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Avatar m tn Stroke can be ischemic or hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke occurs as a result of blockage to an artery. For this therapy with clot dissolving drugs (thrombolytics), should be initiated early. Aspirin, an anti-thrombotic drug, is given immediately after an ischemic stroke to reduce the likelihood of having another stroke. Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part.
Avatar m tn my fiancé is 24 she had a hemorrhagic stroke. The doctors put her in induce acoma shes been like that for 3 weeks now she is stable. the took a piece of her skull to let out pressure out I need some information and help please.
Avatar n tn Everyone please remember, they can hear you and need to be kept informed with what is going on not just with their recovery, but also family issues, the weather, success stories about stroke recovery etc. Strokes cause extreme depression so it's good to constantly reinforce that they are not fighting alone and that you are striving to help them improve. We have combined an arsenal to fight for my father's recovery. Prayer, faith, hope, love, energy healing, research etc.
Avatar m tn Time, time, time.... Your fiancé needs time to heal. 1 year ago my mother had a hemorrhagic stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side, unable to swallow or do anything for herself. Today my mother's weakness on her right side is almost undetectable. she is eating regular foods, and walking around with a walker. The best thing you can do is get involved and learn as much as you can about her specific stroke and what to except.
Avatar f tn Hi my fiance is 46 & he had a hemorrhagic stroke on left side of the brain while at work on April 26, 2010. He never complained of headaches to me, but I could feel something was different. He luckily was working close to the hospital. He collapsed and hit his head on a piece of equipment. He had emergency surgery and they removed a bloodclot 3/4 size of baseball. Just today he opened both eyes and it was fabulous. The Dr.
Avatar m tn Hi,my 57 year old mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke,she was pretty healty before this,but she does smoke.The doc said it was 4 cm and it was on her left side,her vision is affected and her capability to read. She was in the hospital 5 days,her blood pressure,blood work,everything looks good which is very weird!Other then that she was conscious all the time,no memory loss or anything like that. My question is why the docs didn't give her any medication while in the hospital or after?
Avatar f tn I was 37 yrs old, healthy school bus driver who had a physical every year. The only time I was ever in a hospital was each time I gave birth, and I have 5 children.No complications giving birth. Never had high blood pressure.Until the day I had my stroke. I layed across the bed, going to take a nap before my afternoon route and the next thing I remember, was my head was pounding, ears ringing, room spinning, couldn't move my eyes, or neck, arms was numb, and I felt sick at my stomach.
Avatar f tn The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
Avatar f tn Hang in there. My girlfriend was healthy when she had a hemorrhagic stroke in June, 2009. It has been a very difficult road of recovery. She gets stronger as time goes on, but for the first 3 or 4 months progress seemed slow if at all sometimes. She still has some effects but she is certainly getting better.
Avatar n tn My 61 year old Mother had a hemorrhagic stroke on 11/18/2007. Her bleed was in her cerebellum. She had 2 surgeries and a craniectomy. She was in ICU for a week and a half and now is in intermediate care. She has gotten a staph infection & pneumonia and other infections. She has a trach and PEG also. She has been responsive through eye commands and squeezing with her left hand. However, last week she lost that and it just came back yesterday. It has been 3 1/2 weeks.
Avatar m tn First of all, I hope you and your wife an excellent recovery. You want a good recovery story? Well, here's one. My husband is truly a walking miracle. He had a hemorrhagic stroke in July 2007. Three of his doctors told me they didn't expect him to make it. My husband is walking, talking, eating, taking care of himself and doesn't need anyone with him all day. He had a very large bleed...12cm...which is considered massive.
Avatar m tn My dad had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 days ago and I need to know what I should ask the neurologist about his recovery.
368646 tn?1208393887 Is there any relation of a hemorrhagic stroke causing vasculitis on the affected side? Doctors are at a loss as to why Sed Rate keeps increasing (Lupus and MS have been ruled-out.) and recovery has gotten worse.
Avatar m tn Hello, My 89 year old grand mother, residing in India, has recently suffered a hemorrhagic brain stroke. She lives at home, but stays on a bed for the whole day as she does not have much control. When we talk to her she cannot respond and tears leak out of her eyes. She can now unconsciously move her legs and her right wrist. When we bring a glass (she only takes liquids) near her mouth she opens her eyes and her mouth a little so we can pour some into her mouth.
Avatar n tn My mom had a severe hemorrhagic stroke on the left side of her brain on Nov 11. It is almost her third week and she does not seem to know who we are. She is awake and moves her left hand and leg but no movement on her right side.Can someone please tell me how long it usually takes before they start to gain their cognitive skills back?
Avatar f tn Hi.. My father had a hemorrhagic stroke on 29 April. He is 62 years old.. It was a hypertensive bleed in the right basal ganglia and extending into the ventricle.. They put an ventricular drain and drained it out. On the second day.they did another ct scan which showed an infarct in the right brain.. Middle cerebral artery region.. Then they did a decompressive craniectomy on the right side.. Since then he was.put on a.ventilator and a.tracheotomy was done and he developed pneumonia..
Avatar f tn My father (73) had hemorrhagic stroke on Mar 08, 2012. He is in India. He is still in beg not responding to anything other than seldom blinking eyes for a couple of seconds. Please prey for him to get well soon.
Avatar m tn My 52 year old son had a severe hemorrhagic stroke 11 months ago. He wants to sleep all the time and is very lethargic when doing therapy. He has shown very slow recovery. He had his trake removed but still cannot eat due to coughing, even though he will swallow up to 40 times with only 5 coughs. He is getting feeling in his leg and has moved it slightly several times. His paralyzed arm is just now beginning to move slightly. What can I expect?
Avatar m tn My farhers is 78 years old , he got a non hemorrhagic stroke in brain 2 C.
Avatar f tn I read this book and she had a massive hemorrhagic stoke. Watch it if you can to see her recovery. Of note, she has a PhD in Brain Anatomy.
Avatar m tn Stroke can be ischemic or hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke occurs as a result of blockage to an artery. For this therapy with clot dissolving drugs (thrombolytics), should be initiated early. Aspirin, an anti-thrombotic drug, is given immediately after an ischemic stroke to reduce the likelihood of having another stroke. Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities.
368646 tn?1208393887 Does a relation exist between a hemorrhagic stroke causing Vasculitis on the affected side? After a stroke in 2005, doctos are at a loss of why Sed Rate keeps increasing and recovery is getting worse (I have tested negative to Lupus and MS.).
Monster I recently had a hemorrhagic stroke. Doc put me on two BP meds, a water pill and statin cholesterol pill. I have never had high cholesterol. I am tired all the time, lost sense of taste, and foggy brain function... I read this could be due to statins. Is it safe to just stop the statin drug?
Avatar n tn My 83 yo MIL had a hemorrhagic stroke on Saturday (8/3). She is a long term user of Coumadin due to previous DVT. Fortunately, she was in a public place when this happened, otherwise she almost certainly would not have sought help. Today (8/6), she is being moved from step-down to a rehab facility. Her only apparent problems are nausea, dizziness and general weakness (the bleed was at the base of the skull). Of course, she is also depressed.