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Avatar f tn Hi my first time on here I am starting my peg-intron an ribavirin on saturday. When I take the 4 pills in the morning how are the sides? I am suppose to work?
Avatar n tn I've never heard of anyone doing it the way you are suggesting, but I'd talk to my doc about that. My limited understanding of how the meds work are that the Riba works to keep the interfuron at a functioning level in the system for the entire week, so that we no longer need to take shots once daily or 3x a week. If that supposition is true then taking the Riba before taking the interfuron would not be helpful.
188500 tn?1207368551 I guess it depends on just how much Ribavirin your daily dosage is.....Mine is 1200 mg's..I was in great shape when I started tx,But i can say this during the loading phase my irritablity level went thru the roof..A fly would fart in Africa and I'd get PO'd.....The feeling was kinda like that of a car with the enigine reved to full throttle in gear but WITH THE BRAKES ON....constant tension..And Yes it affected my sleep greatly.....
476246 tn?1418874514 You just never really know and when it tries to kick your butt you just keep regrouping until something works. That is the best way I know how to tell you to deal with what is ahead of you. You know the old saying" the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". I hope I don't sound critical, I sense you're a bit of a worrier and like your ducks in a row at all times. I'm kind of the same way, or let me say I was that way until tx started dictating who was the boss.
Avatar m tn Hi All, My treatment is in month 4 and the rash from the Ribavirin is giving me a run for my money. The itching and bumps have really started popping up all over. The Dr. has been very vague on what, if anything I can do. This is as bad or worse than poison ivy ever was. Has anyone had to deal with this side effect and are there any solutions.
Avatar m tn Anybody know where to find some good scholarly articles about how ribavirin works? Links? URLs? Just curious. I’ve been able to find a lot about interferon and the new 1a meds but my knowledge of ribavirin is lacking. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I am starting triple treatment soon. I treated in 2008 and I took 1000 mg ribavirin a day and 180 ug of pegasys injection once per week – I reached UND at week 16, but stopped tx because I did not want to treat for 72 wks with low odds and I decided to wait for new PI. Now my (new) doctor is going to treat me with PI and wants to only give me 800 mg of ribavirin a day (I will be taking pegasys and incivek).
Avatar m tn Interferon, Interferon + Ribavirin, and Interferon+Ribavirin+Tepavier. I also have compensated cirrhosis. I've had HEPC for over 50 years. Currently I'm on week 4 of Havoni + Ribavirin (1200 mg a day + 1 Harvoni). I read that the recommended duration for we hard-to-treat previous non-responders is 24 weeks, but my clinician is insisting 12 weeks will be good enough and there is no difference in the outcomes for 12 weeks vs 24 weeks. Is this correct data?
Avatar m tn I don't really understand what kind of treatment do you want to try. If you had to stop interferon/ribavirin combo because you were deathly ill before, it will probably happen again. Do you want to try the same thing again? Because no other treatment is available right now. Interferon is a part of any hepatitis C treatment. And yes, it would be beneficial to do the biopsy to find out what is going on with your liver. Make sure you get ultrasound as well.
Avatar n tn how does ribavirin and peginterferon alfa- 2b work in the body at the cellular level to treat hepatitis C
Avatar n tn supplements and posts by people happily stating their hair grew back at EOT.
Avatar f tn It a bit of a mystery on how it works on HCV too. Pity it hates your RBCs though. What ever happened to conjugated RBV.
Avatar m tn Depending on how your dose works out you might be OK the first time around but if it were me I would call the pharmacy. Either way, just based on what you said this does not sound right. The meds might actually be OK but I personally would be uneasy about taking them - until I straightened things out with the pharmacy, that is.
315737 tn?1407302597 I self cut down my ribavirin dosage from 6 to and started taking them through the day and not in glumps of 3. I couldn't possibly continue to show up to work with the unbelievable fatigue and other symptoms the ribavirin causes. I ended up taking two weeks off work i was so dead in the water. Why are you supposed to take them 3 at a time in the morning and the evening?
