Mri scan how long does it take

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2120085 tn?1344765910 Honestly just the spine test alone will take awhile, if its of the whole spine, cine is short.
Avatar f tn Hi, I saw my neurologist on Tuesday and handed the receptionist a card requesting an urgent MRI. I was told it could take anywhere upto 4 weeks. How long does it take for the letter to come through with the appointment details and how long on average have you had to wait for an MRI?
Avatar f tn Welcome, sgbear. I'm sorry you're stuck in an HMO quagmire. You definitely need outside help, and should pursue every avenue to see another neuro. Many of us have seen quite a few of that species, with my total being more than 6 (I've lost count). It's rather like how many neuros does it take to change a light bulb. That depends on the neuro. I finally found one that is knowledgeable, and that made all the difference.
10623188 tn?1412309749 So I have a question... might sound dumb.. but how long does it take for your baby bump to go away??!
Avatar n tn After trying to get pregnant, how long does it take for you to get pregnant ? or is it best to wait to see if your cycle starts?
Avatar f tn relax, be patient and do not push urself and set limits it will take as long as it takes...we all are going to take diff rates of time, let ur body heal...
374593 tn?1257879950 For those of you that have had natural miscarriages after finding fetal demise on ultrasound, how long did it take for your bleeding to start?? or any mc symptoms for that matter? also how long did it take once you stopped progesterone if you were on that?? i'm 10 days after our ultrasound where we learned that the baby had stopped developing and still no signs of mc.. but continued signs of preg - sorebb's, serious all day morning sickness! etc.. THANK you for ANY advice!!!
Avatar f tn How long does the treament take? My doctor said that it will be at least 6 months of antibiotics and supliments to help our ammune systems before we can think of this going away. Does it every really go away? My son is tired all the time. And he is hurting so much. I can't do anything for him. I just want some kind of an answer and maybe we will see the end of the tunnel.
Avatar m tn Everyday we had intercourse and today she got her period. God it feels like a failure. I want to know how long does it usually take a year seems to long to wait. We got pregnant twice with out trying to and now what is happening?
307874 tn?1242755798 Well, I have neuro appointnment on Monday. I said does it say neg. on it? And she said it just has big words on it that she didnot understand. So I made appointment for Tuesday. My throat is still sore!
778741 tn?1237641888 I used this morn 30 mg of oxycodone my last pills Im done.