How long till suboxone kicks in

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Avatar n tn gave me 8N and 1/2 of that(4N) kicks my but, plus klonopin 1mg for anxiety but not using them except for as needed. How long does this stuff work till you can come off of it soboxone? Tomorrow I'm going to cut down to 1/4 and see how I do can't stand the zombie feeling from the suboxone but it sure beats the hell out of the dt's! I got hooked on the oxys from a car accident a year ago had some pain from the injuries but, i had way more pain from a rotten relationship!
3143760 tn?1343103892 Sorry for the long post, but Ive really come to notice something...Because the suboxone has a hard time detaching from our receptors, Ive noticed that it falls in line with the wave idea. You know some hours are really bad, and some are good. As I sit here I have all my strength and legs about me. From my experience, on the 8th day, thats a miracle.
6038743 tn?1379338851 It's hard for someone who has never been through detox to understand how bad it is, but you not wanting to sleep in bed with her at the moment is completely understandable. Just ask for her patience. As terrible as you feel, getting some exercise, even if just a quick walk outside around the house will help you feel better. Hot baths are helpful, and be sure to stay hydrated, and eat something, even if very small amounts.
Avatar n tn I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning. This is no way to live. How long and how hard are the with drawals from it? I don't want to live my life around this drug anymore. Just a word of encouragment some times is what I think I need and to know that I am not alone.
Avatar m tn plus i left town for a company retreat for a week! Someone, please, can anyone tell me how long this may go on? How long before I can get through a night of sleep? How long before I can walk more than a block and not have to stop and breathe heavy? When does the w/d really stop? I just want to be normal again.
6541568 tn?1382416351 get out of the house, go for 30 minute walks, but I have so much lower back pain I can't stay in any one spot/position for very long. Hot showers help a lot. I take a nice long one every morning and it definitely sets me up for at least a small reprieve and let me tell you....sometimes even 30-45 minutes of distraction/quasi-normalcy can make your mind come back to you and make the path ahead not so impassable.
951587 tn?1249230748 I never took a high dose because I was scared to. I talked to my family physician and she started me on a antidepressant that might help. thanks.....
1316877 tn?1275204213 Hey~ That's way too high a dose to jump from. I can't even advise you at this point. Wouldn't know where to begin...So,I'll say this: Get to an Urgent Care Clinic as soon as you can!! I know there are several facilities in College Station so call a taxi and go to the nearest one. Tell them what you've done and they'll take it from there...
Avatar n tn how long do these withdrawals last if I'm on day 14 and was throwing up today and still feel all those symptons they say happens to you? i stopped cold turkey and i just want to know when all the pain will go away.
Avatar m tn no IV u do as heroin is a by product of morphine how long have u been quit ur doc? it doesnt matter what u take to ease wd, if u take it long enuf u can become addicted to it..what was ur dose? i forget cos i am old! LOL I do know u have been posting alot so I know u r trying very hard...but there is no right or wrong answer cos we r all different ....and u need to do what is right for u..make a plan and stick to it...u r probably very close to being over the physical part now...
Avatar n tn you aren't experiencing wd's because the sub built up over time in your body and it should be coming in the next couple of days and it will peak till around 3 weeks, its a long slow brutal wd that last well over a month for the physical and the mental side of wd's can last well over 6 mths.
Avatar f tn this is my first day without taking anything in a few months. i didnt sleep at all last night. how long does no sleep last?
Avatar m tn A lot of the degree of success in recovery directly relates to how much work a person is willing to put in. People can always find reasons why they can't do something (meetings, therapy, etc), but to give it your all, you have to get creative and find ways to make it work. Most addicts are very resourceful during their addictions and will put all kinds of time and energy and money into using. If one puts that same dedication into recovery, chances are, he/she will be very successful.
Avatar n tn Onthedge, sorry to hear/read about your situation. I'll pray for you. How did the addiction start with your husband? Did he have surgery? When did he tell you, or did you just find out? A lot of people struggle with telling their family. Maybe he didn't because he thought it wasn't a problem. How did he get caught? Often doctor hoppers wonder how the arrest would happen? Did they catch him on the phone?
Avatar m tn just the same way when i was on suboxone felt horible when i woke up till the suboxone kicked in. i am lacking in proper diet and lacking in vitamins. but im thankful that i can eat from the kratom and have gained 10 pounds sense i started tapering down suboxone 155 to 165.
