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Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
585414 tn?1288941302 d sincerely appreciate if I could get a better handle on what a PET scan is, how it works, how accurate it is and what it could test for and if with all the issues they are investigating if it would have to be done multiple times.
1421029 tn?1282717378 My LLMD ordered a SPECT scan instead of an MRI. A SPECT scan looks for how the blood is or is not flowing to and through the brain, and having areas of low blood flow may be consistent with Lyme inflammation and infection. I recall that my SPECT scan was pretty impressive -- as in, I was very ill and it showed up on the test. The problem is (as I understand it) that nonLLMDs don't often think of using a SPECT scan, because the nonLLMDs are looking for problems other than Lyme.
Avatar m tn How does your doctor know it was not a TIA? You should have been sent for a CT scan or MRI of the brain. How is your blood pressure? Low blood pressure can also cause weakness. Have you done an Internet search on your medication? Sometimes medications can do some weird stuff to the body.
Avatar n tn my doctor said i need an mri scan as a result of suffering with many symptoms for many months- he said i will receive a letter. does this mean he will book it for me or refer me? i live in the uk. anyone know anything about this?
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?
Avatar f tn Hello Deb, Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to my post, I have seen a neurologist right at the start who did not think it was MS but arranged for me to have an MRI scan, but the symptoms are 100% worse now than when i saw him. I struggle to stand and walk from the heavyness of what feels like my hips and legs, my back also causes pain when getting up and down. i do not know the strengh of the MRI machine, i will try to find out.
Avatar f tn Hi, last year I had an MRI scan. I was having it as the Dr was looking to see if I had an AVM on the brain, I get a lot of headaches and have an AVM on my right forearm. When I went to see the Dr he told me my results, he said there is a malformation there but it isnt an AVM. He then pointed to the temporal lobes and said they are low. I should of asked him what that meant, but I never ask questions when Im there, I just say to myself I should of asked this and I should of asked that.
Avatar f tn It can sometimes take quite awhile to see anything on MRI etc, but you could have symptoms. How long have you see your Dr.. and does he/she know how long you have had these symptoms? do you have copies of your MRI, etc..? if not, I would ask for a copy of the CD as well as the written report from the radiologist. It might give you some ideas of where you stand. I know it took me 4 years of symptoms and seeing quite a few Neuros to finally get a DX...
2120085 tn?1344765910 My cine MRI took about an hour. I did not have a spine scan done. I requested to be sedated for my MRIs because laying flat can induce my dizziness, plus it is very uncomfortable for me. They gave me low doses of Valium for each MRI and it did help, so you may want to ask about it. Good luck-you'll do fine!
Avatar f tn Never worked for me but, it does for some so definitely worth a try.
Business woman2 I am starting the slimfast program tomorrow. My question is does it really work? I am also in a wheel chair..But i do get my legs walking 1 or 2 hours a day .
Avatar f tn i had an mri scan and was told i had a right A1 segment hypoplastic. what does this mean please?
Avatar f tn Keep us posted to see how you're doing! If it works I'll try it when I'm close to my due date or over due..does it taste gross? Or does it just end up giving you a ton of gas??
Avatar n tn I understand these should be avoided while pregnant, but what if they are medically necessary? Has anyone gotten an MRI or Cat Scan while pregnant? What was the outcome, did it have an affect on your baby? Was it worth it? I have been experiencing agonizing pain in my left shoulder, neck, and arm, that sometimes radiates to my chest, making it hard to breathe. I am having a really hard time sleeping, and even functioning, and my quality of life has gone down because of it.