How long do aldara side effects last

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Avatar n tn Upon doing so I saw the tingling sensations decrease (although not going away completely) and the visible signs stop completely (other than on the area where the warts where which are fading slowly). Five weeks on from my last application of aldara I still get a tingling sensation regularly but no visible signs. I am convinced that the herpes virus I have was dormant and the aldara has triggered the first outbreak.
Avatar m tn How long can a FDE even last for?
Avatar f tn As far as the possiblity of warts are concnerned, sometimes they do appear long, long after the infection is acquired or treated. Even if they do turn out to be warts, for better or worse, at present HPV is a "fact of life" and most people have it or will have it at some point in the future. there are over 100 different types of HPV infection.
Avatar n tn But, I'm about to start Aldara tomorrow, and I'm not going to be able to masturbate for the next two weeks to two months, and so I'm wondering if it would be ok to masturbate before I begin, and also how long after using the aldara can I have sex again?
Avatar n tn 1. He gave me aldara to use to treat it. how long would it take for me to get rid of these molluscum when i start treating them with this cream? what will this cream do to my molluscum? what kind of irritation occurs? do they get inflammed? 2. if i leave them alone will they go away on their own? if they go away does that mean your immune system became immune to it and it wont come back? 3. if i freeze them does it hurt and what is the recovery rate for this procedure.
Avatar n tn b says that aldara is very strong enough to cause some common side effects. ANd speaking of aldara mean time i let my vagina rest for a while because of some side effects which causes my skin to break likewise itching. she also pointed out that treating gw may take longer period. hope that i can overcome this health problem.
Avatar f tn How much does Aldara burn? Also what are the other side effects of it? One more question about the burning as well, how long did it take for one burned area to heal/ did is blister/ was it very noticable that the wart was done? Sorry for so may questions! Haha.
Avatar n tn If I wasn't breast feeding, I would start the meds ASAP. The info on Aldara does say they don't know the effects on breast milk. Guess, I better plan on using the meds in the near future. Has anyone used Aldara and had positive results?
Avatar n tn warts can take years to go away on their own and meanwhile can spread more. What side effects are you concerned about? Most of the side effects of aldara are just skin irritation which is easily treated. usually just a burning sensation is a fungal infection aka jock itch.
Avatar m tn Different treatments work for different people, aldara has so far worked for me. The only thing with the cream is it causes unpleasant side effects if you use too much or if you use it too often. It is a cream that is used for skin cancer so it is strong and the genital area is very sensitive. Som people get no symptoms some people get them all. For me I had soreness and redness, it was really quite painful so I had to take a break from treatment.
Avatar n tn My advice would be to work with your doctor to find the type of treatment that works best for you, both in terms of effectiveness and side effects and stick with it. In addition to the treatments you mention some particularly hard to treat warts respond well to laser treatments which are offered by some gynecologists or dermatologists. Perhaps this is an option. The topic of HPV and genital warts is a complex one. I hope my comments have been helpful.
Avatar m tn Treatment took a long time, but the Aldara seemed to do the trick and the last wart I remember was around Sept 2008. I have been dating my current girlfriend since September 2009. For the first 7 months or so we used condoms, but being that we were exclusive for so long, she was on birth control, and I hadn’t seen any signs of warts in a year and a half, we stopped using condoms in April 2010.
Avatar m tn I wonder if a capsule covered with vaseline would not survive the passage through the stomach acid. Maybe your pharmacist friend knows about "enteric protective coating" techniques that could be applied in this setting. However, regarding not being worried about IFN side effects, please consider that there can be way too much IFN produced once the production is induced inside by a stimulatory mechanism.
Avatar m tn The problem of delivery into the hepatocytes and possible side effects are likely to delay or kill this interesting effort to combat Hepatitis B.
Avatar n tn Immune suppressant individuals or can this happens in even immune competent individuals? 5.Generally how long will it take for a typical infection to clear of symptoms, not the virus? Months, years, decades…never? 6.Since I saw clinical ministrations of 2 different types of warts are these 2 different strains or can the same strain cause various types of warts? thanks.
