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Avatar n tn Stroke recovery time I think will depend much on the age of patient. There may be good chances of recovery for patients less than 50 years of age but for patients more than 70 years of age chances may be nil. Physical and mental recovery both will be different too. Mental recovery will be more difficult than physical recovery. This is my feeling after goingthrough so many cases. I would like to know openion of others in the matter.
Avatar f tn My son who is 45 just had a mild stroke, 4days ago, now he can't talk properly, he knows what he wants to say, but the words won't come out!,& he can't write, nothing wrong with his hand, otherwise hes ok,he has headache but the doc told hm, with the medication he only had his right hand tingles & his mouth,, 2years ago he had meningites, he came out ok, nothing damage, Do you think it got something to do with the meningites he had???
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar f tn Besides controlling the bleeding, controlling high risk factors like diabetes and hypertension and physical therapy are needed for recovery from stroke. Ensure to see she takes her medication regularly and does physical therapy. Also, follow up with her doctor for monitoring, she will improve. Good luck with her recovery. Regards.
Avatar n tn My mom is 58 she suffered a heart attck & she had water filled in her lungs so she was put on a ventilator with 4 1\2 days of complete sedation. then they wanted to wein her of the vent so they stopped sedation but today more then 60hrs are over but she is still semi consious so they did a CT scan & it showed as a mild stroke.
Avatar n tn Just have faith and keep helping her. My husband also had a hard time standing after his stroke. It took him almost two months to be able to walk again with assistance. Don't give up and God bless!
Avatar f tn I am a 19 year old collge student whos mother suffered from a hemorrihagic stroke on Aug. 28, 2008. The stroke occured through her left eye and affected her whole right side of her body it caused paralysis as well as exspresive apahsia. The day of the stroke she was alert and was able to respond appropriatley.
Avatar m tn my father suffered a mild stroke at age 85 we beleive he was hit by the stroke between 5 am and 7am was in hospital by between 730 am and 8am .this is a healthy man who does have a arythmia problem and stopped his meds which was metropolol. in hospital he did a nuero exam came through with good results remembers all families first names and neices and girlfreinds all objects shown to him were correct .
Avatar m tn It is not clear how long she will be like this. At what point of time recovery process will set in? Will she regain her swallowing capacity and eye lid movements? Please advice us.
Avatar f tn I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn However, when she woke up on Monday and had no use of it, and her leg started feeling very heavy she went to the hospital. They said she had a mild stroke. She had no other symptoms and the recovery was amazing. They were all amazed. By Monday night she could lift her arm over her head, although it still felt very heavy and her fingers wouldn't do exactly what she wanted them to do. Her leg was completely better. It felt as though nothing had ever happened.
Avatar m tn My father, at the age of 65, went from COMPLETLY bordering at catatonic... he had a stroke 5/8...had complete loss of expressive language, and mild loss of receptive language...his major problem was in his mouth/tonge and throat...he was unable to swallow, talk clearly etc...but he was making improvments everyday...talking more, begining to try and eat etc... then 5 days ago (5/21) he had another stroke...this one was a "mini stroke.
Avatar f tn I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I can tell you 100% that your emotions change right after a stroke. Crying is very common. I can tell you that I had about a 6 month time right after my stroke that I cried at least one time everyday, mosts days several times. You have to understand that some of this crying is not all of time emotional. Sometimes crying is like a reflex is the best way I can describe it. There is a trauma that happened to his brain.
Avatar f tn My grandfather had a mild stroke this previous Monday. Is there any way to get the nurses to stop taking daily blood samples from him? I know they need to monitor the substance levels in his bloodstream daily, but this is actually counterproductive as it is hindering his recovery. It is also apparent that all of these tests/procedures are being carried out by the hospital in order to rack up a large insurance bill, which is complete bull****.
Avatar n tn Very sorry to hear about your stroke. I applaud your courage and motivation in what sounds like a tough recovery period. To accurately comment on prognosis or outcome of your stroke, I would have to examine you personally and see your imaging studies to know exactly what was damaged and how far you've come. To be honest, I'm not sure that anyone can tell you whether or not you will ever reach your high baseline functioning status.
Avatar n tn The cause of the stroke(s) was never determined. During the first two years of my recovery, I had three TEEs. While it was determined I had no PFO, the first TEE showed mild mitral valve regurgitation. The second TEE (6 months later) showed an increased mitral valve regurgitation. One year following the second TEE, a third TEE was completed after being evaluated for post-stroke headaches. The impression from the third TEE showed an atrial septal aneurysm "avg - 1.
Avatar f tn My dad has recently (within the last week) had a mild stroke. He is only 48 and reasonably healthy so it came has a huge shock. The stroke was a clot to the left side of his brain. His memory has not been affected and his doctors are very impressed with the progress of his recovery in the short time since the stroke. They believe after all of his rehabilitation he should be back to 100% independance. The outlook is good in that respect even though at the moment its all still very saddening.
Avatar n tn He had a mild stroke last June and while hospitalized, had a major stroke two days later. The last stroke a few days ago has affected his left side. He has some motor skills, but is very weak and his speak is worse than after his last major stroke. My question is what are the chances of recovery after three strokes in less than two years? The doctors have started him on coumadin today.