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Avatar n tn I hope everyone who visits this site after their loved one has had a hemorrhagic stroke will be encouraged by the experiences of my husband and your mother. With enough tender, loving care and a bit of prayer, surprising things can happen. For four weeks, my husband was nearly in a coma. Today, he was combing his own hair. There is still much work to be done.
Avatar n tn Symptoms can vary depending on whether the stroke is caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke), where the stroke occurs in the brain, and how bad it is. A stroke usually happens suddenly but may occur over hours. For example, you may have mild weakness at first. Over time, you may not be able to move the arm and leg on one side of your body.
Avatar m tn The doc who first said he had a stroke and had the tia was now saying no signs of stroke and no reason to worry? The doc and nuro are the same from the 1st incident 10 years ago. They do want to do another mri, cat scan saying it has been 10 yrs but wtf. Tell a person they had a stroke, medicate them for ten years for it and then say nope, no stroke....... My dad has been unable to get any kind of decent health insurance because of this. I told him to find new doc for second opinion.....
233915 tn?1218816727 Your daughter may have migraines, but the fact that she has had one stroke would make me worry about why that happened and why she is having neurological symptoms. Basically, your doctor may end up being right, but I think you may want to get second and third opinions first. At the very least your daughter should be tested for a PFO (paten foramen ovale) which is a small hole in the heart that causes many pediatric strokes and be tested for blood clotting disorders.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke rehabilitation, or, in more optimistic terms, stroke recovery, is the process by which patients with disabling strokes undergo treatment to help them return to normal life as much as possible by regaining and relearning the skills of everyday living. It is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient.
Avatar m tn Often stroke symptoms in dogs cannot be identified, unless it's been a slow and steady process. Some of the signs to keep a check on your pet are losing control over bladder and bowel movement, losing balance, sudden blindness, not responding as usual and seizure of twitching of the body. What would you do if you find that your dog is having a stroke?
Avatar n tn My mom had a hemorrhagic stroke a year and a half ago when she was 76. The performed surgery to remove the mass of blood. Her right side was affected and could not move her leg and had very little movement in her arm. Today, she has had really no improvement in her physical abilities eventhough she has had a lot of physical therapy, OT and speech therapy. She is in a wheelchair and can't do much.
Avatar n tn I was unable to stay awake and was dizzy and groggy all the time. I went to the neurologist and he suggested adding Mavik to bring the bp down even further. Once that regimen was established, I was unable to ambulate for more than a matter of minutes. I was always feeling totally brain damaged. I explained this to the doctor, he didn't seem to care. I made a second trip to the doctor, he seemed upset with me and as I was leaving he handed me a bag and walked off.
Avatar n tn Mamino, my grandmother had a stroke and her symptoms are very similar to the ones that you spoke about. I was wondering if you could update me on the current status of stroke recovery. Again my grandmother's symptoms are almost identical (no alertness/consciousness, can move all limbs, etc...). I'm hoping you get this.
Avatar f tn My mom tried to wake her up and my grandmother did respond but with slurred speech and she was unable to move her right side. My mother recognized that this was symptoms of a stroke and immediately called 911. At the hospital, the doctors took an MRI and discovered she had had an ischemic stroke on the left side of her brain, however it was not too severe. My mother, who is a doctor, requested a tPA or thrombolysis but the neurologist refused due to my grandma's age and health conditions.
1211508 tn?1343083205 Ischemic stroke Hemorrhagic stroke A Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in part of the brain becomes weak and bursts open. Some people have defects in the blood vessels of the brain that make this more likely.
534785 tn?1329595808 I've been sick for awhile (2yrs) with extreme fatigue, swollen joints, essential tremor favoring my left arm, occasional night sweats, general feeling of malaise, bad headaches, inability to concentrate, brain fog, muscle weakness, dizziness, and ventricular tachycardia, mostly attributed to subclinical hypothyroidism, yet my symptoms haven't gone away despite thyroid hormone treatment and normal TSH levels, so I think something else is going on...I'm just not sure what.
534785 tn?1329595808 Couldn't an ischemic stroke cause my symptoms?!?!) Attending review (aka the "better" radiologist looked at this, too): Agree with above." ...I guess the pineal cyst didn't show up in the CT Scan results? I'm not sure if it even should, but I do know that this scan was not done with contrast. Thank goodness my next MRI is in a week and a half! I don't know what this "hypodense" region means, and I don't like it one bit...
Avatar n tn alright, well, obviously i'm on this site because yes, I too have been experiencing (painfully) these same types of symptoms... KNIFE-LIKE pains shooting through my bowels way down in my butt area and low abdomen. i JUST experienced this for about 10 minutes this morning!!! my fiance was sat next to me and had no idea what was going on. i've been dealing with these types of episodes for a while now..
368646 tn?1208397487 Without the ability to examine you and obtain a history I can not comment on the exact cause of your symptoms. However, if your symptoms have only improved since your stroke/surgery, it's likely your current symptoms are merely residual from that event and are likely permanent. If, however, your symptoms have been changing recently or certainly getting worse, it would be worthwhile to make sure there isn't another process going on. You meant you've previously been positive for HSV-1.
