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Avatar m tn 2) The main purpose for RNA testing is to monitor viral load in people with known HIV. It is not routinely recommended for HIV testing in people at risk or concerned about particular exposures, and I agree with that recommendation. Nobody with your test results, especially several times and a few years after exposure, ever turned out to actually have HIV.
Avatar n tn I read another post from the Doc that says antibodies don't interfere with testing for antibodies for HIV. Do a search for "antibiotics HIV" or somethin like that.
Avatar m tn The answer to your last question is that if such low risk events -- frottage, hand-genital contact etc, could transmit HIV, then don't you agree that in the 30+ year worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic, there would be at least one case in which such exposure was the only potential source of infection? Yet there are none. So none of your concerns have any basis either in science or in practical clinic policy. Don't get retested, and definitely stop worrying about any of this.
Avatar m tn You should see a doctor or clinic with expertise in HIV prevention -- either a local community doctor very familiar with HIV/AIDS or your local health department would be good choices. As for unprotected sex with your regular partner, if I were in your situation I wouldn't take the risk until the PCR test was done and negative. At that point, I would probably feel comfortable proceeding, but only after informing my partner and letting him participate in the decision.
Avatar m tn Upon research I can't seem to find out the testing methods in the US. I know they offer rapid and standard testing. So my questions are, does the US use 4th generation tests? What includes a standard HIV test? Can I request a p24 antigen test or any other test that draws blood for more than just the antibody screening? Thank you!
936016 tn?1332769204 // ) and also our information on novel testing methods for more information ( ) What happens during seroconversion? The article ( ) also gives a rough timeline of the different stages of HIV infection. Day 0: A person is infected with the HIV virus.
Avatar n tn I have been told by HIV testing counselors that (1) the test is conclusive at 8.2 months (2) the test is not conclusive due to the nature of the high risk "highest of the high.
Avatar m tn Teak, you're right, that's what the CDC says about PCR testing. But my comments are from Dr. HHH's words in one of the threads that I saw, and although I'm not his biggest supporter (b/c I think he's too liberal on his opinions sometimes), I do agree with his comment on the PCR testing.
1024580 tn?1331577721 We have moved from rudimentary tests in the early 1980's to modern, accurate, easy to use third and fourth generation HIV testing methods in 2010. HIV 1 and 2 antibody tests in use in the UK will be either third or fourth generation test. Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure even though they are licensed for use after 12 weeks after a possible exposure.
Avatar n tn What group of people are having an alarming increase of HIV? Hetros.. I don't know what testing facility they go to, but I can tell you right now that where I go there are more hetro's than gays and it is alarming to the clinic. Hetros think that HIV is still just a gay disease and people like you push the information in that direction that is totally incorrect.
Avatar m tn The first examination was in my national reference center aids to my country (GREECE) 25 days after the test fourth-generation antigen-antibody with negative results then became in the following test - 28 days in a private clinic again with fourth generation test (hiv ag p24 - hiv ab type1-type2) with negative results -in 43 days in a private clinic again with fourth generation test (hiv ag p24 - hiv ab type1-type2) with negative results in 56 days at a private clinic again with fourth generatio
Avatar n tn that gives a head to head comparison with a) HIV testing alone b) HIV testing plus testing for other STD's c) HIV testing, STD testing and condoms. I've heard the verbiage many times. I want to know if there are actual empirical studies that compared these methods-and what the data shows. http://www.annals.
Avatar m tn Not only was the person hiv positive, but was diagnosis with Aids. However all of the symptoms listed above was similar to those of ARS, identical those posted by the cdc. What also raises concern for me are (window periods) since there has never been a study on precise data on seroconversion, however only estimated variables. Since lack of such research how can we apply window periods to every individual?Every individual is uniquely different and responds to infections at different rates.
Avatar m tn , sitting in an AIDS clinic or anything like that? Do you have generalized HIV anxiety or something more like somebody sticking you with a needle?
Avatar n tn I am not an expert in HIV testing technology, but I'm pretty sure you are wrong about first vs later generation tests; virtually all labs use the most modern technology and you can rely on negative results at 4-6 weeks. (The end of your first paragraph implies you may think that all ELISAs are first generation. Not so; I believe the newer tests are ELISAs as well.
Avatar m tn // sorry for asking too many questions.I am very tensed.
Avatar m tn 1056/NEJMoa042291#t=articleDiscussion) and they state there are very very rare case the HIV antibodies test did not detect the antibodies even if the person is infected of AIDS. 3) Is the HIV RNA test completely accurate after 38 days or there is the possibility that the virus was present in my body in too low quantity and so the possibility that HIV RNA will be never detect in a test?
Avatar m tn IMHO, evidence suggests that this study not only shows how powerful weak research methods can be, but begs the question of how many needless cases of HIV anxiety it has caused. I know I am one of the people who saw this article first (it seems to have the most coverage).
Avatar m tn 9% of cases those symptoms wont indicate HIV. 3. No, I would say you have no need to test. HIV testing should only be undertaken in the event of an exposure which could have lead to transmission. Your 'exposures' do not fall into that category.
Avatar n tn // "Hi Dr Bob. Just thought I'd share this with your readers. This is the current policy from ANCARD (Australian National Council of AIDs and Related Diseases). The passage below was taken from the 'Clinical Screening and Case Detection' section.
Avatar m tn Because I read on the Internet that the Cameroon couple had not been diagnosed until they got seriously ill and all the evidence and symptoms pointed to AIDS. I think that means they were unable to diagnose them with conventional methods at the beginning, including those HIV screening methods I guess?
936016 tn?1332769204 The confusion has been compounded a little by the advice of government regulatory bodies in different countries who have tailored their advice to what they now about commonly used HIV testing methods on the ground. In the UK 4th generation HIV testing methods using HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and also p24 antigen ( a core HIV viral protein) have been commonplace for many years and good experience has been gained with these tests.
Avatar m tn You have been tested using a variety of methods which complement each other and certainly would have detected HIV if you had been infected, even if infected with one of the mythical rare types. I will briefly address your specific questions: 1. No, not possible. If you had HIV one of your tests would have been positive. 2. Overt HIV is a term you picked up somewhere which has little meaning to me. Someone may have used it to refer to HIV causing clinical signs and symptoms, i.e. AIDS.
Avatar n tn And let me ask you this, just so you cannot copy Dr.H's answers like you did above. If frequent testing is the reason to low HIV rates in pron (man/woman), then why is it that gay porn continue to use condoms? they are frequently tested too right teak? so why bother? Please explain. Or do you need to look up another one of Dr. H's answers to make yourself look good? do you have an answer of your own?
Avatar m tn For example, I work at a walk-in clinc and would over hear people calling in about hiv testing or friends unfortunately making jokes about aids. Another was a friend asking if I got tested after having protected sex with a girl he knew. The combination of the ‘what if’ thoughts not being able to remember some nights with girls clearly and the daily ‘signs’ drove me to take yet another test. That test was back in September – over a year or maybe two since my last time being with a girl.
Avatar n tn I would not have recommended HIV testing at all based on your exposure or your symptoms, but the 5 week result is strong reassurance (most people with HIV are positive by 5 weeks). I do not recommend further testing. However, if my reassurance is insufficient and you will sleep better, you can have another test at 2-3 months. But for goodness' sake don't waste money one TWO additional tests.
Avatar n tn You would need to contact your local HIV/AIDS centre, as testing methods and applications vary worldwide.