How long does it take for aldara to work

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Avatar n tn I also used Aldara, my friends recommend it and it's work for my warts that on my skin. I got onlu redness, pain and itchess when the warts almost go. For you, did you put it to much? Coz when my friend said should put it not over 3 times a week and don't put it to thick on the warts. now, i got it better just 4 weeks :) you can find more information on ( i brought it from them ...
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about ur situation but ur doctor is right normally after 1-2 yes the virus normally cures it self which the reason y they say it's nt a cure is because it's not any medcine out there that u can just take to cure it whenever u want to only 10% of ppl have reoccurences my aunt cousin hasn't had one in 21 years so it depends in how good ur immune system is and u should have seen another doctor it's more than 1 way to treat them and if one didn't work he shouldn't have kept usin the sa
Avatar n tn Honestly, aldara cream does require long treatment. Sometimes as long as 16 weeks. Who wants to wait around for that, when it may not even work in the end. If you want quick results ask your gyno to give you TCA acid. It burns like a ***** at first but within the week the wart will likely fall off. Just a thought... if you dont want to wait four months to rid yourself of the problem. No having sex with a condom doesnt hurt anything. I'm assuming you are doing it to protect him....
Avatar n tn I do sincerely thank you for your discussion with me on these matters. When I said I hope you have learned something- I was referring to the matter of hair being involved in a molluscum spot.You said that it happens rare to never, but my derm seemed to think it was normal. Perhaps he is wrong, but at least I hope to have brought to your attention that this issue of hair in molluscum has an alternate viewpoint. I am not expecting a reply since we don't want to beat a dead horse.
Avatar n tn What bothers me is they didn't think anything of it and didn't give me much advice on how to take care for it. I had to search the internet to learn about it. I'm too embarrased to walk into a clinic. I'm afraid I might be seen by someone I know. I want to go to a Dermatologist, but I don't know if they treat the vaginal area and I just don't know how to find a good one who treats this. And by the way, that Silver Cure on the internet is a big farce.
Avatar n tn If you had a blood test which was positive for HSV-1 at the time your canker sores appeared, this means that you had HSV-1 before the time that your canker sores appeared. It take weeks to months for antibodies for herpes virus to appear. As for HSV-1, having a positive blood test tells you nothing about how long you have had it it who gave it to you. Here in the US about 60% of adults have HSV-1 and without a blood test about 80-90% of those infecteed peole do not know it.
Avatar f tn scivac will work for sure but if you have no access to it you may try also: increasing vitamin d by taking 10.
Avatar m tn However, in contrary to HSV for example, it does not invade systematically but confined to the skin/mucosa only. The HSV for instance can and does enter the nerve cells and stays there for the rest of the life of host. Traveling through the nerve cells' axons it can cause breakouts from time to time on many areas of skin.
Avatar f tn I am not applying aldara on that area, only on the right side of vaginal opening inside, coz I have wart inside and she told me to put aldara on it, Its impossible for aldara to scatter there on urethra.
Avatar m tn Q1. After exposure to HPV, how long will it take to see symptoms? A. Most HPV infections cause no symptoms at all, however when they do, warts usually appear a few weeks up to 3 months after catching HPV, but sometimes warts may first appear many months or even a few years after catching the virus. Therefore, the appearance of warts doesn't always mean recent sex with an infected partner. Q2. Shall I treat my warts or let them go away on their own? A.
Avatar m tn Well, I'm hoping that it WON'T be HSV2, but it seems that all signs are pointing in that direction. If that is the case, I hope that my immune system is able to take care of it for good. Even if it goes away, it will probably always be be nagging me as it lurks in the back of my mind.
Avatar m tn Hi Gabri, There are loads of links on the net, here are just some examples. Try not to go overboard, it can be overwhelming when you see all the different things people take. The basics are eat healthy with lots of veg/fruit and exercise to try and keep your immune system strong. The only problem with the food we eat is that through modern farming methods veg/fruit have less nutritional value than they did 100 years ago, e.g. a spinach back in 1915 had approx.
Avatar m tn I just want the warts gone. My question is will they go away and how long does it take for this med to work? Does HPV last forever?? I am sad because I want to get married and have children. I am so sad that this happened to me. I don't know who to talk to. Please help. Any info would be appreciated. Thank u.
Avatar m tn I just want the warts gone. My question is will they go away and how long does it take for this med to work? Does HPV last forever?? I am sad because I want to get married and have children. I am so sad that this happened to me. I don't know who to talk to. Please help. Any info would be appreciated. Thank u.
