How long do prozac withdrawal symptoms last

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Avatar f tn yeah was on effexor and switched to prozac iv been off the effexor 16days now and today had a down day not had one of them for 3/4weeks. how long did ur diahrrea last iv had it for a few weeks now I thought it might have been a prozac side effect.
Avatar f tn Your pharmacist can help while waiting for the psychiatrist. They see the people taking the meds and have access to all the data.
Avatar m tn i've been on effexor for about 4-5 months, and i also stopped prozac after the panic attacks which was not advised against my dr. being on prozac also didn't help AT ALL. How long do you think these symptoms will last and is it NORMAL to have head aches??????? It's been about 2-3 weeks being OFF of medications!
Avatar n tn Taking leave of absence this semester to get well. Doctor put hiim on prozac because easier withdrawal symptoms. Been on it 3 weeks and than asked to get off it (I still think it's the adderall causing problems) We asked her to wean him off . She just took him off completely. Now that you know a little of the med background do you think that is ok just to take him off cold turkey? He had been off the adderall for 5 days befire coming home and looked great....
Avatar m tn How long?? 'Till death do you part! Hate to say it , but it's a battle to the end. It gets easier as time goes by, though.
Avatar m tn How long does Effexor XR withdrawal last? I understand the time frame will be different for everyone, but I'm assuming there is a general window that most people fall into? A few weeks? Months?? Some background: I've only been on anti-depressants for four months. I was first put on Zoloft while I was inpatient for an eating disorder, but it didn't seem to do anything. Two months ago I was switched to Effexor 150mg/day, as well as Neurontin 900mg/day.
Avatar n tn I am responding to the withdrawal symptoms and long time affects of the use of prozac. I am a 45 year old female who suffered from anxiety and depressionfor many years. I tried various classes of antidepressant medications and gained over 50 pounds over a 5 year span. The last medication I took was prozac. I started at 10 mg which was initially intolerable and ended up taking 60 mg. I could not tolerate 60 and went back and forth between 10 and 40mg for about 4 years.
Avatar m tn It's hard to say how long your symptoms of RLS and insomnia will last. I have good nights and bad nights at 40 days...But it gets better every day and the key is patience. The important thing is: You've been through the worst part of Hell and you are on your way back! Be proud of yourself...Be gentle with yourself...Keep doing all the good things that you are doing to make each moment the best it can be....And just take it one moment at a time.....The first week is the hardest...
Avatar n tn i have been in bed since i stopped taking it and i am wondering how long this horrible physical withdrawal is going to last... i didn't taper off and quit because i ran out. this is full-day #2. any advice??
1331182 tn?1275479204 I was thinking of taking 2 weeks off but I have read horror stories about the emotional side of the withdrawals which are not actually 'depression' but withdrawal symptoms. That is why I am going to go on the prozac because I have read many positive posts about that method. The posts about shaking out grains are mixed, some okay, some it didn't work.
Avatar m tn peoples lives change and their circumstances create more or less stress, which leads to both anxiety and depression, so how do you know it is the drug withdrawal, rather than your stress causing these symptoms...a good talk therapist can help you sort this out so don't stay so fixed on the withdrawal explanation until you have thought this through carefully with a professional.
1327415 tn?1294061489 anyone who takes prozac please say how long these side effects will last i can't handle it and my mood swings are giving my whip lash!!!!!!! help please!!!!!
Avatar m tn Even then, when i was down to 3-5 grains, I couldn't stop! I ended up having to swap over to prozac to do the final transition to nothing. and EVEN THEN it wasn't painless. 7 months later (after my brick wall day). I started having my first effexor free and symptom free days. I'm now 100% symptom free, and it's worth it ALL! One trick i learned (that I read everywhere also) is to use benedryl. Take some during the day, have a steady stream in your system.
Avatar n tn If your condition doesn't do you in then the withdrawal symptoms will for darn sure. How can I find relief from these symptoms other than sleep my way through it? How long will this last? I hope someone has the answer because I sure as heck can't find it. I'm just about ready to throw in the towel and go back to taking a small dose just to be able to feel normal.
Avatar m tn I know everyone is different! your symptoms may not last as long. i'm on day 43 off a pretty heavy norco (10mg vics) habit, I'm still not feeling quite right in a lot of ways, however some aspects are much better! obviously not my but thats probably because of the xanax mess I got myself into. hang in there, you sure are trying to a lot all at once!! take care.
