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Avatar n tn Hi, Sorry to hear about your dad :( Recovery from stroke is slow. Your whole frame of reference changes, whay would seem insignificant changes to others become huge milestones. Is he getting therapy? Speech therapists can help with the swallowing. I don't know anything about the foods, sorry. Encourage him to keep doing his exercises & doing as much for himself as he can & lots of rest - his brain needs time to heal.
Avatar m tn I want to give her every chance to recover before exploring the option of putting her down...but need to know a reasonable time frame to expect a recovery. Thanks!
Avatar n tn family, friends, my health and the well-being of those I love. I have devoted a large part of my time to helping other stroke survivors and my online stroke group is indexed on the major search engines and publications such as Stroke Smart and the Stroke Connection magazines. Please keep in touch!
Avatar n tn I greatly appreciate your stories of recovery after hemorrhagic stroke. My 81-year-old husband had this type of stroke on 7/3. It was a rather large bleed in the back right portion of his brain. Many of your experiences sound exactly like mine. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube, although he has been breathing for up to 10 hours without the vent. He has just begun opening his eyes and blinking them, and also lifting his right arm a bit.
Avatar m tn anyway good luck and just walk whenever he can. 6 months is the window frame to recovery faster. After that recover does happen but it slow down.
Avatar n tn Your dads recovery and what has occurred seem similar....My stroke was this past May and I was diagnosed with colonus on the left side.(shaking of the body parts). I have recently had an EEG and I am awaiting the results of same....Did your dad lose consciousness as they told me they were partial seizures....only the EEG will tell....I understand that strokes may cause or set off epilepsy...
Avatar m tn Depending on this, there can be complete recovery (time frame no one can predict) or partial recovery or permanent disability. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn Mom (78 yo) had an ischemic stroke overseas where she lives. It was severe; but, she is definately 'present' and struggling to 'come back'. Their focus is on what she can't do. No promotion of skills she can demonstrate. To them everything is wishful thinking or 'reflexes'. Any negative aspect is a reason to give up. They won't even look. We have to videotape her controlled movements and stick it in their face. Even then we get a bunch of broken promises.
Avatar n tn however, I am optimistic, and believe that God and time will help me through this horrible ordeal. I do not believe that there is a certain time frame for guaranteed recovery, as each case is unique. Thoughts and prayers to you all that have suffered through this experience...never give up hope!
Avatar n tn He too has spasticity. what did Doc say about the condition? i mean did they give any time frame to recovery? can she recognize u? can she sit/talk? how r u feeding her? Hope she feels better soon. and hope my dad also recovers soon. its so devastating to see our loved ones like that!
661823 tn?1293879553 My Wife had a huge stroke last year due to an episode of A-fib while on life support. From the scans, they estimated a 30% recovery. The first thing I have to say is, ignore what Doctors say. It was once believed that the brain had 2 years to recover from a stroke, but that has been proved wrong. Even at 90 years of age, we have the ability to form millions of new connections and break old ones every hour. So the brain is hugely adaptable.
Avatar n tn My Neuroligist order that I under go physical therapy, there is a time frame, but you need to really discuss this with his Doctor, because every case is not the same, everyones body is different in the way that we react to things. Talk with your Dad and encourage him. It helped to have my family along for the ride, I was told if I didn't use it, I would lose it.
Avatar n tn Try not to listen to anyone giving you a time frame for recovery of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. It is their body that decides how long it will take to recover, just be there, love him, educate yourself on stroke recovery, and be the son your father knows you are.
Avatar n tn If your surgery is elective, you can expect about half the recovery time of my trauma-induced surgery. This surgery has dramatically improved an already very fulfilling life. I have a new lease on life, and I didn't even need one!
Avatar n tn She has physio therapy working her muscles but do people with paralysis get some motor function back and if so what type of time frame as it is now almost20 months.Is there any recent research or therapy to aid in the motor recovery process such as magnetic stimulation or emg that we should be considering or inquiring about? Any questions I should be asking the rehab or dr.'s to find out about my mother's prognosis for it....
Avatar n tn He gets confused easily on how to do things. I know everyone is different but is there some sort of time frame? Someone will be coming to our home for physical/occupational therapy. The doctor said there is nothing that can be done for his sight except wait. We would be greatful for any information you could give us on this subject. My husband already has clinical depression and this not knowing is taking it's toll on him.
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Avatar f tn You are stuck focusing on MS but avoiding that over this same time frame you have been dealing with a diagnosed thyroid condition, your thyroid removal was only a couple of years ago (probably on thyroid replacement drugs to keep it under control?) and most relevant to your MRI's is the association of thyroid conditions and frontal lobe lesions.
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