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Avatar f tn i always took diflucan for yeat infections before i got pregnant. fortunately for me, i never had a yeat infection while i was pregnant, so i didn't have to worry about it. however, after i had my son and got my period for the first time, the yeast infections were back. when i called my ob for a prescription for diflucan, they said i could not take it if i was breastfeeding.
475187 tn?1208158368 I have a mild yeast infection, i don't have much itching or burning sensation or even difficulty urinating, no pain during intercourse, no foul odor, the only problem is the white cottage cheese discharge that kept on coming back before and after my period, but now it stays long for a week or two, and it's bothering me, i tried eating yogurts and acidophilus, drinking cranberry juice, well maybe it helps because i don't have the itching and soreness problem, but still the white discharge is ther
1376367 tn?1319230027 I'm sleeping, however I'm finding the interuptions happening as they did before and now when I awake I don't feel as refreshed as i was getting before the die off stage started. I'm feeling a lot more pain and fatigue during the day and feel like we've got to hit this thing hard now. Still require pain medication in order to manage days and even nights as well. There was some improvement and now I feel I'm right back where I started from.
Avatar m tn there told me I had a chemical burn from the Monistat. I was wondering how long does a chemical burn take to heal down there? It's been a week and I'm freaking out thinking it's something more serious since it hasn't healed up yet. Please help!
Avatar n tn Just curious to compare meds, Sade....what were you given? Today, I was prescribed Empecid (a clotrimazole vaginal tablet), the same Empecid, but as a cream for the skin, and then Wintomylon (antibiotics) to rule out a blood infection, but could admittedly worsen a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn i know how you feel. i am in the same situation. mine goes away and comes back ever few days. i feel fine one day and horrible the next. it hurts to go to the bathroom right?!? it sux! im going back to my doctor at the end of the month thank god. hopefully there is something we can do to get us back to normal!! did u try baking soda baths... i did it works and calms the area..but the symptoms come back unfortunately is wat i found......
555358 tn?1292535661 Hi and welcome to our forum. I am sorry I can not answer ur question, but ur statement that the dr said u would not have ne more issues from ur chiari is a remarkable one in that most here have the understanding that there is no cure for chiari only treatment. It also depends on ur condition at the time of surgery on thet recovery u may have....some will have perm nerve damage. I wonder who ur dr is that he did such a great job that u felt so good for all these yrs.
Avatar f tn i actually know people who have been prescribed it for sleep (which it is NOT approved for) and they can no longer sleep without it, period. they go nuts when they don't have matter how long they go without it. this is a heavy duty drug meant for people with real psychiatric don't want to whip this drug out unless you've got a real reason to. insomnia isn't NEARLY enough reason.
Avatar f tn The needle was inside a mattress. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long it was in there or whether or not it was infected with HIV positive blood. He did not take part in PEP. We began sleeping together in January, which continued to April 25th. The sex was completely unprotected. In Feb I developed a yeast infection, thought nothing of it and cleared it right up! No problem! April 8th I started having a white vaginal discharge.
1055869 tn?1294203119 Nokoutem, great idea to start a new discussion thread- I hope it works and everyone joins. The good side to this is that the pages will load faster. For me, I was not one of the lucky ones to have "the signs or symptoms" of a possible pregnancy. This was hard, because initially I was extremely positive and hopeful about my outcome, but by days 12 and 13, I almost went crazy, because my body was just not reacting. But lo and behold, when I tested, I was.
Avatar n tn i am now taking nystatin swish and swallow 4 times a day. How long will this take to show improvment or maybe cure my thrush. it isn't uncomfortable its just there my tongue has been white for 3 weeks now !!! i'm starting to think it will never go away . . . any advice/ideas/suggestions ???
1423392 tn?1286593990 Im currently on diflucan! Just got off of prednisone and levoflaxin! With the diflucan, how long until hair grew back? Or stopped falling out? Running out of hair...
Avatar f tn go to the store and get any plain yogurt, doesn't matter the brand or kind, get u some tampons and go home and dip the tampon in the yogurt, make sure u get plenty of yogurt on the tampon and place it in u and leave it it for a few hours at a time unless u need to change it out, put a fresh 1 in the morning and before bed, during the day do what u can, make sure u have the yogurt in the fridge and don't eat it, the active cultures in the yogurt will help u a lot, do it for as long as u want but
Avatar n tn it's been about 3 days and i'm still producing the white discharge and am very slightly itchy still but otherwise feel fine. how long does it take for the diflucan to work usually and is there anything else i can do to speed it along?
