How long does an mri scan take

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Avatar f tn Just wondering how long to expect an arthrogram MRI of the shoulder to take. I'm guessing 20 minutes longer than a regular MRI. Do they do a full mri once yout injected? How much pain should i expect? and for how long should i expect discomfort, I am planning to take 1-2 days off work following the test.
338416 tn?1420049302 How does an MRI work? What's all that noise? What does it all mean? Next time you're scheduled for an MRI, read this first! An MRI works by finding the hydrogen protons in water. It moves the protons around with a powerful superconducting magnet, housed in the MRI scanning tube. When the magnet is on, it's thousands of times more powerful than the magnetic field of earth. So the magnet is left on, and all the hydrogen protons line up.
Avatar f tn Hi, I saw my neurologist on Tuesday and handed the receptionist a card requesting an urgent MRI. I was told it could take anywhere upto 4 weeks. How long does it take for the letter to come through with the appointment details and how long on average have you had to wait for an MRI?
Avatar f tn I am having an MRI of my head and c spine with and without contrast on Thursday. How long does that take and what should I expect? Any words from the wise? They offered something to relax me, but I am my own tansportation, so I declined. If it only takes minutes versus hours then I should be okay.....if it takes hours, I may need something. Also, how long did it take to hear back from your Dr about the results?
Avatar f tn Nothing in the CT scan or my previous MRI's showed anything. My MRI last night was clear except for one spot. I didn't get a description of what it looked like or where it was, but I think my neuro will go into further detail. Okay, I just forgot how to spell "further", so if that's not correct, sorry... What does one spot mean? Based on my eye pain, the radiologist thought it was ocular migraines.
488264 tn?1226523907 I have had an MRI before but not of my head. What do they do and how long does it take? Also what sorts of things would they be looking for? My neurlogical exam was okay he told me and the only 'head' symptoms I described were dizziness and poor balance. I'm happy to have the test as it is good to have more information, but am still a little surprised he ordered it.
Avatar n tn I just felt a little warm all over. Some people feel absolutely nothing. Is it a complete body scan? They usually give you more dye for that. Very rarely someone has a reaction to the dye but not often. I had to drink some kind of radioactive drink before the procedure. Once they got me in the room and hooked me up to IV the test only took a few minutes. The dye is pumped in really quickly. The dye lights up abnormalities so radiologist can better see what he is looking at. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I had my first attack with a kidney stone. It came on suddenly and was so painful I thought I was going to die. Went to the hospital ER and was taken in immediately. I did not receive any pain medication until the blood tests were evaluated. The pain meds only took the edge off the pain but it was a welcomed relief. My pain was a 10+ and pain management brought it down to a 3 to 4 but what a relief it was. After approximately 3 hours in the ER the pain stopped.
Avatar f tn Please know you are not alone. This Forum has really helped me! I''m on day 9 off FENTANYL & day 3 off Darvocet. I used the Darvocet to help with the Fentanyl WD's. Fentanyl is waaaay stronger than Morphine! Anyway, I'm feeling better today. I woke up with a little bit of a craving for the Darvocet, but what I did was EAT! I lost 19 pounds in 2 months on the Fentanyl. I look bad! But, i don't care. Just make the leap & get started!
Avatar m tn I was taking prednisone this year for about 2 months total and read it causes bone loss/high sugar. how long can I take it safely, can I take 10mg/day for 6 months to a year?
Avatar f tn I keep wondering why they let me go that long with such severe pain without an MRI. Would it have made a difference if we found it when it was smaller? I've now been through radiation and temodar, consults with Dr. Prados at UCSF. The tumor was still growing at last month's MRI. Now I'm on IV chemo, Avastin and cpt 11. Next MRI is in a week and we''ll see. I'm so scared. I'm married, no kids, love my husband and can't bear having to say goodbye to him and all my beloved friends.
