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Avatar n tn Its been two months now and for the past month I have not gone a single day without considering the possibilities of HIV. Most of the time I can continue with my day as usual but sometimes the anxiety builds and I have no motivation to do anything. About a month after my last exposure I experienced a slight headache and felt a little sick to my stomach. This occured at night and the next morning I woke up feeling fine.
Avatar f tn At what point should he start taking them, so they wait until his T-Cell count drops and he does get AIDS? He has a friend with the disease and she had HIV for 11 years and just recently started medication when she got sick and went to the hospital and her T-Cell count was significantly lower. Are there a lot of bad side affects to the medications? I also read that the average life expectancy is 24 years after infection, is this true.
229411 tn?1189759425 I meant that "HIV does not cause AIDS" is a myth. This guy is doing so much damage to HIV/AIDS campaign. I hope his frustration continues.
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar m tn Your tests prove you did not catch HIV. Long-delayed HIV seroconversion and failure to produce antibodies to HIV are urban myths. And why would you foucs on HIV just because you might have an enlarged lymph node by MRI (or by any other eam)? Among all causes of lymph node enlargement, HIV is a rare cause. "i want [HIV PCR] but everyone says im wasting my time and money." That's what I say too. Work with your provider about any additional concerns you may have.
Avatar f tn You are torturing yourself over urban myths and the general public's ignorance about HIV. HIV IS VERY VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO GET!!!! IT IS NOT THE COMMON COLD. HIV requires a set of near perfect circumstances to allow for transmission. You would be better served worrying about lightning strikes. Get yourself some help, and this kind of anxiety and irrational thinking is very unhealthy for you and will only continue to spiral out of control if you don't address it NOW.
Avatar f tn You do not have HIV nor do you need to test. Please get yourself educated about HIV/AIDS. Since you're going to university, you're resources are virtually unlimited. Once you understand what IS and what ISN'T a risk for HIV, not only will you be able to teach other people the truth, debunk all the misinformation and myths and lies, you will be able to enjoy a worry free and healthy sex life. I'll say it again, because it's the truth and you need to learn WHY for yourself.................
Avatar n tn i will tell you to ease your mind i went to an HIV and AIDS seminar were this man talked about the truths and myths about the desease...people may disagree with me when i say this but i heard it from a ,,profesional..Sexual contact is the hardest way to get AIDS because to get it you need to have blood to blood im not saying you cant get it other ways but im just quoting him...
Avatar m tn Just a little confused about HIV risk and infection. I've read that HIV is extremely difficult to contract, that the chances of infection are around 1 in a 1000 through unprotected vaginal sex with an infected partner. If that is the case, why are so many people infected? I've read that around 1 million people in the U.S. are believed to be HIV positive. In some Sub-Saharan African countries the infection rate is 30%.
Avatar m tn the eye has cleaning system when you blink so no chance no worry at all No cases no cases forget it now they were very old old myths about this in 2004 or something during surgery on aids patients No chance no chance no nothing to worry about you are fine sir No cuts will not pose a risk the cut myth is also an issue with everyone in theory your cut has to be so big that you would need stitches and you would be going out to the hospital .
Avatar m tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar n tn I'm amazed in 2007 how many people think, that only gays and bisexual men get HIV and transmit it. That is one of the biggest myths about HIV that there is today.
Avatar m tn // Some of the experts on Medhelp seem to have such an opinion, but not all of them. So my question is: is this affirmation definitely 100% accepted by the medical professionnals, in particular regarding the use of genital secretions for lubrification during mutual masturbation? Many thanks!
Avatar n tn I have already lived with my HIV+ brother for over 6 years and have had no concerns regarding contracting HIV from him. I know well of the myths you no doubt think I somehow believe in, however, again my question is simple. Does anyone know if you can contract HIV from an open bleeding wound or sore if you come into direct contact with it in the wrong way?
Avatar n tn However, there are people who choose to be ignorant. To them HIV/AIDS is a stigma. I'm far from knowing a lot about it other than having a few people I care about having HIV. For some people, no matter what you tell them or what has been proven regarding HIV, they just want to remain ignorant. I don't. I prefer to learn. You can catch colds and flu from touching a doorknob but not HIV.
Avatar m tn ( probably ) Immediately me and my friends took the syringe to a hospital and gave it to test for HIV and HCV. To my horror, I came to know that the blood inside the syringe was HIV+. Fortunately, I examined the injection site and it was not over a vein. Because, a vein just ran above the spot. I am sure there was no vein exactly on the injection site. So am I still at risk for HIV transmission. I can't wait for 3 months to get a result!!