Avatar m tn Take a look at one of Magnum's post as he tells how his will work, of course his is for non-responders but the way his works is closer to the one I was going to be in. I wasn't accepted b/c of meds I am on, but telaprevir has had excellent results with a very high percentage of geno 1's clearing. Of course the placebo arm would be a terrible situation.
Avatar m tn I began a 12 week treatment of Sovaldi /Ribavirin treatment for HCV 20 days ago. On the 17th day I developed a rash on my lower left leg. by the 18th day, my body was covered over 85% with the itchy red rash. I called the Sovaldi helpline and a nurse called me back. She said that they have not had any case reporting a rash on Sovaldi. I went to see my prescribing APRN and she saw the rash and had me stop the Ribavirin but continue Sovaldi.
Avatar n tn I'm on week 32 of triple with Victrellis. This weekend I took my ribavirin 600mg twice in a 30 minute period. I admit this is not the first time I have done this. But this time I feel like I have a lead over coat on and every joint in body hurts, stomach cramps..just feel like awful. I skipped my next dose and have reduced 2 subsequent doses to 400 mg each. Any comments?
Avatar m tn My concern with the antacids is that they might intefere with ribavirin absorption. Very little in the literature conclusive one way or the other. Wondering if any of you also take antacids and if you take them right after meals with your riba, or if you try to time the antacids a few hours before or after the riba.
Avatar f tn yes people are curing with this combo however Ribavirin is not always needed with viekira pak it depends on genotype of hep c and if you have cirrhosis
Avatar m tn even chronic cases of GT-2 are often treated with only 800mg/day ribavirin.
3093770 tn?1389742726 Good idea to take your first dose of ribavirin with Telaprevir. The extra fat grams will help with absorbency. Taking the second dose at 10 pm may cause you to experience insomnia as that is a known side effect from ribavirin. It is not necessary to take ribavirin at the same time or at a specific time as it is with Incivek due to ribavirin's long half life.
Avatar m tn mail order. I just noticed the label on the ribavirin bottle says to take 3 pills 2x daily. The incivek says to take 2 pills 3x daily, but in the instructions it says to take 7-9 hours apart. First question is, does everyone else take the riba 3 caps at a time twice a day? If I take riba twice a day, how far apart, and can I take it at the same time I take the incivek?
223152 tn?1346981971 Based on the fact that interferon monotherapy is not effective, it's effective with ribavirin, and at full strength, I would rather have my ribavirin working at full strength when I start my interferon than have it take awhile after my interferon to get to full strength. There IS data on the amount of time it takes for ribavirin to get to full concentration AND there is data on the efficacy of ribavirin together with interferon.
5431819 tn?1367943946 Just started the treatment with 1 pill of Sovaldi a day and 1200 mg of Ribavirin each day, for Gino type 3, 24 week treatment. So far no side effects, felt kind of stoned for a few hrs at first, but now (day 3) I don't feel too much different :), my advise if someone else is starting this, drink lots of water, works for me...
Avatar f tn I am starting Viekira Pak w/Ribavirin as soon as they get it authorized through my insurance. My employer made a deal with Abvie, so that is why I will be taking the Viekira. My question is has anyone else taken or in the process of taking this medication? If so, can you give me some insight into the process. I am 6+ years post TX with peg/ribavirin.. Thanks in advance.
446474 tn?1446351282 2 200 mg of GS-7977 in morning 3 200 mg of Ribavirin in morning 3 200 mg of Ribavirin at night (12 hours later) But I am now on treatment and will continue for 24 weeks or transplant, which ever comes first. I stopped my TB treatment today. I will deal with TB after transplant. I just had a cancer screen MRI/AFP and I am waiting for the results... I can't believe that within 4 weeks I will have no viral load for the first time in 42 years!!!
Avatar n tn Do you have time to post a piece on Ribavirin and how that works in our bodies too? Thanks for your time.
135456 tn?1301441224 Burned, Short answer is "No". First, I never pre-dosed ribavirin when I treated because I never heard of the concept back then. My quote, above, was given as a cautionary tale related to my little experiment with high-dose ribavirin that I started at week 1 of treatment. It's also importantl how we define "if I had to do it again".
Avatar f tn Of course all of this is premised on the likely (and yet unproven) theory that ribavirin actually works in the manner speculated.