Suboxone how long does it stay in your system

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Avatar n tn Yes it is still from whats in us. Think how long we put the **** in us. Keep drinking fluids until your going to burst and eat good to this helps flush our systems out. Get exercise too.. Myself I hate this part but the more we exercise the better we feel.. I hope I helped some it take along time to get our minds and bodies back. But it took along time to get us where were at too.. Hang in there it does get Easier and better over TIME!!!!! Ill be praying for you. God Bless..
Avatar f tn Without going into the good/bad of suboxone and its use, I would say this to you - if your on it USE this time to get your recovery care in place. The suboxone is making your feel normal. Allieviating your cravings and getting you into to a differently lifestyle and pattern. And that is its intended purpose. Like Calamity said, Suboxone is an opiate so its satisfying your opiate receptors right now.
Avatar n tn how long does suboxone stay effective? what's the "life span" of 4mgs or 2 mgs? Ive used it to detox. 8mg for 4days. 4mg for 2 days. today 2mg and none left. how long will its opiate blockers be effective when i stop? and if i have only taken it for a week should i still expect wd symptoms?
Avatar n tn How long does suboxone stay in your system? Will 1 pill effect a urine screen? Can it be detected in the urine? If so, how long till 1 pill wears off?
621322 tn?1222142091 I do feel foggy, dizzy and alittle off but I think that is becaus my brain is now receiving the new drug. How long will the sub stay in my system after i stop....does anyone know? i heard the after life of each pill is like 48 hrs or so..
Avatar f tn In case you are curious, it takes us about three to four days to get a patient off of any opiate including Suboxone, and feeling well. In your question it is unclear to me as to whether you are ready to quit taking Suboxone or want advise on how to get you doctor to give you more. Suboxone was approved as a substitution treatment for opioid addiction specifically because the patient was not suppose to develop a tolerance to it and need a higher dose.
Avatar n tn So, I figure to drop in two days to one quarter of a pillm stay ont that for one week, then drop to one quarter every other day (subox stay in your system for so long, that you don't need to take it everyday at the end) and do that for 2 weeks. Then take one quarter every two days and do that for about 2 weeks. Then I plan to take smaller and smaller pieces, even if I need to shave them, every two days, until I can't go any smaller, then I will be be close enough, that I will just stop!
Avatar f tn You really would have been FAR better off just coming off your DOC. Suboxone is a MUCH stronger opiate in comparison. It's very hard to say what level of w/d's you will have, if any, but if I had to guess, I would say, yes, you will have w/d's. Hopefully they will be very manageable. Sub w/d's don't typically start right away due to it's long half can take 24-48, even up to 72 hours to start feeling w/d after the sub is d/c'ed.
610505 tn?1329607323 Everyone reacts differently though, it depends on your body, and how you respond to things. It was easy for me to stop taking them though because they were making me feel bad instead of better. If sub worked for me I planned on staying on it 6 months - 1 year just to get my life together and change my behaviors (even though my dr wanted me on them 18-24 months.) If your going to come off the sub so fast, have your aftercare lined up you are going to need it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about Suboxone? And how good it is for withdrawling off of mscontins? As this is the route my Dr is thinking of taking.
Avatar f tn So I went for the first thing in the morning option. How long has he been on?? I know my first week on it I had to take off of work cause I was soo sick from it initially.. headache, dizzy, sleepy, nauseous.. but it was not withdrawal feelings, just side effects of the meds.. after that week though those side effects improved a lot. My doctor told me to expect that.
Avatar f tn it worked pretty good for me or spraying lavender on your pillow, some type of home remedy so you wont have to worry too much about cross addiction but if you do decided to take xanax kps or some time of anti anxiety, i wouldnt be too worried about getting addicted because it does take time to set in your system befor becoming dependent so maybe try? thanks again for writing, good luck!!
Avatar n tn Now I did forget to mention, if you take a percocet, and then take a suboxone to soon after, you will go into immediate w/d's, because the suboxone actually fights the other opiate in your system, and knocks it off of your receptors, but then the subxone does not attatch itself to the receptors either, and it is what they call precipiated withdrawl's. You can read about that on suboxone's site www.suboxone.
Avatar f tn and they get caught up yet again. Please try to remember how bad it is right now and stay far away from all drugs in the future. It is just not worth it. Good luck to you and my best wishes.
Avatar n tn Your other question was how it was meant to be used... The drug co wants your doctor to think you need it for longer than you really do.. They are finding out through addicts experiences that people who take it longer than 3 weeks to a month or if it is taking at high doses people are becoming dependent on it and having a he77 of a time stopping once they are on it... I did alot of research on it so if you have any questions I am available and you can also email me..
1201433 tn?1329001237 As atthebeach explained, those 21 days are intended to stop the roller coaster of getting high and crashing and to allow the patient the stability to begin to put his emotional house in order. Suboxone was never intended (or studied) for long-term maintenance such as methadone programs. Once a medication is approved and on the market, any doctor can prescribe to whom and for however long he wants to.
480035 tn?1222369764 I'm not gonna debunk all the myths but here's one (the life of suboxone is 37hrs) That means as you dose it compounds in your system, buils up as you dose. please get all the info you can. If I offend anyone or anyone wants to dispute or argue over my post, dont waste your time or mine. i'm not doing this for entertainment or pleasure. Those of you who know me and do give proper advise on subs and taper know how serious this is. So, PLEASE don't guess at answering posts just to posts.
1909146 tn?1326509308 The only thing that worries me a little is the fact that I still don't feel any withdrawal symptoms.. It really does not make any sense.. How come I am not sick yet? The suboxone could not be as strong ?!? Normally I would be sick already yesterday.. Girrrl, " when I grow up, I want to be like you!" ha ha Congratulations on making it so far!! I will too!
Avatar f tn If you want to get your life back and really want to quit the drugs, suboxone can and will help. It is amazing!! I was in pain killers for about 10 years and on hard drugs for aboutt 8-10 months. I kept doing the hard drugs because I was so scared of the withdrawals. Even typing about it right now is giving me butterflies. But the suboxone was a miracle. It helped a lot!! I am now able to go to work and function like a normal person, but I actually feel amazing.
Avatar f tn Have you attended any alanon or naranon meetings? How long was he in rehab? Was he put on the suboxone in rehab and just never came off of it? Do you know what dose he is on? Does he drink alcohol? I understand your concern, worry and frustration. There is always hope.
Avatar n tn That is why it is important not to have much if any of the drug still in your system. The problem is that it takes so long for MEthadone to completely leave the system but much less time to feel like ****. Therefore it is important to use the Suboxone as soon as possible BUT not too soon. The last time I used was almost 9 mos ago. I had used Methadone two days earlier and in order to prove to someone I was clean (which I was no) I took a 2 mg Suboxone.
Avatar f tn When I first came out here in August of 2007, suboxone was a lot of talk. I now see so many turning to it , but I'm not hearing a lot of feedback on it's success. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has a success story, rather than a horror story about suboxone. Not from people currently on it, but anyone who successfully took it and has been off it for some time. Thanks. Nauty...............