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317787 tn?1473362051 I agree with you. Unless he means how HIV/Aids was handled at the beginning but he did not say what he meant.
Avatar f tn Australian scientists have determined the structure of a key enzyme that could facilitate the understanding of how deadly viruses like HIV and Hepatitis C infect the human body. A team of researchers led by Melbourne University scientist Spencer Williams and Gideon Davies from U.K.-based University of York studied the bacterial endomannosidase as a model for the same human enzyme and successfully determined its three-dimensional structure using state-of-the-art synchrotron technology.
Avatar n tn there is a guy' post shows Standard test(ANTI-body) can find the virus between week 2 and week 6 by percentage. i am wondering the window period, so many HIV/AIDS (national des control ) point out test after 13 weeks is rule , they dont even mention any test at 6 weeks mark. ARS timing has huge difference among websites, thebody dr. bob said it takes weeks to appear the ars symptoms, and here Dr.HHH said between day 10 to 20 majorirty people with hiv will experience the ARS.
Avatar f tn Ok how is it that dr hook has agreed he has never seen hiv transmitted from a single unprotective vagiinal intercousrse
Avatar m tn Well the time has just about arrived for the over the counter HIV rapid tests--this will encourage more people to test and infection rates will obviously go down--I congratulate the FDA and the Obama administration--by the way--I look forward to President Obamas second term in office--he will win by a country mile.
Avatar n tn But my throat is still sore. I've read so much about HIV ever since my incidenct. My mind is just full of HIV! It's all I think about the whole day. I still work fine but I think that I need some kind of help. Sleeping with prostitutes is so so risky. Something I should have thought about and informed myself about long long back. I took antibiotics for my throat. It looks like it's a viral infection. HIV! My gosh...
Avatar f tn I wasn't aware of those numbers, I have read quite a bit about HIV/AIDS, but not enough I guess. It wasn't a one-time occasion. I was seeing this guy for over a month. But your probably right, anxiety is playing a big role in this situation. I will get tested friday. The symptoms I had more specifically were, sore throat, hard time swallowing, Canker sore (which i've never had in my life), fatigue (i stopped working out and I just wanted to sleep), and Yeast infection. That's ...
Avatar m tn I found an article on treatment of Hep C coinfection with HIV. It is new (2012) and is from AIDS info NIH. The article seems to indicate that the use of protease inhibitors in conjunction with Interferon and Ribavirin can be considered and done. If you cannot do triple medication treatment through your doctor, perhaps you can get into treatment at a large university affiliated medical center. Or, perhaps you can get into a study.
Avatar m tn age – 49 years 75% men, 25% women body mass index (BMI—an assessment of body weight relative to a person’s height) – 25 liver cancer – 34% common HCV strains or genotypes present (genotypes 1 or 4) – 80% co-infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) – 3% CD4+ count – 283 cells undetectable HIV viral load – 88% The use of potent combination therapy for HIV (commonly called ART or HAART) was suspended shortly before surgery and then resumed when recipients began to recover—they could swallow medicat
Avatar m tn CHARLES Home with his family over Thanksgiving, Charles was taken aback to see his sister, who knows he's positive (his brother doesn't), looking over an HIV/AIDS fact sheet with her 10-year-old daughter. "Whenever any issue comes up around [HIV], I seem to be included," he says. He didn't consider telling his niece he was positive. "There were other people around," he says. "It wouldn't have been appropriate.
Avatar m tn As I know you've heard many times on this site, there are a bunch of statistics regarding HIV/AIDS that may not give the whole picture (the San Francisco oral sex study, for instance, which causes many people confusion. Similarly, I, for one, didn't know until I spoke to you that the estimates given out were based on high-viral load, untreated encounters.). I know this research is probably in an entirely different league.
12743456 tn?1429594514 I had an exposure 6 weeks ago now with a bar girl in Asia. Her HIV status was unknown and we had unprotected vaginal sex. Got tested on the 38th day Mark with the following: Rapid antibody test (even though the window is 3 months I wanted to start with this test just to at least give me the slightest peace of mind. RESULT: negative Combo p24/antibody test. RESULT: negative Even with these good results with the combo in the correct window I'm feeling even more worried now.
936016 tn?1332769204 A common assumption is that because of the frequency and number of change of sexual partners with commercial sex workers that they will be more exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and thus more likely to acquire, carry and spread STD/STI’s and HIV. As a clinician working in a clinic where I see many people, male and female, who have used sex workers, the concept of risk is one that generally occurs after the sexual event.
Avatar m tn If you are reading this, you are probably obsessing over the possibility of having contracted HIV and/or are dreading getting an HIV test. However, it is my aim to teach you that you really have nothing to worry about concerning such an exposure. First, HIV is a very difficult virus to transmit sexually.
Avatar f tn Dont make it too late. Start ART treatment as soon as possible so that u can enjoy a normal life like any normal person. Just like diabetes patient consume a tablet daily u also just need to consume a ARV tablet daily night.
Avatar m tn If a woman affected by HIV/AIDS, gives a blow job to a ME, what are the chances for a man to get HIV/AIDS? i have a painful CUT in my penis, due to herpes/pimples and excessive masuturbation. I know The chances are very low, well below 1%, but it is still possible. You do not need visible cuts on your penis, it is possible that you have micro-tears in the skin, from friction during sex or masturbation in the previous day or so.
Avatar m tn I would suggesst you call a local HIV testing group such as an AIDS organization or your health department and ask about its availability EWH
Avatar f tn You never had an exposure for HIV. Mutual masturbation is not an HIV risk. In addition, your 10 week HIV negative test proves you are fine. ARS does not wait until 2 months post to happen. It usually onsets 2-4 weeks post. Not 8+ weeks. If you want to test at 12 weeks for total peace of mind feel free. It is not warranted. Anxiety, and stress while self diagnosing yourself are extremely likely to be the culprit of your symptoms.
Avatar m tn The reduction in risk is so great that 2-3 years ago the public health authorities of Switzerland transiently had a formal policy that HIV infected persons on effective ART didn't even need to use condoms. Needless to say, that was very controversial and raised eyebrows among HIV and public health experts worldwide, and they backed off. But it does illustrate the level of safety conferred by ART with effective reduction in viral load.
Avatar m tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
Avatar n tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
Avatar m tn probiotic yogurt Given my longstanding interest in intestinal health and gut flora and their connection to “HIV/AIDS”, I was understandably excited when I received the news of Prof. Marco Ruggiero’s recent work involving GcMAF and a specially formulated probiotic yogurt. And as you might imagine I had lots of questions. Ruggiero and I exchanged a series of emails and what follows is the background on this line of research, in Ruggiero's own words and published with his permission.
Avatar m tn Concomitant nevirapine therapy is associated with higher efficacy of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin among HIV/hepatitis C virus-coinfected patients. Eighteenth International AIDS Conference, Vienna, abstract TUAB0101, 2010.
Avatar m tn I assume (and certainly hope) you discussed this exposure event with the hospital or clinic infection control team, and that an ID specialist or other HIV/AIDS expert prescribed your PEP regimen and is following you. If so, that person's advice is just as valid as ours on this forum, perhaps more so. Dr. Hook and I have little direct experience in prescribing PEP and in following people after known HIV exposures. That said, you had a low risk exposure.
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