Avatar n tn I went to my Gyn last week - she is pretty sure they are warts, however she cut one out to perform a biopsy - results are due back next week (along with results of my annual pap as well as an HPV "culture" from the cervix she also took). C) My partner has now revealed that he had had 2 HPV warts diagnosed back in Nov 2007 (~ 12 months before we met, 16 months before we first had sex), had them frozen off and hadn't experienced any symptoms since...
Avatar n tn card out as things get serious scares the hell out of me. I don't feel I can do it. How do you others get by? I find it bizarre that my doctors go by the consensus that if the warts are gone you're safe whereas I've read people on here have been told their partners have had warts up to 4 years on from the break out. I really could do with some advice on how to not be afraid of sex anymore...
Avatar m tn How about side effects after a liver transplant not afraid of those? You have e antigen positive hbv. Why they were treating you with nucs then interferon was the rightvway tovgo about it. These doctors who prescribe anti aids drugs to us kill us really.
Avatar n tn My first reaction was to consult the manufacturer about side-effects of the drug, and i found that there were small possibilities of this being a normal side effect. Unfortunately, i had accidentally come across a picture of genital herpes online and to my abolute dismay, IT LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MY SYMPOTOMS!! After freaking out for a couple of days, i went to see my doctor again and had a viral culture test done.
Avatar m tn You would feel this tingling or burning sensation at the site of infection and then blisters would form. Other side effects just as swollen lymph nodes would also occur. Unless the lesions youre talking about look like little red blisters thats when i would worry about HSV2. You probably dont even have warts. Just see the doctor and see what they tell you. Like i said, best bet is dermatologist. i know what you mean by the stigma it carries and yea society also makes it worse.
Avatar n tn Having something on your face that sticks out ,doesn't want to go away and wants to spread every where is a different story. How long did your daughterr keep up the acupuncture?And have you tried hypnotherapy. That is something a dermatologist advised me to do a long time ago and I thought she was crazy by now I am willing to go to the end of the world in search for a healer. You would think that there would be more focus on this issue.
Avatar f tn improved mood (apparently low zinc levels have been linked to depression and ADHD) and increased libido (there are studies backing that too, look it up). So zinc sulfate (sulphate) will probably cure your warts, improve your mood, and make you horny. Cure = found. I still recommend the licorice tea and supplements as a quick attack on the HPV virus and zinc as a long term remedy to the underlying cause of HPV flare-up and susceptibility (low blood serum zinc levels).
Avatar f tn I am not sure if anyone has been in similar case? How long will it normally take to the next relapse? If so, how is the reaction to the same medicine (Baraclude)? As in my case, based on the definition of seroconversion you guided, I have reached that stage for over a year by now. I don't like this situation of continueing taking the medicine without any end. But at same time I don't want to face the risk that the medicine will not respond effectively should a relapse happens. Please advise.
Avatar n tn My last one showed me as having VIN2 which my oncologist/gyno wanted me to use ALDARA Cream for 3 months, I tried it but i couldnt function with all the side effects, So after much reading as much as i could find on HPV and VIN i started taking the supplement DIM, thought it was helping some but now I have the burning back again and am afraid I will have to go in and have another biopsy again. I hate this. How come so many of us never heard of this before.
Avatar m tn so it would be symptoms or no symptoms and the ones I do have (we all have) do not sound like herpes. let us know how it goes. hope all goes well.
Avatar n tn This has haunted me for years but I dont get the stomach issues that everyone talks about. Does anyone else get the respiratory side of this and do the probiotics do anything for that. If they do, can anyone hypthesize why it works?
Avatar n tn I have also had these symptoms for the last 4 years or so. I wonder if it could have something to do with taking the pill for a 90 day cycle? So it could be hormonal? Anyone on hormone replacement pills when this started? Or it could be an allergy to detergent? Comes and goes, I don't have yeast inf or hpv. No discharge. If I suffer the itchiness wo scratching, it goes away. If I scratch it's worse.