Avatar m tn About 14 months ago, I met another guy and there was an ever-so-brief sexual encounter. Basically, we masturbated in front of each other...not touching each other. At one point however, the guy (to my dismay) reached out and held my erect penis (I can't even say it was a "stroke"...more like a fondle. It was for maybe a minute at the most.) For the life of me I can't remember if he had touched HISMELF yet or not.
Avatar f tn The doctor prescribed me Aldara cream and I just started using it last week, she said it can take up to 8-16 weeks for the warts to go away. They're small bumps though so I hope it wouldn't take that long. My question is, for anybody that has used Aldara cream before, how effective is it? I know that it's supposed to boost my immune system so that my body can fight off the infection, but besides making the warts go away, does it really get rid of HPV?
Avatar m tn IT DOES NOT MATTER. It's no use trying to find someone to blame, it will not cure you. Playing detective, worrying and arguing with yourself and your gf only will deplete your much needed energy to fight this virus and you might lose a good girl over a moot point. There are 2 HPV types that cause 90% of wart outbreaks: type 6 and 11 It is possible to get tested for the type. I have type 6, so Gardasil (Protecting against types 6, 11, 16 and 18) will still help only for type 11 for me...
Avatar f tn Aldara helps the immune system recognize the infection so that it may fight it, also it may take up to 16 weeks of use for the medication to work. Usually Aldara works better in women than men, not sure why. Getting infected via towel or secondary items is not possible. (says Dr. Handsfield) You should consider getting your fiancé the Gardasil vaccine if she has not, not sure how effective it will be but definitely something to consider.
Avatar n tn If I decide to not get treatment will the itching go away as my body fights the virus? Also how long does it take (if ever) for the tiny warts to go away if I decide not to treat them? I have read that many doctors believe your body fights the disease within 1 to 2 years, but I am in pain and it is really hard to stay happy when I have this constantly on my mind. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn For instance, would an individual wart typically take a week or two to clear or more like a month? 4. Does shaving play any roll in spreading warts? 5. How long does it usually take for low-risk HPV to clear in a typical case? 6. What should I disclose to future partners about HPV? 7. Of people who acquire low-risk HPV, what percentage (roughly) actually exhibit symptoms? 8. Will getting the gardisil vaccine help at all to speed recovery once one has already acquired the virus? 9.
Avatar n tn What was horrible about the aldara? is cryo precise enought to get very tiny areas without affecting unaffected areas? Does it leave a scar?
Avatar m tn i would like to know how soon does it take for the virus to clear the body? does the time line start from the day you notice the wart or from the day of treatment? my treatment begab feb 8 with cauterization, currently on aldara now untill june...
Avatar n tn I used Neosporin on on it to keep it from being dry and it seemed to work. After about a week it quit itching / burning and the skin got really flaky and eventually healed. I have since moved on from that girl and now have a different girlfriend. I was completely honest with her about the molluscum and she is okay with it. After all, my doctor said as long as I wear a condom I am very unlikely to spread it. However, last week the readness and pain on my sack came back.
Avatar f tn At this point since your molluscum is still spreading - I recommend going to a dermatologist to talk about other methods of treating it since you don't seem to be tolerating the aldara. Aldara can take several months to work as it is, if it even works. I don't think you are going to be tolerating this much pain for that long by continued use of it.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the advice. how long do you think the initial treatment will take to work?
Avatar n tn I usually don't have those itching/tingling and weird sensation when I am off work and back home. Also, could you please describe how long does the itching/tingling feeling usually last if it's really caused by herpes? (persistent?) Thanks again!
Avatar n tn Warning- they might look hugely red and dry and rash-like at one point- don't panic- this means it is healing. You want them to dry up. It might be hard not to scratch- which will make them spread more. Don't towel dry them- air or blowdry. Don't stress this is the cure and be patient!
Avatar n tn I've never had more than a few growths, it's just they've lasted for so long. Unfortunately, I still believe it to be HPV, because I can't get to a logical basis for contracting MC from someone who must have been immune to it. HPV sort of meets the same test, but I know people can present differently. I'm going to use the Aldara just on the 2 growths which are slightly visible, because I don't want to stop treating everything. I'm not going to use it to the extent that I was before.
377197 tn?1199409290 b/c she already has it, but it will reappear eventually like it or not? and for me, it is always going to be in my skin?..... it is our intent to work with this upset. well it has been an upset for the both of us....and we are looking for ways to possibly prevent outbreaks in the future.