Avatar f tn Luckily, Prozac has the longest half-life of the SSRI antidepressants, and people rarely experience intense withdrawal symptoms - even without weaning off of it. See how you do without the Prozac... if you need it again, it will always be there. Best of luck..
Avatar f tn I am very nauseous and have no appetite. My doctor told me this is a temporary side effect. How long does it usually last?
Avatar n tn Can this dizzy thing be a part of the discontinuation of the drug and if so how long will it last? I spoke w/my sister and she has similar symptoms after stopping Paxil. I also feel sensitivity on my face as if the nerves are exposed, when I apply makeup ,etc.
Avatar n tn I have been on Prozac for the last six years. I am beginning to have very uncomfortable side effects and would like to stop taking it. I would appreciate your guidance in how to quit with the least withdrawal symptoms possible. Also, should I be taking any milder substitute during withdrawal to avoid severe depression ? Thank you very much for your help.
Avatar n tn Depression and anxiety (panic attacks) came back full force. Last week I went to see my doctor who I respect he switched me to Prozac (20 mg). I stopped taking Effexor and replaced with Prozac. I am experiencing significant withdrawals from the Effexor. I expected some withdrawal but brain shivers and aching joints are dehabilitating. I've also noticed a significant decrease in my vision when reading. Is there anything I can do to minimize these affects?
Avatar f tn It is not as bad in regards to withdrawal symptoms compared to other anti-depressants because of its long pharmacological half-life, when tapering off and gradually discontinuing it. Do you have any alternative options after Prozac? Have you gone for therapy or counselling perhaps? This might be something to consider, if you haven't or if you stopped going, you should consider returning. I cannot imagine what the pain you're going through, feels like.
Avatar f tn or can i just stop and start taking the celexa, as surely i havent been on the prozac long enough to have discontinue withdrawels? the reason why i am questioning this is because i am currently signed off work and i want to get better sooner rather than later, and i dont want to annoy work off anymore than i need to , as it terrifies me the thought of loosing my job , Aswell i was wondering if anybody else here is on celexa, ? and if anybodys got good things to say about it ?
433485 tn?1321816990 I started on 20 mg. Prozac and was just ramped up to 40 mg, last week. I read on here about horrible withdrawal symptoms. By the way, I also am in therapy. Anyway, I am wondering if all of this is the withdrawal from the different drugs. When I have read on here about withdrawal symptoms I have not been sure if someone was just taken off a drug or switched like me. Finally, he has diagnosed me as bipolar 2. Before that , he would just say mood disorder comorbid anxiety.
Avatar n tn In doing more research, however, I came to realize that it's not anxiety so much as withdrawal symptoms. Prozac has a really long half life, so withdrawal symptoms don't usually show up for a while (like more than a week). I've been reading Peter Breggin's book YOUR DRUGS MIGHT BE YOUR PROBLEM and have been finding it amazingly helpful.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me how long these withdrawal symptoms will last???? I'm trying to be strong and not get another refill someone give me hope this won't last forever....
Avatar n tn I feel dizzy like- out of it- jittery- just do not feel well at all- I cannot drive because I feel so bad- I was wondering if anyone knew how long this will last for? I am a really strong person & it just seems to be tough already! Does anyone have any ideas that could help ease these side effects or withdrawal? I typically do not do these blog type things- but I figure support of people that know what it's like would be great!
Avatar n tn My question to you is, do you think that this anxiety will pass after a couple of weeks or do you think perhaps 20mg is too much for my anxiety? How long of a chance do you give it? You advice has been right on thus far, hope you can help me through the end. The anxiety is almost unbearable, but if you think it will pass, I will stick it out many, many thanks.
Avatar f tn If you're not on a med anymore your depression may be coming back. That is what it seems like. I know when I dont take my mess I go crazy and am upset all the time. I'm only 18 and am taking welbutrin, Prozac, and Xanax. I used to take lexapro and would be on the highest dosage but I didnt feel anything. I do remember though when I did switch Meds I would get bad headaches and be dizzy, but that all goes away in a few days. But to answer your question, maybe you are depressed again.
Avatar n tn This Psychiatrist did say I could go back on Prozac but we have not discussed how long I would have to be off to go back on and if it would help me like it once did. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF SSRI SUPPORT. PROZAC WAS A GIFT TO ME WHEN I BEGAN TAKING IT 9 YEARS AGO. I JUST CANNOT COPE. My husband is facing open heart surgery soon and I am a basket case. I need the coping skills Prozac gave me for so many years. I am so depressed I don't know what to do.