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Avatar f tn I took vicodin off and on for chronic pain through my pregnant. I have weaned off of it, my last one being a half dose about 3 1/2 days ago (I am 38 weeks along) I am wondering will my drug test be clean at the hospital and will the baby's urine drug screen be clean as well? Please do not judge....I am looking for real information from someone. Thank you so much in advance.
Avatar f tn will it show up if being tested for opioids or just synthetic opioids? i came up positive on a drug screen for oxymorphone and i was perscribed to percocet.. can u please explain?
Avatar m tn I have been on oxycontin 40mil and oxycodone 10/325 for 13 years . I did a random urine screen for the second time in 4 months and tested positive for marijuana and didn't touch the stuff and never failed one . Now I'm so scared there going to stop giving me my meds and I have severe nerve damage due to chemo that was left running in me for 2 1/2 hours longer than supposed to be . I am burnt from the inside out from head to my feet. My question is can my Dr.
Avatar f tn Also, quitting this late could put you into labor. need to tell your doctor. most likely they are NOT going to do a urine test, but a meconium test, and yes you will absolutely test positive if they test the baby's meconium. You need to tell your doctor everything. If your doctor knows, he can help you and baby during delivery (and they HAVE to know about your drug tolerance if you're getting a c-section or you could end up with inadequate pain relief....
Avatar m tn Not fully true, i failed this morning for amphetamines after starting strattera a week ago and having clean drug tests before today.. After doing some digging i found theses http://www.ehealthme.
Avatar f tn What sort of drug screen is it? Urine? Blood? I havent smoked marijuana in a while but im still curious as to whether or not I need to be worried.
Avatar f tn There is a blood test that could be done in place of an in office screen, but as I said, typically, when there is an office screen, that urine is also sent out for confirmatory testing, which looks for all of the metabolites of the opiate as it is broken down in the body to measure compliance. There is very, very little false negatives or false positives in gc/ms or immunoassay testing. I am sorry you are going through this.
Avatar f tn Go to another facility and pay if you must for the blood drug screen or better yet demand one from the facility that has required the urine drug screen. We have rights too. I sincerely hope that your concern is for not. If it does return inaccurately you will be forced to find another physician. So be prepared to start your search immediately. I wish you the very best. Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to hearing from you.
Avatar m tn I took it expecting to get some wierd questions about how much I had in my system(i took my last vicodin 5 because I was all out and felt like i was literally dying) and went to the docs. The test came back negative for ANY morphine at all. This happened again to me when i was going for a job. Swab test came back negative which was wierd but why ask when it meant i got the job, right? So I have an issue. They're taking me off and even worse accusing me of selling.
Avatar f tn I took vicodin off and on for chronic pain through my pregnant. I have weaned off of it, my last one being a half dose about 3 days ago. I am wondering will my drug test be clean at the hospital and will the baby's urine drug screen be clean as well? Please do not judge....I am looking for real information from someone. Thank you so much in advance.
Avatar f tn it takes a while as the drug has a long half life...urine drug screens for jobs test for benzos, pot, cocaine, narcotics (not sub tho) but i do think methadone shows up on most 10 panel drug screens..5 panel are cheaper and what my hospital uses and hydro doesnt even show up..only morphine and codeine being the 2 true narcotics and the rest like oxy and hydro are u have a scrip for the sub..dont worry..
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me if Tramadol will sow up in a Health Care Professionals urine drug screen? And if so, how long will it take for it not to? In other words, how long does Tramadol stay in your system?
Avatar m tn Every half-inch of hair detects drug use for a period of 30 days. The typical hair screening test uses 1.5 inches of hair and approximately 90 to 120 strands of hair." From - another good link is here - So really sounds like it depends on when the hair test is taken.
Avatar f tn It is correct that depending on body habitus and the type of the drug, some medications (depending on their molecular structure) can get attached to either proteins or fats in the patient's body and leach out in to the system for weeks. Thus they will be picked up in minute amounts in the urine test as positive. I would recommend that you find an expert in pharmacokinetics to testify for you.
Avatar m tn Thank-you. The first time we went to this doctor, he was supposed to be a "Family Doctor". Now find out he only knows Drug addiction. The first urine screen he took was 2/27/2018. Thought it was funny, it took less than 5 minutes for him to have the results. The results came from Suboxone Clinic. Which is a drug rehab place that they send people to, to get off of Vicodin, Xanax, Esgic, & others. March, my husband was to take another urine test.
Avatar f tn I was given a urine drug screen last night that tested positive for benzos. I have not been on any tranquilizers! My current medication regime includes Effexor XR 150mg bid, Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs, Betaseron 1cc qod subq. I was put on Bactrim last week bid for 5 days for a urinary tract infection. In May, June and part of July I was taking Trazdone 200mg qhs, but then switched back to Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs. I am confused as to what caused the positive test for benzos?
Avatar f tn Dehydration will not effect a drug screen either. It is not rare for a urine drug screen to be in error. Unfortunately like so many other ppl that have erroneous drug screen there really is no recourse for you. I wish I had better answers for you. Talk to the HR Department or your boss. Ask for more information. I too am curious as to what was found in your urine. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Something should have remained in your system. As Molly said it will sometimes appear in a Urine Drug Screen as Morphine but it should not in a blood test. I am sorry that you are in this situation. I know it doesn't help but others have had this happen to them also. It seems to be an unexplainable phenomenon. Why on earth would they think you are selling? Most likely because there are so many that so sell. I know no body.
221387 tn?1210933058 t remember what If a rapid urine drug screen comes back positive for anything it is then sent to the lab to make sure it is truely positive vs, a flaw in the rapid drug screen kit, and also the lab will quantify how much of the drug is in the persons urine. Some companies now require a hair drug screen. This tells if you have ever done drugs and when you did them. The drugs are absorbed by your hair and excreted with your hair as it grows.
Avatar n tn BTW, this is a substance abuse community where we come together to help one another get and stay clean. Do you have a drug problem? If so we are here to help.
Avatar f tn I have been with my Dr for 7 yrs. Never has she asked for a Urine Drug Screen. Last month I called in to get a refill on my Percocet and she told me I needed to do a Random Urine Drug Screen. I went and the nurse calls me to inform me that the Dr will no longer be able to give me any more Percocet or Klonopin seems my Urine Drug Screen showed that I was negative for both drugs. I told her I had taken 2 Percocet the day before and I take my Klonopin daily before bed.
Avatar m tn We agreed that with Fentanyl being widely abused, it would be appropriate to get a urine drug screen. Approximately 9 hours after the medication was allegedly administered, I tested negative for opiates. According to the FDA, the half-life of fentanyl is approximately 218 minutes. How many half-lifes would it take before the substance would no longer be detectable in urine? Who would I report this possible issue to? Thanks.
Avatar n tn yes both oxys and vicodin will show up in a drug test as an opiate..generally when you test positive for an opiate you will need to show your employer a RX for it..I think that hydrocodone and oxycodone stay in your system about 5 days. I am sorry about your back problem..i do know how painful a back injury can be. i defnately wouldn't take surgery of any kind lightly but please get a 2nd and even 3rd opinion from a spine can make all the difference in the world...
Avatar n tn The amount of time it takes for a drug to leave your system varies on several different things. Like how much you took and for how long and depending on your body it could take anywhere from three days to seven days, This is the information I received from a pharmacist. In the future please make sure your Dr knows what your taking and don't take other peoples medications because as I said it is dangerous.