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How long is vicodin in your urine

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1990784 tn?1331871778 they say 1 mo of recovery for every yr of use as for how long its in the body it really depends on what you where taking I was on methadone it took 90 days just to start to feel glld and 6mo to feel 1/2 way decent but it is different doe each med what where you taking????
Avatar n tn I had the same problem when I started at the clinic, after taking pills for so long your liver enzymes tend to get high.
320944 tn?1245966599 I know it will take awhile to get over the cravings, I was just wondering how long it actually stays in your system. Thanks for your input and I did not think your post was negative.
Avatar n tn Following wisdom teeth extraction I was given vicodin. I liked the way it made me feel and how it made dealing with everday problems seem easier. I've been taking about 10mgs a day (all at night) and 100mgs of tramadol during the day for about 6 months now. I've had enough and tapered down to almost nothing for a week before stopping completely. It's been 5 days now since I've had anything.
Avatar f tn My current PM is not the best........he cancels every other appt....he has 4 x's forgot to bring my file with him. Also, once he argued with me that he would have never given me Vicodin ES 2x a day. He finally got his trusted computer and was proven wrong! I do not appreciate the treatment he gives me! Since Sept I was on one Vicodin ES, then for the past 2 months I got him reluctantly to give me 2 a day. Which by itself still only gives me 4 hrs a day of having no pain.
Avatar f tn Possible GI tract damage if taken in high amounts over a long period of time. I've actually had liver pain from taking too much Vicodin several months ago. I was lucky that my liver tested out okay.
397118 tn?1219762250 What do you guys think? is it like he says that it stays in your body for a long time or he is still using?
Avatar f tn As I went on, I started to feel more symptoms, chills, shaking, headache, mind fog, irritable bowels, extreme pain, weakness in arms and body, exhausted, and of course the blurred vision and other vision problems such as floaters, visual snow, light is too light, dark is too dark. I am still experiencing all of these symptoms at 1 month off now! Not able to exercise because of still rehabbing from the broken leg. When will these withdrawal symptoms go away? What about the blurred vision?
Avatar f tn i have a determination in me that has never been there before. it is very funny to live in desert where it is 115 and one min i am freezing and the next i am soaked! the only thing i am focasing on is the water for now, i am afraid if i take vitamins they will just come back up, maybe next week. here if you need to talk , good luck!
1494729 tn?1304881080 i was just wondering does anyone know how long does it take to heal the liver .i just was wondering cause pretty munch half the pill taking world does mix it with alcohol so now i am just wondering, will it fix itself and how long does it usually take.I mean i do feel way better having been clean now 22 days but this question just came in my head so i figured maybe someone knows something about it.well thanks and god bless.jeff.
Avatar f tn Being discharged for a failed urine test-not having the prescribed vicodin in your system, AND having oxycodone NOT prescribed show up positive is likely going to make it very difficult, if not highly unlikely that another doctor will take you on as a new patient for some time.
Avatar f tn how long before Xanax is not detected in your urine I'm getting different answers ..please help and is there something to detox and get it out quicker?
Avatar n tn How can a positive result for Vicodin be positive when I know I have not taken it?
Avatar f tn What I want to know is why do I have sheer exhaustion? I am so tired! How long will this last?
1523184 tn?1291940756 I just got a letter from my doctor saying that a second consecutive urine test showed no vicodin in my urine, and that his office will no longer prescribe vicodin for me. I'm beside myself because I know I took my vicodin the day before the test. My new Rx was due the week after the test and I obviously didn't get my prescription. The only thing that I can possibly think of that is my fault is that I drink a tremendous amount of water every day, probably more than a gallon.
Avatar f tn You definitely need to be upfront with your doctor. Detoxing usually raises your blood pressure quite a bit, so you may need an increase in your blood pressure med for a little bit. If you are really wanting to do this, it is so important to be 100% honest and cut all of your sources for pills. That means changing your playground. You may have to distance yourself from friends who use. You can do this and you are in the right place to get support, encouragement, and info.
Avatar n tn t think there is such low dose as 10 mg, I heard of 50mg minimum, so if it is 10 pills a day no matter how many mg each is is a strong dependence he is on, the more mg the worse it is. It is not my intention to scare you, but those are hard facts. Unfortunately not too many doctors are aware of How addictive or how bad dependence can create the Tramadol.
Avatar f tn I look around me at people and wonder how it feels to feel human again, i look at the vicodin in my hand before i pop them in and start crying thinking this is my life now..i lost a lot of freinds im moody to the people i love the most...