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Avatar n tn No, a "slim possibility" does not exist. In the quarter century of working in an STD clinic in the AIDS era, I have never had a patient who was believed to acquire HIV by receiving oral sex. Sure there's a chance your partner was in the window period when you were with her. There's also a chance you will be hit by a meteorite tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Condoms are somewhat scarce in Africa, even in 2007 from what i've read. Can you imagine if for the most part you did not have the option of protecting yourself during intercourse simply because there were no condoms availible? Regardless of the risk, people are going to have sex, why are condoms not widley availible is puzzling to sa the least.
Avatar n tn My dr told me that there was a guy from Kenya who was hiv positive for 5 years but tested negative.How can I be sure that I dont have the virus.Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar m tn hello im looking here about the post the guy made : I had what I would call, dry sex. I had my cordoroid shorts on and a the women had her underwear on. She was on the top and rubing. I my shorts on and no underwear on and I was rubbing as well. When she had her orgasm, she is a women who shoots out her vaginal *** or whatever you want to call it when she has a orgasim, that was a first time I have ever seen that.
Avatar m tn My pinus seemed dry, so do you believe that I could be possible be infected with the hiv virus. I have been worried obout this. This incedent took place on 10-19-04 in the late night and the only symtom I have had is that two times in the morning I had diareah, the rest of the day was normal. I am worried that the shorts could have irritated the skin and her fluids might have gotton in by there or by the inside if the pinus. Like I said, the only thing I saw that was wet was the shorts.
Avatar n tn Hello there, looking at the origin of hiv aids ,it is said to have emerged from African primates,todate i read something about a Cameroonian woman who has a new type of hiv strain that matures faster than usual.I was involved with an hiv positive woman (as i later found out) on one occasion.I have had joint pains,lymph node enlargements,night sweats etc however after 9 weeks i tested negative.
Avatar m tn hi i am from south africa...which has the highest rate of hiv and aids in the world. On the 20 december i had protected sex with a prostitute and i performed unprotected oral sex on her for less than a minute...she was a commercial sex worker. it's now almost 3 weeks after this incident...and i notice that i have a swollen lymph node on the upper part behind my neck and 1 on the left side of my neck. here in south africa they say oral sex is a high risk activity...
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor: I am young American woman working in urban South Africa. I have had sex with 7 different male partners here in the last 3.5 months, and have been with each of these partners from one to three times each. Of these partners, 4 were from South Africa, 1 from Zimbabwe, 1 from France, and one is from Ghana, though all are staying in SA. Many of these men I believe to have frequent safe sex but do not have steady partners.
Avatar n tn It likely is quite a bit higher than that in southern Africa, where more HIV infected people are likely to have higher viral loads, to have other STDs, and to be uncircumcised. In addition, Dr. Hook's and my recommendations on timing of HIV testing depend in part on the level of risk; in a high risk situation like this one, testing out to 3 months makes sense.
Avatar n tn In the US, it's pretty difficult to pass HIV back and forth between heterosexual couples, and in fact, many go years with one partner infected while the other is not infected. Not so in Africa, HIV is rampant in the heterosexual population because of the poor health in general, and the number of other conditions that cause open sores. And THEN, when you toss sex workers into the mix - YIKES, guy! I think your plan is probably a pretty good one. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn joey is correct
Avatar n tn hi everyone, i know hiv group N was discovered in cameroon in 1998. but do you think it's been around for a while and only got discovered in 98? or is it fairly new to africa?
317787 tn?1473362051 “Viral load” refers to the amount of HIV in an infected person’s blood. An “undetectable viral load” is when the amount of HIV in a person’s blood is so low that it can’t be measured. antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduces a person’s viral load, ideally to an undetectable level, when taken consistently and correctly.
Avatar n tn It doesn't matter what ethnic group one is in, they can get HIV.
481797 tn?1208319128 CD8 cells can also be killer cells that kill cancer cells and cells infected with a virus. Why Are CD4 Cells Important in HIV? HIV infects the CD4 cells in humans. The virus becomes part of the CD4 cells and when they start to multiply to attack the virus it makes more copies of the HIV virus at the same time. It takes over the CD4 cells and uses the fact that they multiply to fight the virus to their benefit.
