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Avatar f tn I had sex with hiv women for 6 months in nigeria. I tested positive in rapid test at 8 months and wb tested indeterminate in nigeria. I was afraid and went to india and tested with rapid tridot hiv1/2 negitive at 9 months. Please help : is hiv 2 slow pregress.
Avatar m tn You should definitely see a doctor or clinic with experience in HIV/AIDS, or perhaps one of the government clinics. The first thing they will do is repeat your test with confirmatory a test, perhaps an HIV Western blot. If it confirmed you have HIV, there are options in Nigeria for sophisticated, Western style care, especially in urban areas like Lagos.
Avatar m tn Last month I was in Nigeria where apparently incidents of AIDS is very high. I am male of 47 years. I had unprotected oral sex by a female sex worker for 10 min or so. I did not notice any blood on my penis subsequent to the act. 7 weeks have passed. I have not got any fever. But have felt slight pain a few times in my armpits. Also, I had muscular pain prior to this exposure which continued. There has been no diarrohea.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a woman in Nigeria twice over the past 6 weeks. On both occassions I checked that the condom was not broken. However, in the past two weeks I have had the following symptoms, chills without running a temperature, dry and itch skin without a rash, midly sort throat. My symptoms are now getting better but now my partner has started to complain about the same things. My questions are 1.
Avatar f tn i am not an expert but even my self can tell you didn't need a test
Avatar m tn Some guys sued the condom manufacturers in Nigeria (Gold Circle) for contracting HIV whilst using the condom. One guy insisted that he used it correctly all the time but still contracted the virus. I am really scared that the same may happen to me. Please comment.
Avatar f tn There are high rates of HIV in Nigeria.
Avatar m tn and i have gave some blood to aminukano hospital, nigeria for investigation. till date i have not even for once tested positive antibody or viral load. why?
Avatar m tn Yes the rates of HIV are high there but you had no risk and you can move on.
Avatar f tn As far as I know, p24 antigen can only detect hiv-1 not hiv-2. and hiv-2 seems very common in Nigeria and I am afraid if my body may did not produce enough antibody to detect hiv-2 in 50 days. Do you think my test in day 50 conclusive or am I still under risk? thanks.
Avatar f tn 2 months,symthoms still persist my doctor as me to come back for test at 6 month,that six month is when result can be conclusive, as am in lagos nigeria,our test might not be as high sentitive as those ones in united states and uk,the test was rapid test for hiv 1 & 2,
Avatar m tn Where did you take this test? Dr's office? Clinic? I see your in the US so any test here should be ok unless you bought it from some guy on a street corner.
Avatar m tn m afraid i may be at risk from HIV after an encounter i had with a sex worker in Lagos Nigeria 2 and half years ago. I would start by saying that most of the sexual intercourse was vaginal, and i used a condom untill i realised that when she was on top of me for (approx.1-2 mins) that the condom had broken, i stood up immediately and changed the condom and continued. There was no spillage as i could recall, and that was just that 1 incident.
Avatar m tn So if this is the case the HIV cases in Nigeria could be a much larger percentage than it already is, as in the whole west and central Africa. " Is this true or is this BS ? Is it true that the conventional ELISA HIV Antibody tests cannot pick up rare strains of HIV? Is there something called an undetectable strand of HIV anywhere in the world?
Avatar f tn Sir, please note i tested hiv in nigeria western blot after one year, it was indeterminate with (p55)(p66). I hope it is not hiv 2. Please dont be annoyed with me, as today my weight increased, fatty liver and high blood pressure after 1.6 years, is it proves i am infected. Please i am confused, that is my mailing again.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your feedback. I am already feeling better. My main concern was HIV-2 as Nigeria is a HIV-2 region. Im not sure if 6 weeks would be good enough to detect HIV-2. What are your thoughts?
Avatar m tn I had a possible exposure(vaginal) about three months ago due to condom failure, she was a friend and insisted on condoms before sex, I stopped before ejaculation and continued with a new condom. The prevalence of HIV in Nigeria is less than 4% according to statistics. I went to a strange lab in Nigeria they took my blood, centrifuged it and ten minutes later gave me a sheet of paper and ushered me out. This was not a government laboratory so their standards are questionable.
Avatar f tn He is from Nigeria, Africa. Most HIV are from that country, even the Group 0 & N also. I afraid will be infected by these rare virus (Group 0 & N) from his country. Somemore my country's (Malaysia) testing methods does not know whether can detect these rare virus (Group 0 & N) or not?
Avatar f tn He said I could have conducted viral load ( which here in Nigeria cost around 130 USD) before starting taking lamivudine. He said after I do the virus load now he may consider putting me on interferon alpha but I preferred tenofovir or entacavir( which are not yet available here in Nigeria). Please advise accordingly.
Avatar f tn HIV is the virus that can lead to AIDS. An HIV test will test for antibodies to the HIV virus in your bloodstream (though there are Saliva tests and I beleive some urine based tests). Someone who is HIV+ does not automatically have AIDS. A definition of AIDS is when the CD4 count is measured as being below 250.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are MEANINGLESS when it comes to determining whether you have HIV. There are NO specific HIV symptoms. If you in deed had a real risk, then only a test 3 months after the exposure will let you know your conclusive status. Your five week results are encouraging, but again, if you have had a real risk, then you need to test out to three months for conclusive result.