Avatar m tn Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, caprylic acid, pau d'arco, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, licorice and tea tree oil, with lesser amounts of dong quai root, and fennel seed. I don't know how long to take the YC, but I'm several months into it, and can still see the difference in how I am feeling better. I think I had had a fungal sinus infection (such a dark, warm place!) that the yeast just decided to stay, so it's taking time to dislodge it, but I'm nearly there.
349463 tn?1333575176 genitian violet, APNO, and grapefruit seed exstract. They all failed. Now about 75% of his feedings are pain free! Yay!
Avatar n tn I get as much information as I can about a product - I find out what levels are needed to treat - how many were affected, how people reacted, how long it has been on the market. I read the doctor's literature on the RX, etc. Then I make a decision based on what is important... Is it important to you to be able to function properly? How sick might you get? Is it reversible - will your doctor monitor you? Etc. Etc. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn How long do you have till AF? I notice that sometimes when I have a yeast infection or bv that my period kind of helps everything and clears it up. I would use the monistat until your period starts and then hopefully that will help with it. Make sure if you use tampons that you use the unscented ones because the scented ones can cause imbalance in the normal vaginal flora which leads to yeast infections and bv.
Avatar f tn Tonight I did the milk bath but no results. Do I need to give time? how long? how many times do I need to try the milk bath and how often do I need to eat garlic?
Avatar n tn I'm sorry you are going through that! The Diflucan pill really works! But, about a yr ago I got my Dr. to call me the Diflucan pill and 3 days later it reacted again. So, when I called back in the nurse stated that I needed to come in. I'm glad I did, because my yeast infections were caused by me having high sugar. I now have been yeast infection free for a yr now! Yeah! :0) I would suggest that you talk to your Dr. about the Diflucan pill and if that doesn't work go see your Dr.
Avatar f tn I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before and if so how did you treat it? My doctors appt is not till tuesday and I cannot wait that long too fo something about this problem! Please helppppp!
1166723 tn?1310237084 i have been to the doctors countless of times and they just give me the same crap stuff that never works. (i am currently using monostat 7 to treat my one that i have now, i find it works better thann the things drs perscribe..) the last dr i went to suggested i take the diflucan once a week for 3 months... well i dont think so... i am already passed the limit that my medical will pay and unless she wants to give me $200 i dont think so so anyways this is where i need help.
Avatar f tn what I do have however is a smelly white discharge (it smells like I left a tampon in too long), I've had BV before, but the smell isn't fishy, just rotten (and no there isn't a tampon stuck in my vagina), I tried going to an STI clinic today, but they were too busy and I don't have time to go till next week, I'm just wondering what this could be? Is it just bad bacteria?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering what do I do? I was on day 2 and I feel terrible. How long will this last? Any help at all! Please!
Avatar n tn I shave my pubic hair and that area is all just red rash and welts if I rub lightly to relieve the itch. How long before this fluconazole actually works?? The 1% hydrocortisone cream in clotrimaderm isn't working at all. In fact, I'm wondering if it isn't the culprit since the rashes started after beginning the pills and this cream. The vagisil still takes care of the itch for about an hour at a time but it burns now when I put it on.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering how you finally got your thrush to clear. [At least hoping it is : ) ] I'm having the same problem. Got thrush in Feb of 2007. It never went all the way away. I quit nursing in Apr. 2008 and am still having problems now in Oct 2008. Been on diflucan, used gentian violet, many other things too. I am currently just putting ketokonazole cream on it to keep it at bay. Been to Dr. and OB/GYN. Just get told to keep putting the cream on it.
Avatar f tn Treatment with Diflucan works very well, but how long the treatment needs to be I don't know. I stayed on it longer than the standard dosing regimen, to be sure to kill the fungus in all the nooks and crannies where it was hiding. I also cleaned up my diet so that there was minimal sugar (including fruit), to avoid feeding the yeast. I felt worse at first, as the yeast was dying off, but no regrets.
Avatar f tn I do not understand how this site works, as I thought dr.s responded to questions. My messages haven't shown up by people I have written to, so I was surprised to hear from you. Please know that I would like to keep in touch; I know your losses. I hope being in the hospital will help you.
Avatar n tn how long do you think this could take to clear up though?? has yours cleared up completely yet??? honestly i have not found an article where someone has said they found a solution to this so it scares me... i got tested for hiv so its definitely nothing like that but then i read it could be diabetes or cancer... what could this really be?
Avatar f tn I recently started on probiotics, have been tested for HIV since thrush is associated with it.It just seems like my gastrointestinal system is out of whack.. how to I get it back to normal and healthy ? Thanks in advance.