How much does an mri scan cost the nhs

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1831849 tn?1383228392 No kidding. I have no idea how much a doctors visit or an MRI costs. I was shown a CRAB "price list" (it was stuck in between the pages of the info/CRAB comparison booklet i was given at the MS clinic) let's just say that but for universal health care, i don't think i would be able to begin the treatment i know i need.
1218873 tn?1300091216 Customary and Reasonable Charge for the Denver Area is about $900 per body part for an MRI. So $900 for brain, $900 for C-spine and $900 for t-spine. List price is much higher. Most imaging centers can be negotiated (shhh! don't tell too many people) down to the CRC amount. Still more expensive than the UK. There are way too many middlemen and "fiscal intermediaries" in the US health delivery model.
Avatar n tn They can however, detect mental illness such as scitzophreneia which i know because i was diagnosed through an MRI. The only mental illness an MRI scan able detect is an actually different brain connections than that of a normal brain. Ive had one done for mental illess! Can you describe some of your symptoms, what you feel and how often yolou feel it? I know your question is based on needing to know where to get a private MRI scan, which i am unsure of!!
197575 tn?1215532624 My insurance probably won't cover thyrogen shots for my year scan and thyroglobulin test. Does anyone know how much 3 shots would cost me??? I don't look forward to going off my meds for several weeks since it took me 7-8 months to finally feel good after my tt. I was on 8 different synthroid doses until we got it right. I'm on 250mcg. I would rather pay for them then be miserable.
Avatar f tn Hi Thicked I had 2nd MRI scan last Feb.18 this is the result & my Doctor of Acute Gynaecology write a letter to my GP for request to sent me to endometriosis specialist to UCLH now I am waiting for appointment..
8793709 tn?1409594060 here in the UK, NHS arranges the scan and midwife appointments for free with your nearest birthing center / maternity hospital. When it comes to birthing and hospital stay, what part is free and what expenses do i have to bear from my pocket? I don't have medical insurance here in the UK. but i have a house and medical insurance (which covers my pregnancy) in Switzerland, where i'll be provided with various comforts and medical attention if i give birth there. so ...
798555 tn?1292787551 the neck pain(s) that got me sent for MRI/CT scan, the hoarse voice, which got me sent to an ENT - finally someone who could see what was happening!! While I shudder to think of the $ cost, which between my insurance company and myself, I know is many, many thousands. I suspect that the "personal" cost for some of us is far more. I know it is for me.
Avatar f tn Now I only have to wait for 2 weeks to get my NHS scan.
2021910 tn?1339896686 as far as im aware from reading other post medicade doesnt cover the cost, but as i live in england and have the NHS i havent had to look into it myself.
5894884 tn?1386969571 s it now, did you get anymore after the 20 week one? Would you recommend getting a 3D one and if so how much does it cost or do the NHS fund it?
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
Avatar n tn umm in the usa without insurance, n im chronic.
Avatar m tn Let us know how the MRI turns out.
Avatar f tn The NHS diagnostic centre charge £10 for a copy of images and the report. However if I go private the the NHS consultant I am due to see in two months, then he will have access to them anyway I think. But I will get them, in case I need them.
Avatar n tn hello, i was wondering how much it cost for my cat to get his 2nd booser shots and how much the cost is to fix him
Avatar f tn About 3 years ago I was involved in a near fatal car accident because of the accident I recevied multiple x-rays and I have had 4 CT scans 2 full body with contrast and 2 without, a bone scan of the bony pelvis and an MRI with galium. All of this with the expection of the MRI was perfromed within a 1 year period which would now be 2 years ago.
Avatar n tn Does it scan the brain only or other parts of the head under the brain?? As in does it scan the areas above the neck inside the head below the brain.... Appreciate advice from someone who has done an MRI scan before....
Avatar f tn i have had pain in my lower back for 5 weeks and when i walk the pain goes down my hips and my groin and legs and painkillers do not work neither does physiotherapy doctor wont send me for x ray or scan i suffer from sciatica but this pain is so different does anyone think it could be a slipped disc
Avatar f tn The ones covered by insurance we don't see the price they send it straight to the ins. company.