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5913031 tn?1382391190 My skin isnt oily and i have the glow i thnk it bcuz of all the extra hormones that u have when ur preggers like longer hair n nails my skin just looks healthy and vibrant
Avatar f tn I have it too. The glow is from extra oil on your skin, but my skin is usually very dry, so I don't seem to have any (visible) oil. I do have acne though, and because my skin is so terrible I get really awful, bleeding blemishes that take forever to heal. No fun. If you're not allergic to soap, try warm water and mild soap. Don't use acne medicine because it can harm the baby. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The 2nd trimester because in the 3rd all the swelling and aches and pains kick in. Your skin looking healthy your hair is full. Mine has been dried up and nasty looking this whole 1st trimester. This is baby #2 and my symptoms are way worse this time around.
Avatar f tn Before i became pregnant my skin was smooth and glowing. But after delivery my skin has lost the glow in my face, there are many white and black heads on my nose,dark circles under eye.I just dont know wat to do.I just want to get back my glow on the skin. I do consulted the skin specialist but was of no use. Does beauty parlours got solution for this.
Avatar f tn Make sure that you moisturise your face and rinse with water to get rid of any dead skin cells to get that all over glow to your face. Remember people pay hundreds of pounds on skin treatments, ointments and potions trying to get a radiant glowing skin with the right diet and intake of water you will get that look in no time as long as you stick to it!
Avatar f tn Yeah my "glow" is literally sweat. I've had great skin all my life but now cause my skin has gotten oil I get a new bump as soon as the other one goes away. I feel gross.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy glow my ***, my face is oily and feels nasty. LOL! I guess I need to get a use to it.
7872226 tn?1394945088 I think the pregnancy glow is beautiful. When we were ttc and I would see a woman with the glow I would be a little jealous.
Avatar n tn However, I have a very stressful job, but in the last couple of days, everyone keeps telling me that i have this glow about me and my skin has gotten silky and clear. Is the automatic glow a sign of pregnancy?
4762847 tn?1360881934 Hehe I always thought of it as morning sickness making people sweat more and give them a glow :-) I don't get the oily skin just really dry so no glowing for me!!
Avatar f tn Make sure he eats and skin to skin
Avatar f tn Hi so I hear so many women talking about there wonderful pregnancy glow but feel I must be missing something, my skin has broken out terribly I'm constantly feeling drained or under the weather I'm crampy I get constipation and discharge and wonder am I the only one missing this pregnancy sexy feel??
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, anyone else experiencing breakouts etc toward the end? I have bad patches of dry skin and other areas broke out :( So frustrating that this 'pregnancy glow' seems to have skipped me!
Avatar f tn My skin has a funny glow to it. I like it i dont break out anywhere visible atleast if i do its somethin small maybe in my inner thighs or lower back but its rare..
Avatar f tn Omg yes my skin broke out horrible around 8 week I'm now 17 and my skin looks even worse and is now dry and flaky......
7566904 tn?1394763978 With my first son I had horrible skin. I had my 2nd baby 10 years later and glowed so Radiantly. I realized that Chocolate made me break out, Especially since I avoided it my entire pregnancy. I'm pregnant with my 3rd son and my skin is Flawless. Try to avoid certain foods for awhile and see if there is any changes. So many women break out because of chocolate or cocoa powder and don't know it. It won't hurt to try and avoid it.
Avatar f tn However very rare for me as never got the teenage year spots, been blessed with clear skin till now haha!
Avatar f tn Ftm too... was waiting for the pregnancy skin glow but I got a face full of acne instead...ha!
Avatar f tn I didn't get no glow just a Fat face, Big nose, Melasma(light &dark spots on my face), and Stretch marks all over my stomach & breasts. . I feel so ewwww :( Anybody else get everything but the glow?
Avatar f tn t look nice a anymore ugh ! What happened to my GLOW ?? Any suggestions on what is a great product to use ?? I used Ambi and Noxema and neither of them worked. . .
Avatar f tn Same here everyone says ihave that pregnancy glow lol. I feel different but can't see my glow haha.