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Avatar m tn htm Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Including HIV Infection, Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In addition, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including diseases transmitted by genital secretions, and to a lesser degree, genital ulcer diseases.
Avatar m tn The prostitute is very excited, but also put my penis bitten,Therewas a slight bleeding!!!!I heard that South Africa is the high incidence of AIDS in the country,I felt very fear.In 34 days after unprotected sexual intercourse,I went to the hospital for detection.The doctor asked me to conduct a joint detection of antigen and antibody(The 4th generation test),The result was negative.How does this result is 100% accurate???I would like to ask in the future can i need to test again???
Avatar m tn i am reading a few threads here that say in South Africa the standard window testing period is 6 months , i live in South Africa and have been in contact with the AIDS hotline , rest assured that in South Africa the window period is 3 months , i have also read that 6-8 weeks is a good indicator ...
Avatar n tn So, to re-phrase what I believe I read above, you cut your foot in South Africa and the wound was washed out. You are concerned that in this process you might have been infected with HIV. If I have summarized the events you describe properly, there is no risk to you from having had your wound cleaned. We get many questions about the possibility of HIV infection thought contact with open wounds. these questions, like your betrays a lack of understanding of how HIV is transmitted.
Avatar n tn Researchers publishing in the Lancet studied 26,000 untreated HIV-positive people in developing countries and found the most rapid increase in drug resistance occurred in East Africa, at 29% per year. In Southern Africa, it was 14% per year.
Avatar m tn were do you get these questions from, there are different strains of hiv and 2 types of hiv (hiv+1 and hiv+2) hiv+1 is the more common type which is normally found in people from europe and america whereas hiv+2 usually effects the african community!
Avatar n tn in South Africa we have the highest HIV prevalence in the world and we adhere to a 3 month conclusive result ...
Avatar m tn s communication that the US enquirers dont need to worry about such mutations because they would only happen in Africa and not in the industrialised world.Please can you shed light on this-im devastated.
Avatar n tn I feel bad that the main reason I do not believe him is because he is african and living in HIV paradise-south africa-but also because i lost a lot of trust in him for aiding me in getting pregnant. I wish I could believe him. deep down i think i do but something holds me back. I can't get tested yet as it has only bee 3 weeks but I will be test come the 3 week mark. I was tested in May and was negative so if he is truthful I know I am negative.
Avatar m tn I have been hearing of an HIV research and testing frenzy in South Africa from my medical circles and the mooting of a 9 month window period.Im currently in Namibia (South West Africa) and i see its already on the forum.I was involved with a prostitute and experienced all manner of seroconversion like illnesses.I will be doing my test tommorow with my doctor(3 months) .Is the CDC part of this research im crapping my pants right now because S Africa is just next door.
Avatar n tn I know about the epidemic in South Africa but you would have known if the condom broke,it would have been obvious,also even if the condom was approaching it's used by date,as long as it didn't break you're fine.I think you got very lucky when she insisted you wear another condom after throwing the first one out the window.
Avatar f tn My exposure was condom break once with a massage parlor in south africa , and now i have to kids 5 years and 2 years and my wife did all tests during pregnancy including hiv tests for pregnants , and she did last one before 3 months which is all negatives,
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. This was a very low risk exposure -- even with a commercial sex worker in an AIDS-endemic area like South Africa. Condoms work, so you needn't worry about the protected vaginal sex; and HIV has never been proved to be transmitted from an oral to penile partner by oral sex. The risk of other STDs was also low, and no STD can cause itching in the penis only a day later. I wouldn't have recommended the antibiotics you had, especially without medical supervision.
Avatar n tn I actually live in South Africa.