How long does prozac withdrawal last

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Avatar n tn Vicki, Prozac has a very long half-life(last a long time in your body) and is generally the easiest SSRI to taper. You may discuss with your physician decreasing your dose to 10 mg for a few weeks before stopping it. The ativan should be tapered under the direct physician supervision as withdrawal can be life threatening depending on the dose and frequency. Sweating, grinding your teeth and feeling in a fog can be related to Prozac.
Avatar n tn I have tried to get off of it twice with the same results both times. I slowly decreased my Prozac over a period of 3 months. The last time I tried to stop it I supplemented with L-tryptophan. Along about the 2-3 month mark I start having severe bradycardia to where my heart almost stops. I do not have any heart issues so I know it is related to the Prozac D/C. I am concerned that I may never get off of it. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn yeah was on effexor and switched to prozac iv been off the effexor 16days now and today had a down day not had one of them for 3/4weeks. how long did ur diahrrea last iv had it for a few weeks now I thought it might have been a prozac side effect.
Avatar m tn How long does Effexor XR withdrawal last? I understand the time frame will be different for everyone, but I'm assuming there is a general window that most people fall into? A few weeks? Months?? Some background: I've only been on anti-depressants for four months. I was first put on Zoloft while I was inpatient for an eating disorder, but it didn't seem to do anything. Two months ago I was switched to Effexor 150mg/day, as well as Neurontin 900mg/day.
Avatar f tn Wow this withdrawal is sooo hard. I was taking Prozac for panic attacks and OCD. I was being brave but didn't mentally prepare for this. I haven't really slept in the last week and have been having major stomach problems and OCD. I also have this weird thing where I stop breathing and when I realize I've stopped breathing I would take a big breath and that is almost every 5 minutes, and it happens in my sleep too.
Avatar n tn I am now terrified I will never emerge from this horrible place. Is this NORMAL?It is withdrawal and will it pass? How long? Can it be the Ativan.Desperate 4 HELP!
Avatar n tn Can someone answer this. How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I would never advise anyone to take prozac for any long period of time. I personally feel that prozac and other antidepressants should be used short term with a definite cut off date. After some time that I cannot identify, prozac simply stopped working and caused me to decline in my mental health. I welcome any comments to my comments.
Avatar f tn I don't know if there's any way to do this painlessly, but protocols say that if withdrawal is too severe, go back to the last dose at which you were fine and go more slowly. I've also read that some other drugs can help with this. I guess the main thing is to make sure the professional who is helping you with this treats you, not some statistic.
1331182 tn?1275479204 I think tomorrow I will stop the Effexor completely and begin taking Prozac 20mg and see how I feel. If I begin to feel withdrawal, what would people out there recommend I take as a supplement (Xanax, Fish Oil, St. John's Wort)? Thanks so much for the help!
Avatar m tn peoples lives change and their circumstances create more or less stress, which leads to both anxiety and depression, so how do you know it is the drug withdrawal, rather than your stress causing these symptoms...a good talk therapist can help you sort this out so don't stay so fixed on the withdrawal explanation until you have thought this through carefully with a professional.
Avatar f tn I am very nauseous and have no appetite. My doctor told me this is a temporary side effect. How long does it usually last?
Avatar n tn I have been on Prozac for the last six years. I am beginning to have very uncomfortable side effects and would like to stop taking it. I would appreciate your guidance in how to quit with the least withdrawal symptoms possible. Also, should I be taking any milder substitute during withdrawal to avoid severe depression ? Thank you very much for your help.
Avatar m tn My doctor gave me diazipam for help but I have had to increase this medication as needed. No more than 5mg at a time but how long does this withdrawal last. Shouldn't I be getting some results? I get some sleep but last night my legs were doing a dance on me I could not control. That was rough but of course I made it through with the help of the diazipam. When will there be light at the end of the tunnel. I know there has got to be and July 12 will be a month off the fentanyl.
1295419 tn?1276826472 Anyone's guess as to how long the effects of 'quitting, cold turkey' can last. Suggest you talk it over with your qualified medical practitioner ~ we all differ in our meds/side effects. All AD's have side effects, these effects must be balanced by the benefits received.. Your choice.
Avatar f tn I am tapering off of 80 mgs of Prozac. I have been on iProzac for 3 months. While taking it I had diarreha but thought it would,eventually go,away.,well, it didn't,so,I am,getting off of it. My question is, now I am down to 20 mgs. And according to my doctor, I will go down to 10 mgs in two days. And stay on 10"for a week and then stop completely. How long should,I expect this terrible diarreha,to last? I mean it is bad!
