How long does diflucan last

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Avatar f tn I'm currently treating a vaginal yeast infection and was wondering what your experiences were with Diflucan? How long does a typical yeast infection last? The itching and burning have subsided, and I took my first diflucan pill Sunday (doc gave me 4). I'm also using Vagisil for itching and irritated skin! Thanks!
Avatar n tn it is unclaer how long one last. but here are some of the thing s you can do to help contol it. wear cotton underwear, do not wear nylon or any other kind but cotton because allows your genitals to breathe while t6he other fabrics trap moisture and that cntributes to the growth of the yeast. avoid using soaps that arent pH balanced. you may want to use johnson & johnson baby soap. sleep naked to let air circulate around the afected area.
Avatar f tn This is day is day 3 of the pills and i was wondering how long until it starts working? i am not in nearly as much pain as I was, but the pain with urination is still there slightly and get worse at night.
Avatar n tn Sorry this may be a bit long. This is my last hope. 9 years ago had unprotected sex with a coworker. Within one or two days, 2 very prominent symptoms started. #1 a flakey (almost scaley) round lesion on tip of penis head on the left side. Did not really itch or hurt and no burning or pain in urination. #2 very loose stool. Not diahrea just very very loose and tough to wipe clean. So I within a week go to my doctor and she does absolutely nothing. Go back and again does absolutely nothing.
Avatar n tn The symtpoms did not go away after a week of seeing him so he prescribed more diflucan. within the last two weeks i have taken 3 diflucan pills and have done 2 OTC 1Day Treatmens. Tonight i will actually be finishing a 3Day Treatment. This is just ridiculous and it IS runining my life. i have not had sex with my boyfriend in 5 months.thank god he is so loving and patient.
Avatar n tn I just used monistat 3, last night was the last dose but I woke up today and still itching and burning, how long will this take to go away? Or should I buy monistat 7 and try again?
Avatar f tn The patterns always stayed those 2 types. Now last year it went from 320 up to 640 with the patterns the two same things. Now in January the ANA went back to 320 but the pattern went to one pattern which was nucleolar. Out of 10 years, never had one pattern and never went to 640 for ANA. But I'm wondering if I'll go back and forth with my ANA like how I used to go back and forth?
512442 tn?1216263100 Will a yeast infection interfer with a pregnancy test?? I'm not testing until later on. Maybe in a week 1/2. How long do they typically last?
Avatar m tn I went on a strict diet, and found a doctor who put me on nystatin/diflucan for a month, and i had no relief in symptoms.
Avatar f tn I forced myself to play volleyball three times last week. Haven't been able to do that with confidence for a long time. I didn't keel over from it and it felt halfway good (except for my bum right shoulder). I frequent MedHelp just because I want to focus less on what ails me. I try and place my mind on other activities and promote positive thinking towards being healthy again. Went out and saw Star Trek tonight (awesome!) to take my mind off of health issues.
Avatar n tn anything that goes in your babies mouth that can't be washed in the washing maching could have yeast on it. I'm not sure how long the yeast can thrive on things, but I would say if your baby uses it most everyday, try to boil it to sterilize it! Good luck, again!
555358 tn?1292535661 Hi...I know u r still waiting to see positive results and so far u have been lucky not having al the xtra symptoms of the surgery. Back in 2000 I had tarsel tunnel surgery on my right ankle and was told it would take 2 yrs for all the nerves to heal completely.It appears all drs give diff info. I pray it does not take that long and u will soon feel better.
Avatar f tn i actually know people who have been prescribed it for sleep (which it is NOT approved for) and they can no longer sleep without it, period. they go nuts when they don't have matter how long they go without it. this is a heavy duty drug meant for people with real psychiatric don't want to whip this drug out unless you've got a real reason to. insomnia isn't NEARLY enough reason.
Avatar n tn I've been treated for an yeast infection with every possible medication (fungolon, nizoral, diflucan, terconazole,- no relief). Since last summer that shopwed the candida on my culture, I haven;t had any other yeast cultures. I had one 2 weeks ago; it was negative, my lactobacillus were very high. Another swab test I did in the fall showed a high number of lactobacillus too. Is it possible that I have a very resistant strain that doesn't show up in cultures?