Avatar f tn my husband dislocated ankle yesturday and the hospital says there is know fracture or broken bone thank goodness but we would like to know about how long will it take for him to get better. so he can go back to work he works in construction and there is no benefits so he doesn't want to be out long. so if anyone as dealt with this before please help...
Avatar f tn If this pain is for a long period of time 3 months or more it's necessary to go for an MRI or CT scan and consult a chest specialist to check for nerve damage, tumor or cancer.
Avatar n tn On 1-24-13 I had an MRI screening for pain and pressure on the left side of my face and head. My head was put in a cage (as I call it) and tilted back which that angle causes the pressure to increase. One tech said they only like to do 45 mins. at a time and what my Dr. requested was actually 2 45 min. sessions and then they rolled me in. No one ever spoke to me although I keep talking and trying to get a response.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of this year I had a liver cyst picked up by chance on an ultrasound scan. After blood tests, MRI scan etc the cyst (although a complex one) has shown up as being OK and the consultant is not worried about it but suggested a follow up ultrasound scan which I am due to have next week. I feel a bit nervous about it as I'm worried in case the cyst has grown.
Avatar n tn I know how you feel about not wanting to take medications. It took my dr. 3x's before he convinced me to take atenolol, I feel so much better now (well, I felt better on the prescribed dose - the depression). I haven't tried propranolol, my dr. suggested we try verapamil, but one side effect of that is abnormal behavior/psychosis (wonderful). If I was depressed with the atenolol, I wonder if that would mean I'd be more susceptible to that!
768754 tn?1373922337 Would it be crazy to ask my doc if they can scan other areas of my body as well, as long as I'm there? Or does this require a different setup with the equipment and/or unobtainable hoops to jump thru with the insurance company? I'm guessing I'll be dismissed as a female hypochondriac with floating uterus syndrome. :>) Thought I would ask.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear that you and your daughter are going through this scary situation. I have done research on these masses and would love to help you find information, but I need to ask what your daughter's presenting symptoms are? I also want to let you know that until the MRI, I would be cautious of people's advice because it can be scary and unnecessary. I can provide you with information, but am really no substitute for her MD's expertise.
Avatar m tn I take 4 x 2 50mg tramadol and 2 50mg amitriptyline per day. I have recently had an MRI scan and all that was noted was `Mild degenerative change in C7/T1 facet joints bilaterally. I feel I cannot move on and find a way to treat this until I know exactly what it is. Can you please tell me if this is enough to cause me all this pain and discomfort for the past 2 years and 6 months? I am male aged 39.
Avatar m tn A second doctor was concerned about the radiation Cat Scans produce, and since I'll hopefully be doing these for a long, long time, he suggested only alternating MRI's and Ultrasounds. No x-rays are used in an MRI. Wondering what everyone else has been told and is doing? Also, if you know, did you have your mri with and without contrast and the same question for the MRI. I believe when the inject the dye in your arm, that means "with contrast". Not 100% sure here.
Avatar f tn Is the machine completely enclosed? Very small? How long does a total scan take? Her Dr prescribed her valium...shes never had it 69 yrs old...he told her to take two 5mg (pale yellow) tablets an hour before the scan. Is that a good dose? too much? Not enough? Im just trying to be able to reassure her as much as I can about the at least she could relax about that a bit. Anyone else out there very claustrophobic, and "made it" thru the scan?
Avatar n tn Hi all, I'm scheduled to go for my CAT scan this afternoon, besides the burning sensation from the IV what else do i have to look forward to ? Like....... How long does it take ? Where do they put the IV or is just a local shot ? Are you placed entirely into the cylinder ? any and all info helpful & thanks in advance.
148588 tn?1465782409 My problem with CT is the high level of radiation you're exposed to and I'm wondering if an MRI could give the same info and be less of a 'necessary evil'. The only thing I could think of that might preclude MRI, is the small metal clip that is a souvenir of my gall bladder removal and still resides in my liver. Any input from those with some imaging experience would be welcome. Thanx.