Avatar f tn ( so i went back to my docs today and told her how my anxiety is 10 times worse than it was as i got identified with GAD ( general anxiety disorder) which is id say harder to cope with than depression at the mo, so she suggest i switch from 20mg prozac to 10mg celexa which is used for depression aswell as focus's slightly more on the anxiety side of things, as i have only been on the prozac for less than a month does anybody know if it is really nessercary to taper down 1 every other day for
Avatar n tn In doing more research, however, I came to realize that it's not anxiety so much as withdrawal symptoms. Prozac has a really long half life, so withdrawal symptoms don't usually show up for a while (like more than a week). I've been reading Peter Breggin's book YOUR DRUGS MIGHT BE YOUR PROBLEM and have been finding it amazingly helpful.
Avatar n tn I hate these withdrawls and I feel like maybe I shouldn't have gone cold turkey so I keep telling myself that maybe I should get these pills and try to come off of them slowly. Does anyone know how long these withdrawls will last? Any advice? PLEASE!! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I feel dizzy like- out of it- jittery- just do not feel well at all- I cannot drive because I feel so bad- I was wondering if anyone knew how long this will last for? I am a really strong person & it just seems to be tough already! Does anyone have any ideas that could help ease these side effects or withdrawal? I typically do not do these blog type things- but I figure support of people that know what it's like would be great!
Avatar n tn hi i have just come off citalopram to prozac the prozac is supposed to help the withdrawal from othe ssri's i had terrible withdrawal from citalopram, electric shock feelings in myhead, pins and needles ANGER all for about ten days then that subsided and the prozac started to kick in still getting a little angry, still depressed but im getting better each day. your doc should know this. its a well known fact they give people prozac to help come off other ssri's.
Avatar n tn The rationale for this is that Prozac has a very long half-life, which helps to minimise withdrawal problems. The liquid form permits the dose to be reduced more slowly than can be done with pills. 2. An alternative is to change to Clomipramine (Anafranil)100mgs per day. This comes in 25mg and 10mgs capsules, permitting a more gradual dose reduction than with other SSRIs. The 10mg capsules can be opened up and part of the contents emptied out permitting a gradual lowering of the dose. 3.
Avatar n tn This Psychiatrist did say I could go back on Prozac but we have not discussed how long I would have to be off to go back on and if it would help me like it once did. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF SSRI SUPPORT. PROZAC WAS A GIFT TO ME WHEN I BEGAN TAKING IT 9 YEARS AGO. I JUST CANNOT COPE. My husband is facing open heart surgery soon and I am a basket case. I need the coping skills Prozac gave me for so many years. I am so depressed I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn She takes with water and food in her stomach. 1) in your opinion is she correct about possibly needing to change drug families? 2) how does she combat the nausea.
Avatar n tn i have been reading up on this, and find these symptoms are quite common. does anybody know exactly what is the cause in the brain of the "shock" sensations? and are there any long-term effects of taking this drug? what can be taken to help alleviate the symptoms? i am having a hard time functioning......
Avatar m tn Today I took 1 so far and I have been unable to sleep and the diarrhea has just set in. I never took more than 5 a day. How long can I expect these withdrawals?
Avatar n tn Now if I take it, it just puts me in a constant state of withdrawal even though it does seem to help with the anxiety. Anyway, you have to tell yourself that you are going to make it through it. I won't lie, it is a very uncomfortable experience. Many people are more sensitive to its withdrawal effects than others, especially if this is your first time coming off an SSRI.
Avatar f tn We all metabolize drugs differently. Prozac, though long-term in the body, may very well have severe withdrawal when it does leave the body, but gets wrongly diagnosed as a relapse. Since what most of what we know about these drugs is put out by drug companies trying to sell their products, there is very little independent information or research to go by. Paxil also shouldn't increase anxiety any more than any other ssri, they all might, but they also all might reduce anxiety.
Avatar f tn and the times I attempted suicide and really hoped I would succeed. I know how I felt then and how I viewed the world. Zoloft does let me function as a real person. I have a theory about my situation at least. My mom was anorexic. She barely gained 9 pounds when she had me, I was almost 6 lbs. She had been anorexic since she was 19, so defnitely before even conceiving me.