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Avatar n tn I was in the hospital for OCD and I was wearing thick fleece gloves. I looked down and I had a red spot on a fiber of the glove. I bite my nails and my cuticles until they bleed sometimes, when this red spot was noticed my fingers were not awful and not bleeding whatsoever. The doctor said it was okay and the HIV/AIDS hotline said it was not a risk. I'm so afraid that when I took the glove off that my finger with a bite mark on it could have gotten blood or whatever it was in it.
Avatar m tn How long should I wait for an HIV test and from what the Nationa Aids Hotline told me they thought there was a avg chance I could be infected with HIV. Not sure if the girl was or not.
Avatar f tn I first decided that I should test myself to make sure that i was negative, now though I keep getting scared that my results are innacurate. I tested myself using oraquick almost, four times (starting in October) after my last sexual exposure, which was with a condom in July (23rd), the test results all came back negative.
Avatar m tn According to the South African HIV/AIDS hotline , they say that if the condom has no failure ie broken then you are protected , South Africa has the highest infection rate in the world and the main preventetive measure that our government is trying to enforce is condom use , unfortunately in the black community condom use is not practises because of tribal belief systems still in place ...
Avatar m tn ( GMHC AIDS Hotline: (212) 807-6655 (M-F 10-9, ) these people realy put my mide at reat about HIV
Avatar m tn How long should I wait for an HIV test and from what the Nationa Aids Hotline told me they thought there was a avg chance I could be infected with HIV. Not sure if the girl was or not.
Avatar n tn I might ad that when I contacted another hotline (SF Aids Hotline) their answer is always subject to an if/but disclaimer that only ads to ones anxiety.
Avatar n tn Thanks for reply, I am sure if I were to keep reading on the internet I would find out tht shaking hands spreads it also. But what gets me is an Aids Hotline which I have called three times now to see thier diffrent responces gives out so much diffrent info. Last call was the one where the man told me that recieving oral and even kissing has been known to spead hiv. The first call I made a week ago the girl told me that I didnt have a risk. It was the same office.
Avatar f tn i mean if u want to rly know here call this number 1-800-235-2331. itz the hiv/aids hotline. im pretty sure they will answer any of ur questions about hiv. good luck. plus how were u exposed? from oral, anal or vaginal?
Avatar m tn Anyone give some more information. I did called the local AIDS Hotline about action they said that possible of infection because I had beeding cut.
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Avatar f tn ve read and heard from calling the aids hotline, hiv has a hard time surviving in the mouth because of some enzymes that our saliva have. Then when semen is swallowed the hiv cannot survive the acidity in our stomachs. Our mouth is a strong bacteria fighter. You would have to have like an active cut or sore or recent dental work in order to get HIV from Oral. Lets be honest, how many times do we even get cuts or sores in our mouths?
Avatar m tn I cant shake the fear that I may have contracted HIV possibly still, is 12 weeks golden? every aids hotline Ive called said I should be fine and that 10.5 weeks is close enough to 12 weeks to be accurate per massachussetts and California AIDS hotline and since my risk was very low to begin with. at the 12 week mark, is an oraquick advance just as accurate as a full blood draw. Or should I just move on.
Avatar n tn I trust YOUR opinion, but I think most people before coming to this forum have probably called the CDC or the local Aids Hotline and in my case was told something differnet. So that might be what is making it hard for Lynnee_23 and others to accept some opinions on this forum. I don;t think you will ever hear anybody from the Hotline e.g say that fingerng is not risky!
Avatar f tn I hear from cdc, that they dont have info on the oraquicks accuracy as a test. Aids vancouver also doesnt encourage it as well as my local aids hotline. Should i take a rapid test at a clinic? What are your opinion?
Avatar n tn Please get a hold of yourself. You're not going to die. The doctor's are right, the likelihood of that small amount of blood in your eye probably didn't infect you. Also, you would not be having symptoms after just two weeks of possible exposure. The possible thrush you are talking about is curable. The TB is also curable. HIV is treatable. In the worst case scenario if you did test positive, the doctor would give you antivirals prior to giving birth.
Avatar f tn What is the hiv hotline number ?
Avatar n tn Kissing her if she is HIV positive or has aids, what are my chances of getting the HIV virus if i have a cut in between my teeth from flossing and kissing her? Getting a bit worried here, Thank You to any replies made.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I'm gay and earlier I had a sexual contact with a guy, he gave me more than one blowjob, he fingered me, I have hemorrhoids, I didn't notice any cum or pre cum coming from his penis when he touched it but I'm sill afraid and think what if there was some on his finger when he fingered me, we also french kissed, and I have a sensitive gum which bleeds when I brush my teeth.
Avatar n tn I will let you know if my next test is positive. I called Aids hotline and they said I should retest at 6 month mark because not everyones immune system is the same and some people take longer to develop antibodies.
Avatar m tn I have read your answers to posts that suggest at that time the results are almost 100% effective. I also called a HIV/AIDS hotline and they supported that answer. So, I just wanted to know if you think I am fine based on the information I have given to you.
Avatar n tn I also talked to 2 other doctors who said not to worry about it. I also called the HIV/AIDS hotline and they said not to worry, but I am so scared. I wanted some opinions on what to do and if I should get tested for the 8th time in a year. Please respond. P.S. I do not believe that it soaked through and I obsessively wash my hands with anti bac.
Avatar n tn I am VERY anxious. I googled, called the CDC and the local Aids Hotline and they all told me this is very risky. I found your forum today and there are several times where people say that fingering (with precum) to anal doens't transmit HIV. I am confused about the discrepancy of opinions especailly with the CDC and the hotline.
Avatar f tn Did you call the hotline? I really think that you may want to just go now. Why wait another 4 days? By Monday you can be going on day 5 clean. I think if you don't go now while you are in this frame of mind that you may change your mind. Especially going through the weekend. I don't think band was trying to be hurtful but rather just trying to motivate you to prove him wrong. I, myself, am glad you shared as much as you did with us. That takes alot.
Avatar m tn Yet, when I called the AIDS canada hotline today, the woman was adamant saying that I could have very well a acquired HIV. I'm so frustrated with all the conflicting info around. What should I believe?