Avatar f tn I am considering getting on suboxone and hoping I can get back off the pills and keep my mind working normally and just feeling normal in general even after I'm off the suboxone. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Usually on Day 3, about early evening is when the runny eyes/nose, RLS, and extreme anxiety kicks in. I have detoxed off tramadol in the past and it was really hard but it was also over quicker, which made it easier to stay mentally strong though. However this time around it seems like I am so tore down mentally by the time the physical stuff even starts to peak that I just cave.
Avatar n tn I didn't wait long enough - ****! Does anyone know how long this wd feeling will last? When I should take more suboxone? I am doing this all by myself. I bought a 30 tab bottle of 8 mg suboxone off the street. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Sub's ceiling effect kicks in at about 16mg...meaning any sub taken on top of that is useless...won't help in any way. A good sub clinic will insist on therapy, goal setting, drug testing (preferrably at each visit), etc. If your doc isn't doing all that...I would strongly recommend looking for a different sub clinic. Sub is a TOOL to be used in isn't a way around w/d's. You will eventually have to face w/d's on some level. With the right sub doc, it can be bearable.
Avatar n tn She was the cheapest in the area ($125 for the 1st visit, and $60 each subsequent visit, but in a month, my new insurance kicks in). She also uses a pharmacist who gives all of her patients discounts on the Sub, so it only cost me $50 for the first 10 pills. I know that sounds like a lot, but at Walgreens or CVS, it would have been more than $100. (And it is well worth it) She gave me the 8mg pills, but told me to split it in half and try 4mg first.
Avatar n tn When someone takes opiates for an extended period of time then stops,the bodys adrenaline/adrenal gland kicks in hard.I have been through this before and the Clonidine did actually help. I am not sure of the doseage given. I do know that Xanax was prescibed along with it and BP was monitored regularly. The best thing for opiate withdrawal is not to lay around and struggle through it.Find a good Dr.preferably an addiction specialist,get some medication.
Avatar f tn being mom is much harder than punching in and out at a company. good luck on your search for a solution no matter how long it takes. keep looking and you will find it. and in the mean time try to keep your dosage down as low as possible for when you can quit. i tappered. when you drop your dosage and keep it there, your body adjusts to it and the withdrawl stops. and it is not nearly as bad as cold turkey.
Avatar m tn You would be surprised what an addict journalist knows and I been on the streets long, just havent kicked in long time and am old now so I was worried.
Avatar n tn You go all day, and then swallow 14 codeine#3 at once! It must feel great when that kicks in! I've always used basically around the clock. If I've got some, why not stay in the space as long as possible? It will take your brain time to start making its own endorphins.
Avatar n tn The talk of possibly being a symptom of neurological problems and brain tumors is worrisome since this coincided with me discontinuing a prescription of Lithium that was making me break out in acne. Anyone know if the two could be connected some how? I rarely have colds and don't have allergies per se. I do have mild sinus issues that are aggravated by changes in the weather, but nothing major at all. The smoke smell is driving me crazy!
1395180 tn?1280363996 I have hurt them enough already, I just need them to try to is all I have in my life...idk what im trying to say or ask in this long *** paragraph... I guess it just feels good to ramble on...thanks everyone, hope to here back from you all soon!!!
Avatar m tn I choose at the beginning of t his month that when i ran out of pain pills this month, i was done, well yesterday i ran out around noon, but the W/D didn't hit till today it has been rough, runny nose, flu symptoms Diarrhea, Hot cold and short burst of depression. This is the second most hard thing i have been thru, the first being When my dad passed away.
Avatar f tn I hope he will give your current medications some real thought because, in my humble, non-medical opinion, they are not working for you. (You did not say how long you have been taking them, what they are, but you did state they made you feel better) But, you still have some very nasty physical symptoms that need to be addressed as soon as possible. With your NEW doctor, get a thorough physical and ask for a referral to a good therapist...........
Avatar f tn Does this medicine really keep us from going thru withdrawls and lastly, about how long after you take your first dose of the Subutex before it kicks in and you start to feel ok? BTW, I share that love of BIKES with you Biker Dad! I'm only 5'3" and all of 110 pounds, so I clearly can't hold a bike up myself or I would, so I am all too happy to be on the back and just relax and enjoy the fresh air and the freedom you feel on the open road.