Avatar f tn The needle was inside a mattress. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long it was in there or whether or not it was infected with HIV positive blood. He did not take part in PEP. We began sleeping together in January, which continued to April 25th. The sex was completely unprotected. In Feb I developed a yeast infection, thought nothing of it and cleared it right up! No problem! April 8th I started having a white vaginal discharge.
Avatar n tn My urologist prescribed 150mg tablets of Diflucan. The first week (last week) I took two of these pills. This seemed to help, the last three days I have had no burning during my morning urine. I still have the itching after ejaculation, but the itching is no longer as intense. I saw my urologist again today to report my progress, and he prescribed 2 more of the Diflucan pills for this week. This should clear it up entirely, he believes. My problem is this.
Avatar f tn but no discharge. She prescribed me diflucan (anti-fungal) and the same cream the walk-in-clinic doc gave me and told me to purchase a 7 day monistat package. I complied. My GP also diagnosed me with tonsillitis this day and swabbed my tonsils for strep (came back negative). December 28th- I woke up one morning to find a burst of clear fluid in my underwear (nothing I had ever experienced before).
Avatar m tn Hello, Last October i had really bad digestive issues. Bloating/constipation and gas. I tried every single over the counter remedy, and nothing worked. Fast forward to December, and i found out i was pregnant. I started to feel a bit spaced out, it felt like i was extremely high. It would come and go, along with some headaches every couple of days, which with a little tylenol would be gone.This went away after a few weeks, and then a week later i miscarried.
Avatar f tn Quite interesting. If I may ask how long is several months before your STD test last year? Did it include herpes igg test? It is not typically done by default. But it sounds like your provider did do a check. Since you have the results it is best someone like Grace looks at it and gives you an idea. I am not smart enough for that. But the questions will help her out too.
Avatar n tn It doesn't matter what temperature the water is, or how long I am exposed to it for, for the hives to occur. The thing I find strange is that it only affects my torso, and never my legs, face, or lower arms. I was only 2 or 3 years ago when i researched "water allergy" on the internet that I came to know what the condition was called. Everything I read about Aquagenic Urticaria that described the symptons, exactly matched what I have experienced for the last 23 years...
Avatar f tn Last year my father fell ill and I was his primary care taker. I had 2 small children and a full time job at that. I was under extreme stress. In the beginning of January I found out I was pregnant with my third child.....5 days later my father passed away. Not long after that I ended up with what I thought was a yeast infection. I was pretty sure this was the case since I had reoccurring ones. I normally took a diflucan pill because the creams never worked for me.
Avatar f tn Also, how long approximately would you say a primary internal ob would last?
319167 tn?1193856439 Does anyone know how long after taking Diflucan for a yeast infection you should start feeling a little relief?
551343 tn?1506834118 Over the last 2 years I have noted something very interesting. I have met quite a few women either with MS, or in limbo land who had an early hysterectomy and endometriosis. I am wondering if there is a link. I found some research in the USA where 100,00 women with endometriosis, 516 developed MS. 100,00 women tested who didnt have Endometriosis, only 73 women had MS. ALSO fibroymayalgia comes up high too, Out of 100,00 women with endometriosis 5,897 got Fibromyaliga.
1055869 tn?1294203119 I am a week past IUI and don't feel any different. I don't remember, how many follicles did you have for this last IUI? I only had one. I am glad to see everybody's updates again. I keep pushing on my boobs to see if they hurt, I know TMI, I just can't help it.
Avatar f tn consult your doctor she or he will prescribe a fungal medication to take orally, probably Diflucan, good luck and let me know how things go! take care.
Avatar f tn Well, it's been a day and so far nothing has changed. How long does it take to work? Also, I had sex before I realized it was an infection, does that mean my partner could have it too? And since I did have sex, does that make my recovery process slower? I was recently put on birth control (last Thrus. actually) now I understand it takes a few weeks for birth control to start working but since I took an antibiotic that causes the effectiveness to decrease.
1423392 tn?1286593990 Im currently on diflucan! Just got off of prednisone and levoflaxin! With the diflucan, how long until hair grew back? Or stopped falling out? Running out of hair...
Avatar n tn What does an HIV rash look like and can it be anywhere on the body? How long will it last and does the rash go away with something like Benadryl or Claritan?