Avatar m tn Additionally, I don't want to research these symptoms on the net again because I don't want those levels of hypochondria to ever return again but this is really worrying me again I'm stuck in the dillema of course HIV/AIDS would have been a worse situation but genital herpes could just be has terrible a stigma I just want my life back to normal. Continuing, on this website,
936016 tn?1332769204 The prevalence of HIV in the general population in South Africa is over 18% compared with less than 0.2% in the UK. There is a significant difference in HIV prevalence in South Africa between different provinces with KwaZulu-Natal having a rate of above 40% to approximately 15% in the Western Cape (Cape Town). At Freedomhealth we have seen a large number of men who have returned recently from South Africa who have had unprotected sex with female commercial sex workers.
1831637 tn?1323268054 Scientific trials have shown that male circumcision can reduce a man’s risk of becoming infected with HIV during heterosexual intercourse by up to 60 percent. These findings have led to the decision by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization to recommend circumcision as an important new element of HIV prevention. Since the decision was made, the demand for circumcision has been increasing. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn com San Francisco City Clinic They all agree in theory HIV transmission is possible with the right elements such as blood in the mouth of the giver. Also, I think that HIV education needs to wake up about one thing: circumcized men are in the MINORITY worldwide. Even in the United States, there is a substantial minority of uncircumsized men. Let's not forget that.
Avatar n tn And the odds probably are 100 to one she didn't have HIV (in most commercial sex workers in the US, around 1% are infected). And you did use a condom, which is virtually 100% protective when properly used and it doesn't break. Specific replies to your questions: 1) Does this sound like ARS? No. Your doctor was right. 2) You didn't need the PCR test; I would have recommended against it.
Avatar m tn by the way hiv 2 in Africa is more than that in usa & Europe and the sw her language was French so I think that she isnot from south Africa and from a country where hiv2 is the more common is the antibody that the body produce is one antibody for both hiv1 &hiv2?
1530342 tn?1405020090 My daughter-in-law is working on AIDs projects in Africa. The epidemic is much larger there, partially due to poverty and lack of education as well as stubborn refusal by some of using condoms. Of course, I can't let this subject go by without mentioning the fact that Hep C now kills more people in the US than HIV/AIDs.
Avatar m tn GIRL Affersat on her hand Mobility Aids? Is the AIDS virus live outside the body in the girl's hand for a long time?
Avatar n tn Since it was with a mixed race prostitute from Africa I started to worry because in Africa there is HIV and AIDS.I tested 5 times through the laboratory and realised a negative status.I told my story indirectly to a medical microbiologist as im still worried because I have a rough layer of white on my tongue which feels like dead cells.The microbiologist said there was no 100% chance of someone being truely negative.
Avatar m tn htm Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Including HIV Infection, Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In addition, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including diseases transmitted by genital secretions, and to a lesser degree, genital ulcer diseases.
Avatar n tn Fifty-two were born in West Africa, 1 in Kenya, 7 in the United States, 2 in India, and 2 in Europe. The region of origin was not known for 15 of the persons, although 4 of them had a malaria-antibody profile consistent with residence in West Africa. AIDS-defining conditions have developed in 17, and 8 have died. These case counts represent minimal estimates because completeness of reporting has not been assessed.
Avatar m tn In the early days of the epidemic, patients in their 20s were dying in overwhelming numbers in Dr. Hare's HIV/AIDS ward. Today, more than a quarter of HIV patients are 50 years or older, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, and the average age in Hare's 3,000 patient clinic is 47. "The problems people with HIV face are really changing," Hare said. "I've heard patients say that it just wears them down.
Avatar m tn were do you get these questions from, there are different strains of hiv and 2 types of hiv (hiv+1 and hiv+2) hiv+1 is the more common type which is normally found in people from europe and america whereas hiv+2 usually effects the african community!
1451936 tn?1294902315 00 New Delhi, Dec 16 (IANS) The government Thursday told the Supreme Court that it will provide free the second line of treatment to all the HIV patients even if their initial treatment was done in private hospitals. The National AIDS Control Organisation's (NACO) decision is a significant departure from its earlier stand that the second line treatment at its expense would be made available only to those patients who were treated at the government's hospital for the first line treatment.