Avatar n tn I haven't had much help from my doctor, although I did find that exercising for 20+ minutes a day for about a week will get rid of almost all the symptoms. A couple days without exercise and my symptoms will return. Also, cutting out simple sugars from my diet seemed to help a lot. I feel much less hungover if I avoid candy and cookies. Hope these two tips might help someone.
Avatar n tn Some patients have a rapid down hill course, while others it is more gradual over a period of time, while in others there is a rapid progression but then a leveling off of symptoms (static and non-progressive) but in time symptoms will progress. So, it is variable depending on the patient but always progressive in nature. Subarachnoid hemorrhage can be considered a hemorrhagic stroke, but certainly not an embolic stoke or lacunar stroke.
7010575 tn?1387028994 Thank you, Sir IMMUNOLOGY Test Description Result Units Reference Range Thyroid Profile ( TFT ) ( Thyroid Function Test ) T3 0.97 ng/ml 0.61 - 1.81 T4 9.20 μg/dl 3.2 - 12.6 TSH 5.65 μIU/ml 0.35 - 5.
Avatar f tn or vomiting of blood (signs of gastrointestinal bleeding) Signs of a hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain), such as vision or speech changes, weakness or numbness in an arm or leg, or a severe headache. I took that from a website that I just found. It also says if you think you may have had an overdose of omega-3 then seek medical attention immediately. Please be careful. Wish you the best!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a TIA and Hemorrhagic stroke. I was there for 4 days and thenj was discharged to go home. Once home I saw my PCP who had me go see a Neurologist. I did not make that appointment as I was Hospitalized 2 days later here in the states. What they found was that I had more bleeding (note this was on the right side of my brain. I should tell you I experienced no symptoms immediately at the time of my "event" that I was aware of.
Avatar n tn The diffusion imaging demonstrates bright signal here and the ADC map demonstrates no signal suggesting this is acute non hemorrhagic stroke. My PCP told me I had a stroke and sent me for Ultrasound of carotid arteries. The U/S showed nothing. Tingling, etc. continued. PCP said this was the brain recreating the pathways that were destroyed by the stroke. Advised that if I had anymore numbness to return to ER. Started me on aspirin.
1415321 tn?1306973553 Sometimes is hard for me to explain my symptoms to these doctors and they take advantage and brush me off, treat me like I am a lunatic and do not even listen to me. Why is it so hard to find a decent physician that cares? Why is our health system so awful? And why are we as women treated so badly by our healthcare specialists and medical staff workers?
1323747 tn?1364810482 An electocardiogram is not what would demonstrate diastolic heart failure- it's a combo of signs and symptoms and estimated left ventricle size and ejection fraction, for which you would need an echocardiogram, catheterization or MUGA scan. Some years back, I used to see posts from someone with PAF called Xena on national dysautonomia research foundation's forum, but it has been closed for maintenance for quite some time.
Avatar f tn (Orange peel appearance) redness, itchiness and the breast is warm to the touch. It is called inflammatory because the symptoms that are usually redness and warmth in the skin of the breast, often without a distinct lump,it can be mistaken for an infection and initially be treated with antibiotics. IBC would not get better on the antibiotics, and symptoms would be unlikely to resolve on their own.A skin biopsy is usually the best test to detect IBC.
Avatar n tn The National Institute of Health Alergies and Infectious Diseases division is currently (for about a year and a half) doing invitro and invivo tests on 32 different diseases. The Army's bio-defense agency recently announced they are testing it also. This drug does to viruses what penicillen does for bacteria. (With one exception, the FDA also approved Tarvacin for phase I testing of all types of solid tumor cancers.
Avatar n tn I went to the neurologist and she laughed and said my report looked great and was normal. Boom, there goes those symptoms. I made another mistake and read where the MRI dye mixed with a person with renal failure could cause a rare disease. I became obsessed with that. Plus I had a strange smell I had for years in my nose and saw some things on kidneys. The tingles came back but in my feet and I became convinced my feet were swollen and having troubles. I have had blood tests...waiting..
Avatar n tn She has stopped most of her heart meds and has not returned to the drastic CHF symptoms (no-one knows why). But she is getting more quiet and eating and drinking less and less. Without critical symptoms, it is even harder to "take your dog in." Maybe Aggie will die at home with her mom who says she is and always will be one of the greatest loves of her life. Have any of your animals simply faded peacefully? Do you all recommend more coercing with food or just letting things be?
Avatar n tn 5 years, I've had really weird symptoms that come and go. Went to doctors who ran blood tests and examined me... Said it was stress, anxiety and depression... Possibly, but I did more research and wonder all these things (including this incident) could actually be related to perimenopause...and hormone levels fluctuating... I read a lot of posts on another site and women experience really weird perimenopause symptoms... (FYI, perimenopause is the period before menopause. From mayoclinic.