. Biotin – This vitamin - produces keratin & prevents hair loss 5. Inositol – Vitamin keeps hair follicles healthy 6. Niacin (Vitamin B3) – Vitamin allows scalp blood circulation 7.
Avatar f tn Salon and Spas have become hot favorite among people, as more people seek healthy and supple skin. The organ (skin) is actually one of the most sensitive part of our body. Therefore, it needs extra care. Skin care products are skin-friendly and there's no reason to worry for side effects like irritation, redness, etc. Best skin care salon in NYC enhances your appearance. It rejuvenates the skin, makes it peppier, and gives an ever-glowing look.
1042487 tn?1275283499 These vitamins are essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which provides us energy, the breakdown of fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Since these vitamins affect such important elements of your body, a source that provides them all in a single daily supplement is recommended.
Avatar f tn Part of the vitamin B Complex vitamins Promotes healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Supports proper metabolism
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia, spondylosis, nerve damage, degen disc disease causing chronic pain. Recently I have major pain/burning pain when touching my legs. The skin. Something I havnt ever had before. Reason? Also this last year I now have the back of my left leg (skin) numb. Again why? Im on long term disability, no insurance so unable to pain managment any more let alone drs. Questions left unanswered. Unfortuanately I am having to take major tylonal do to no med insurance. advise????
Avatar f tn That is the only kind of soap i can use also but i use skin so soft avon lotin n it works for me real good.
1510461 tn?1290080520 12,000 IU/kg Vitamin D3: 800 IU/kg Vitamin E: 100 mg/kg Vitamin C: 70 mg/kg Vitamin levels are guaranteed up to the best before date Typical Analysis Protein 26.0% Calcium 1.2% Fat 10.0% Phosphorus 0.9% Ash 7.0% Copper 18mg/kg Fibre 2.
Avatar n tn All of my blood tests have been normal for iron, sugar levels, etc. I eat very healthy, exercise regularly, don't smoke/drink, take vitamins, don't lay in tanning bed, and have no history of diabetes in my family. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Other then this issue I am a healthy and active 22 year old. I eat a very healthy vegetarian diet and I make sure I get enough protein through "fake meat" products. I also take vitamins and work out on a daily basis. Any ideas as to what is wrong? I have only been able to find ties to diabetes and I have no family history of that on either side and it doesn't seem to fit with my healthy lifestyle, but you never know.
Avatar n tn He could use a medicated sun screen and keep the areas well moisturised. He should eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Any deficient vitamins or minerals in the diet need to be replaced with supplements. It would be best to consult a doctor or skin specialist for a proper clinical examination. Let us know about how you are doing and post us about what your doctor advises.
Avatar f tn very dry skin when I use NO lotion my skin will appear very dry and flaky, feeling of something crawling/moving on skin also gives me tingles/tickle feelings, pin ***** feeling on skin at times, rashes or reddish skin tone I normally don't have red tones, larger pores on face Have Tried Didn't Help: Almost all allgery meds none help-Zertec helps at times, creams/shampoos, scabies meds, vitamins Tests Revealed: Low Vitamin D, H.