230890 tn?1197651614 HIV or AIDS can be cured. To date, there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, and there are no vaccines to prevent HIV infection. Facts: School nurses can play a key role in the school setting in dispelling misperceptions and rumors about HIV, and by helping students build their knowledge and skills for engaging in healthy behaviors. The following facts can help support school nurses in that effort.
1097960 tn?1257440975 I crossed the line in the HIV Prevention Forum. Although I know I had no risk, the thoughts come uninvited to my mind and kill my joy of living (when not thinking about AIDS I am am a very happy person). Bottom line is that I cut myself and immediately after a HIV+ friend touched it by reflex for less than a second (I was bleeding, 1 cm cut). They said to me that even if he was bleeding I was at no risk, and my brain believs it.
Avatar n tn 1 year ago i was stupid enough to have an affair with a horrible man, at the time i wasnt thinking anyways i broke up with him and a month later i had trichomonal infection hiv was not even in my cconsideration but when i went to the gum clinic in the uk they routinely check for hiv and hepatitis etc and then i foundout that i have to wait as i am in the window period and thats when this phobia started i got checked at 7 weeks 3 months 4 months 7 months and then i got pregnant and the midwife d
Avatar n tn Then it's used to asymptomatic HIV, that is the person may have HIV but not display symptoms as in not reaching AIDS. I think the body of medical research consensus that HIV does not have symptoms. Confusion lingers on, does dormancy mean that the virus can go undetected by standard tests (ELISA, Oraquick, Orasure) up to 10 year?
Avatar m tn Hello At first Excuse me for my language I'm from Jordan (Arabic country) I just smoked E-cigarette at the 25th of November 2014 from a one I know, my friend told me jokingly (who was there) that he (the one I smoked his E-cigarette) may has AIDS cause he had sex with a girl I used to stiff scared from that day but I went to two different lab and made 4 test for HIV. what called "HIV 1&2 Ag/Ab, Serum" and the results were the followings: 1 - at the 11th,Dec,2014 - 16th day 0.
Avatar m tn // the article says oral sex is low ris;but all of you expert in this forum says no risk. And I felt scary because I know oxygen and siliva are the factors, but my oral environment is always dry and lack of siliva. And by long time fellatio I think there is few oxygen in my mouth because it kept close during the fellatio. Does it make my risk higher? Really Thanks!
230890 tn?1197651614 Prevention for Positives The Top Ten Myths About HIV/AIDS Introduction to HIV/AIDS: What You Need to Know
3190179 tn?1345523499 So don´t worry, you are fine.
Avatar f tn My name is Lucija, I'm coming from Croatia, a small country in Europe. I spent some time reading this forum what is main reason of this post. In my country there's small number of people infected with HIV (about 900). In my town, Split, there's 180 000 people, and 78 infected with HIV and in this cases it is mostly imported from other countries through sexual activity and taking drugs.
1035252 tn?1427231433 http: //aids .gov/hiv-aids-basics/hiv-aids-101/overview/what-is-hiv-aids/#where http: //aids .gov/hiv-aids-basics/hiv-aids-101/overview/myths/index.html sorry I never know what links MH is going to *** out so I always add the spaces...
Avatar n tn Like I've said repeatedly, he's a WW that doesn't know anything about HIV transmission or AIDS. More than likely he doesn't even know anyone because if he did that would mean he was gay, because to him only gay people are infected with HIV. It's a shame that people like him still exist. dumbo 4/26/2007 C5 . No. Its because homosexual men or bi men who are married are going home to their wives after getting it in the ass by some stranger they met in a bath house or online.
Avatar m tn but sir what does this mean? HIV is killed by heat. Temperatures of above 60⁰C will kill HIV. HIV is NOT killed by cold. In fact, colder temperatures increase the survival time of HIV.
1332431 tn?1275403030 If one had this and it was attributed to HIV/AIDS wouldn't folliculitis be the least of my worries as i would be ill with a multitude of symptoms? (and when would this happen if it did) 2. I am worried that the important negatives (3 months, over year) that A.) it took longer than 3 months so therefore it was worthless (6month window) and (or) B.) that the 1 year test didn't pick anything up because of a lab error of some sort.
Avatar n tn Stop reading the garbage on the Net and start reading material from the HIV/AIDS National Education Center, or call your local HIV Hotline and request educational material or take a class or attend an HIV support group and tell them you wish to learn the truth. Don't worry, they won't bite.........and even if they did, NO RISK!