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12742885 tn?1427019924 I'm 21 years old and have made myself to belief i am an "AIDS child". Each day when i go to sleep i feel a pain which is totatlly wired. I have had the worst flu' f my life back in december and i was going to se my doctor. I have talked to my socalled fiance on the phone throught this chole process. I was wondering why i ate much, but did not gain weight. I was having dry coughs, and had this flu' like for 3 weeks.
220090 tn?1379170787 Life Cycle of HIV, a Retrovirus: Life Cycle of Hepatitis C:
Avatar m tn Unless you have had unprocted homosexual sex, or are shooting IV drugs, your odds of contrating HIV are pretty much non existant. I went through ths back in the 80's when little was known about HIV and AIDS. It used to take 2-3 weks to get test results back. I worked myself into what seemed to be a nervous breakdown while waiting for the results.
Avatar f tn Don't do those things, you won't get HIV. And your partner would have to be HIV+ for you to get HIV as well which the boy you were with wouldn't have as he's had no previous partners as well. Get yourself some condoms though to protect yourself in case you spontaneously decide to have sex. Anyway, ZERO risk from two people who've never had sexual experience before getting HIV period and ZERO risk from oral sex period.
Avatar f tn I have quit drinking and smoking pot and I am trying to work out every day. I used to be so much fun and full of joy and not worry. Now my life is always worry worry HIV this and HIV that. Im losing control of my life. If there is anyone out there who can help me or relate in any way PLEASE RESPOND!
Avatar m tn 1999-2000: Fear of HIV due to washing my hands in a dorm bathroom and noticing blood in the sink. Outcome: I noticed that when spring came, exams ended, and stress levels went lower, I could rationalize this problem better, end eventually stopped worrying about it. Never even got tested for HIV. I donated blood since then, so I'm fairly sure that I acquired no illness of consequence from using a dirty sink. 2000-2009: NO PROBLEMS. My 20's were incredible.
Avatar m tn - but recently, I've been plagued by severe HIV anxiety. It all started when I read an article in the paper about local HIV/AIDs rates in my home state. I've lived an extremely safe life - only two sex partners in long-term, monogamous relationships - but I did engage in unsafe sex a few times with my ex-girlfriend. The chance of having HIV - however miniscule - played on my mind.
Avatar f tn I'm sure you already know that it doesn't live on surfaces but if you were to be injected with HIV, your chances of becoming HIV positive are 0.03%. That is pretty darn small. As to whether you would feel it if somebody stabbed a needle into your arm, I would have to say yes. Picture in your mind you walking down the street and somebody coming up and poking a needle into you.
1024580 tn?1331577721 There are no reported cases worldwide of people becoming HIV positive after fingering a woman with HIV. People are generally very concerrned about the presence of tiny cuts on their fingers or around their finger-nails which they fear may pose an extra risk by being so called open wounds. An open wound is a cut which is freshly made and freshly actively bleeding. This does not mean an old healed paper cut for example. It does have to be 1) fresh and 2) open and bleeding.
Avatar m tn Not only was the person hiv positive, but was diagnosis with Aids. However all of the symptoms listed above was similar to those of ARS, identical those posted by the cdc. What also raises concern for me are (window periods) since there has never been a study on precise data on seroconversion, however only estimated variables. Since lack of such research how can we apply window periods to every individual?Every individual is uniquely different and responds to infections at different rates.
Avatar m tn From my experience on HIV forums, it's clear that for a substantial portion of posters, the forums just don't work for them. For the highly anxious, words on a computer screen have limited reassurance power. The poster may receive a small reduction in anxiety, and then it comes back, so they return to the forum to try to receive that small benefit, without addressing the root of the problem, and the cycle continues...
Avatar m tn Don't let HIV anxiety ruin your life. I even thought the depression I was having was because of HIV, then it went to MONO or LYME disease after reading more symptoms online. Stay off GOOGLE for symptoms and believe the tests. Hope my post helps someone else here suffering from the same condition. Best wishes and hang in there. Picturing positive things is key, remember it took your mind months to get here and it will take that long or longer to get back to your normal life.
Avatar m tn , sitting in an AIDS clinic or anything like that? Do you have generalized HIV anxiety or something more like somebody sticking you with a needle?
Avatar m tn testing again and again has become a compulsion for your hiv obsessions and to get rid of ocd you need to break the cycle of obsessions and compulsions, what you need is to see a psychiatrist, if you were free of ocd you were not checking for hiv again and again when there was no risk invoved, so please consult a psychiatrist and stop testing for hiv
Avatar n tn My husband is nearing the 14th day of being clean. I am wondering when life will become normal again. Or will it every be normal again? Sometimes I feel like life was normal when my husband was looking for pills all the time, and snorting pills all the time. Our life is different now, its better but its odd. Its odd because our routine has changed, we have money now, we have noninterupted time together, the phone isn't ringing off the hook like it used to.
