How long does an mri scan take

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Avatar f tn Just wondering how long to expect an arthrogram MRI of the shoulder to take. I'm guessing 20 minutes longer than a regular MRI. Do they do a full mri once yout injected? How much pain should i expect? and for how long should i expect discomfort, I am planning to take 1-2 days off work following the test.
Avatar f tn Hi, I saw my neurologist on Tuesday and handed the receptionist a card requesting an urgent MRI. I was told it could take anywhere upto 4 weeks. How long does it take for the letter to come through with the appointment details and how long on average have you had to wait for an MRI?
1954289 tn?1332602519 I did this to myself but what im askin is how long will my body take to recover from years of abuse.I am going for a MRI and spec scan to see how my blood flows.Does anybody else have a similiar story and what were your results.
Avatar f tn my husband dislocated ankle yesturday and the hospital says there is know fracture or broken bone thank goodness but we would like to know about how long will it take for him to get better. so he can go back to work he works in construction and there is no benefits so he doesn't want to be out long. so if anyone as dealt with this before please help...
Avatar f tn Is the machine completely enclosed? Very small? How long does a total scan take? Her Dr prescribed her valium...shes never had it 69 yrs old...he told her to take two 5mg (pale yellow) tablets an hour before the scan. Is that a good dose? too much? Not enough? Im just trying to be able to reassure her as much as I can about the at least she could relax about that a bit. Anyone else out there very claustrophobic, and "made it" thru the scan?
768754 tn?1373918737 Hi: So after agreeing to expose myself to a CT despite being concerned about the radiation, my hepatologist ordered a follow up MRI to get a better look at an area that looks like a cyst. I have a mammorgram and gyno appnts scheduled in a few weeks. I'm higher risk for breast cancer. (My mother died in her 40's of breast cancer and I have numerous relatives who have had cancer.) My last mammogram required a second set of x-rays as my breast tissue is dense.
Avatar n tn Hi there. An MRI image can be further improved by adding contrast. Tumors and other abnormalities will absorb the contrast dye as it progresses through your blood vessels and will glow on the scan. This facilitates detection of even the smallest of tumors, and a better idea about the location and size of a tumor and which tissues are involved.
1421029 tn?1282717378 My LLMD ordered a SPECT scan instead of an MRI. A SPECT scan looks for how the blood is or is not flowing to and through the brain, and having areas of low blood flow may be consistent with Lyme inflammation and infection. I recall that my SPECT scan was pretty impressive -- as in, I was very ill and it showed up on the test. The problem is (as I understand it) that nonLLMDs don't often think of using a SPECT scan, because the nonLLMDs are looking for problems other than Lyme.
1095600 tn?1333823007 I've had a migrane for 2 weeks now. I do however have a family history of migrane headaches and severe headaches. As a child it got so bad I needed to get an MRI or cat scan (don't remember exactly I was around 6 when it happened). Nothing was abnormal everything was clear. Plus no family history of any problems brain wise (tumor anneyrisms etc). At this point they go away overnight but within 1-3 hours of waking up they come back full force, sometimes stronger than before.
1831846 tn?1318378596 on the 18th of this month, where I will be demanding an MRI and referral to a specialist. But the CT scan states no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage, ventricular system is normal in size and configuration, withough evidence of hydrocephalus. No discrete parenchymal masses nor evidence of mass effect. There is a slight inferior displacement of the cerebellar tonsils, suggesting a mild chiari 1 malformation. No extra-axial blood or fluid collections are identified.