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Avatar f tn So I went to my OB with irritation and discharge, and turns out it was a yeast infection, so he prescribed me the single dose Diflucan pack. I took it Tuesday, and as of today, my symptoms have definitely improved, but are not yet completely gone. How long does it take to be completely gone?
Avatar n tn I have a yeast infection and took the oral pill and got some external cream. How long do i need to wait before having intercourse again? I have had problems for 3 years and finally got a hysterectomy. I have finally found an understanding man and we are very sexually active more than daily.. I want to know how long we have to wait before having sex?
Avatar f tn I'm currently treating a vaginal yeast infection and was wondering what your experiences were with Diflucan? How long does a typical yeast infection last? The itching and burning have subsided, and I took my first diflucan pill Sunday (doc gave me 4). I'm also using Vagisil for itching and irritated skin! Thanks!
Avatar f tn what do they give you for a yeast infection and how long after did it go away
Avatar n tn cheese discharge. Was sure it was a yeast infection. Only had it once before, 2 years ago when I was pregnant, but I remember it well! MD gave my Diflucan ( I think one dose) and gynazol-1 cream. It worked well, but I don't remember how long it took. This time, I tried Monistat3 before calling the MD and it burned really badly...so I called her and she prescribed the Diflucan and the gynazole cream. This time she gave my a 150 mg pill to take on Sunday, Wed, and again on Saturday.
Avatar n tn I found out I had a yeast infection yesterday. Got antibiotics from the DR. It's a 2day deal. So today will be my second day. When will I be cleared up? How long till I can have sex again?
12182312 tn?1427687556 Hi guys. I'm suffering so bad here. I have a horrible yeast infection. I went to my doctor and she prescribed diflucan and also clomitozole?? (Sp)...I am so itchy and sore I want to cry. Should I try monistat 7. Or wait out the diflucan?. What works for you?
Avatar f tn Hi there! Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections (STDs/ non STDs), inflammations, foreign bodies etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician or a gynaecologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate managements. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
475187 tn?1208158368 I have a mild yeast infection, i don't have much itching or burning sensation or even difficulty urinating, no pain during intercourse, no foul odor, the only problem is the white cottage cheese discharge that kept on coming back before and after my period, but now it stays long for a week or two, and it's bothering me, i tried eating yogurts and acidophilus, drinking cranberry juice, well maybe it helps because i don't have the itching and soreness problem, but still the white discharge is ther
Avatar f tn it will remains in my body for many days. but how come, i still have the burning sensation? how long should i wait to get a relief? is this normal?
Avatar n tn Good afternoon all. I thnk i have a yeast infection i have been pretty itchy far two days now and there is white stuff in the fold if my vagina (sorry tmi) i have had only one before and i didnt even know i had it. My questions are: 1. Can i self medicate for this or must i call my doc tommorrow 2. i am also on the pill if i can self med. then will it interfer with that? 3. what brand is good?
Avatar n tn it's been about 3 days and i'm still producing the white discharge and am very slightly itchy still but otherwise feel fine. how long does it take for the diflucan to work usually and is there anything else i can do to speed it along?
Avatar f tn Once when I had a yeast infection from antibiotics, I took the diflucan and used a 7 day otc treatment. I just hate those infections! Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Around the middle of Feb. I began to have vaginal irritation & i thought it was going to be another yeast infection(i have at least 3-4 a year). However this was different. It started out with itching & then what felt like small tears & cracks around the vaginal area(mainly labia majora) and i also felt the cracks in my anal area...bowel movements have since been painful and bleeding occurs.
Avatar f tn as for the sex question, nevermind, that would be just gross right now, but I'd really like to back to normal soon! also, how long does the gross discharge last??? I did a treatment and 24 hours later, there's still messy stuff coming out.
Avatar f tn I suggest you go to the doctor and confirm if it's a yeast infection or not. If you treat yourself for yeast infection and have a bacterial vaginosis instead, you will only make it worse.
Avatar n tn Just read your postand I can tell you what i experienced with my yeast infection....It was so long ago but I will tell you I remember the itch and redness down there, and some disharge, but nothing too bad....it wasn't that bad, but I remember being sooooo itchy that part of it was awful... For now until you go to the doctor, keep a cold cloth down there, it will help.(hahasounds funny.)..
Avatar f tn The burning went away, but I am still feeling very itchy. How long does it take for Diflucan to work?
Avatar f tn Hey everyone I posted earlier this wk about having a yeast infection. I went to the doctor and her wrote me out a prescription for diflucan. I mean I trust my doctor. He's a high risk OB and I'm pretty sure he knows what hes doing. But I always worry about everything. Have any of you all taken this while pregnant?? If so how did it go?
Avatar m tn How long were you on the treatment? I forgot what I was given when I got a yeast infection from the antibotic I was on. But it was just one pill, and plus a 3 day cream treatment. Sounds like you need another dose of medicine.
Avatar n tn Did you get the week long rx for it? I was prescribed this after find out I had a yeast infection (5 years undiagnosed). I was given a week long rx, and yes the symptoms did get worse while I was on the treatment. It is the meds cleaning everything out, for me the entire canal was plugged with cottage cheese (it was so gross!). I did have a few more infections after that which i then treated with o/n meds along with a pill called Azo yeast.
Avatar n tn He also directed me to buy monstat topical cream to apply three times a day and selsun blue to apply once daily for 20 minutes, wow! I am not noticing anything getting better and was wondering how long before I should notice anything changing. My stomach cramps have subsided but not the infection on my penis tip.
Avatar n tn I am diabetic and have had a yeast infection for more than a year, I use Monistat a couple times a month but it doesn't help. Is it dangerous to have one this long and how can I get rid of it?
Avatar m tn One week after that, the discomfort was getting worse and I was starting to notice two reddish areas, slightly raised, on the my penis. At this time my wife came down with a yeast infection. I went back to the doctor, he gave me diflucan, She also got diflucan. After three days on the diflucan, her symptoms were gone and mine were 90% gone. I then began to apply a diluted vinegar solution. The symptoms were gone for a few days, including the redness, but then they came back.
Avatar n tn Also, are there any complications or long-term risks associated with having a disorder like this for so long? How urgent is my condition? Thank you very much for your help.