Avatar m tn Dude, you have to understand this, you're descrbing AIDS symptoms. HIV does not become AIDS so quickly! The only thing you can get on your skin is Kaposi's Sarkoma, and that takes years to develop! Chat me up in case you need to talk.
Avatar n tn I wonder, too, whether age has anything to do with it - whether those who became sexually active before all the HIV/AIDS hype feel differently. Of course, people's perspectives change as they gain life experience anyway, so it might be hard to tell. Oh - and re: cancer patients doing research, betcha folks finally diagnosed with HIV don't do this kind of exhaustive research either. Of course, they probably weren't in this anxious population to begin with...
Avatar n tn I really want to move on with my life....I hope to get an HIV - test and have the strength not to fall into this vicious cycle again...It has made this past few months the most difficult ever.....I´d rather have peace of mind (and health) than the rush of a sexual experience with a complete stranger......
Avatar m tn In the busiest HIV/AIDS clinics, there are no patients who did not have the standard, known risks -- i.e. unprotected insertive vaginal or anal sex, shared drug injection equipment, etc. If exposure to the virus in the environment, or from having blood drawn, or from hand-genital contact, and so on could spread HIV, obviously there would be at least some AIDS patients without the standard risks. But there are none.
Avatar m tn move on...
Avatar m tn For me, I said in an AIDS clinic for several weeks to overcome my fear of HIV. I also donate blood regularly and of course blood donations are tested nine ways to Sunday. For my own OCD, I take medication and I did learn CBT years ago. To this day I have to use CBT during panic attacks. For the most part my medication allows me to live a very normal life. I think the thought and I can let it go. If I can't, then I breathe and eventually I know it will go away.
Avatar m tn Hello all. Where do I begin? I’ve worried about hiv nearly my entire life. I don’t know how or exactly when it started, but my first, I guess, ‘episode’ goes all the way back to middle school where some kids would spread rumors about a friend of mine having aids. I know, kids will be kids, but at the time, it really scared me. The first 3 or 4 test I took came after ‘non risks’. I mean, I wasn’t even sexually active and already had multiple negative tests under my belt.
Avatar n tn When he told me, at 3 months, that I had to get a 6-month test, he was very calming about it, and told me that I could live life as if I did not have HIV, simply because the chances were so small. The 6-month test, he said, almost functions like medical "research" so that the STD specialist community can continute to confirm that late conversions are exceedingly rare.
Avatar n tn 2521-2527). In this study there were 17 servicemen that acquired CRF01_AE. 13 of these 17 were stationed in Thailand and reported exposure to commercial sex workers.
Avatar n tn Since nobody is perfect in this world, anybody, even an expert of infectious diseases does not have 100% perfect knowledge about HIV/AIDS and that's why research goes on and on. Difference of opinion is very good as it keeps you on learning curve as you learn something new from others or do your own research to seek the facts.
Avatar m tn What I do not understand is, what kind of research/evidence is used to determine this? I recently called an HIV/AIDS hotline and they told me that the way of determining this information is by asking someone who has tested positive when their last exposure was, but is this really accurate? Most people who test positive for HIV probably have had numerous possible exposures. For example, say Joe Schmo has had unprotected sex once a month for the year of 2007 (Jan-Dec).
Avatar n tn i went to the clinic it was very busy but they gave me a few mins made me feel better and i am thinking of returning once more when they have more time so that i can talk through it then im sure i can move on, at the present time i am waiting anxiously for my 1 year post exposure elisa blood test results and im petrified pray they give me the results today or tomorrow so i can get on with me life and the other ocd hiv scare issue with that i will ask for your help i will go to the clinic and i w
Avatar n tn If you put the two together, if you type 'HIV, Rash' or 'Back Rash, STD' 'Fever, AIDS' into Google - you will often get results back that scare the hell out of you. You then find words and terms, that you would never have typed in at all, that are related to HIV (ARS, folliculitis etc) and then search for those - scaring yourself even more. I know - I've been doing it for nearly 9 weeks, every day - often late into the night. Sound familiar?
Avatar f tn I personally wasted a complete year of my life putting myself trough this viscous cycle of being tested . I experienced every symptom in the book and still tested negative beyond the window period and currently negative now. If at any giving point you've tested negative at the three month mark trust the results of the test . They are accurate and would provide you with accurate information. I don't care what symptom you may have if you've tested negative past three months then you are negative.