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Avatar n tn I have become too skinny with this weight loss and would like to reverse the pattern, and gain some weight. Quite opposite what most of the people in the USA need. If any one has any idea as how to gain weight, please let me know. Perhaps some other people may also benefit with your suggestion. Further, if anyone is familiar with some natural ways of controlling diabetes 2, please share your ideas. Thanks in advance. Robert, NYC.
Avatar n tn I went today for my first week weight check and my second shot.....my weight loss for my first week is 9.5 pounds!!!! Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!
Avatar n tn Why would there be the discrepancy? Is there a chart of aorta sizes based on size/weight/age of person? (I'm small and colonoscopies require a pediatric scope.) Websites indicate aneursyms under 3 centimeters isn't usually reported. Should I restrict any weights - my gyno mentioned it. "HealthFair USA" screening detected ASI "mild abnormality" 84 AC - Is that something the vascular doctor should know? FYI - 64 years young, 110 pounds and very active.
1110049 tn?1409405744 I know you are excited about the wedding. I believe you can do it! I have 20 pounds to lose to get to a normal weight for my height. We can lose those pounds together. By the way, I have suffered from depression since I was 12 years old. Really bad depression! I have taken everything and gone to counseling for decades. What finally worked for me was to accept it as normal for me and proceed onward. I only take St. John's Wort now each morning.
Avatar f tn Hi Dragon1973, Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative response, I really appreciate it. We're on the waiting list to see a genetic counsellor so I'm looking forward to gaining a little more insight into my daughter's condition. Mia (my daughter) has had several health issues and at the very least it would be good to finally know what's causing them. My understanding is that she has an xy translocation, with partial deletions at the breakpoint on the x chromosome.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends; Holy Mother of Tramadol FOG! Early morning and all morning has been ... the height of suckiness. It got better once I just cried. I felt better after that. I think now alot of the emotional stuff is hitting me. I'm not numbed by a drug and I have 5 years of emotional cellular storage to work thru I think. May I Trust Higher Power to restore me to sanity!? I got an email this morning from my Mother who says she's coming here in September? I can't even think that far in advance.
Avatar n tn Anyone with a brain knows that you can't just tell a person a flat amount of calories to burn to lose a flat number of pounds. Weight loss to calorie burn ratios depend on age, gender, height, weight, body mass, hormones, activity level, and a huge list of other factors. It is unreasonable to tell anyone they should not use a product/program without any science to back it up. If you need your "proof," I suggest using a little site called "Google." Try looking it up.
Avatar m tn Also weight and abdominal girth can effect readings a lot... what type machine was used, if you have the results please post them? what is your BMI? (height weight) and for how long was the scan done? Where and by whom. did they say 14 everywhere or did they specify areas of different numbers? how long have you had the disease and what is you VL, alt/ast and bilurubin? It would be premature to say you got an accurate reading without knowing some of these things.
Avatar m tn I'm 38 years old male, 76 kg weight and 5ft 4inches height. I did lipid profile test and following are the numbers Total Cholesterol 242 Triglyceride 254 HDL Cholesterol 38 LDL Cholesterol 153.2 VLDL Cholesterol 50.8 Total Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 6.3 LDL Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 4.0 My doctor suggested me to take medication Azur 10mg per day, I asked my doctor if it comes down to optimum level by lifestyle modification?
Avatar m tn age 51, bp 124/82, resting heart rate 58, height 5'6 weight 148, bmi is 16 not 24 like the table says because high muscle mass vs little fat. no diabetes in family. dr told me 30 mins brisk walking per day i laugh because i do hard workout for 1.5 hrs. not 3 hrs like when i was competeing but 30 mins walking is nothing to me.
1930700 tn?1327068504 The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), and the International Antiviral Society-USA (IAS-USA) this week announced the first new hepatitis C treatment guidelines that include next-generation direct-acting antiviral agents recently approved by the FDA. The guidance is available on a new website, HCVguidelines.org, that will enable frequent updates to reflect emerging data.
251922 tn?1193786078 k so I am 13 pounds down in 15 days. Four days I was at the same weight, didn't complete the apples all day because I was wek and not feeling well. I'm up a smidge today but I don't care. I mixed a new batch up and wondered since the pharmacist helped me mix it to keep me at a 150 dose can I just pull up to the 2.00 mark on the syringe or will it not work? I want a higher dose.
1358341 tn?1282213443 I just found her past weight (30 July -> 8 September): 4.5 -> 3.250 Normally loosing weight should height her creatinine. Else there was a problem with the machine, else it's something with her (cured or wrong diagnostic). Probiotics lasted: 6 August to 2 September 2010, new ones didn't came. I restarted Renalzin phosphate binder today the 16th September, I had stopped the 2th September. She went to vet: 24 June, 30 July, 8 September Her Crea levels mg/L did 23.3 - 26.8 - 21.
Avatar n tn I had plenty of energy to exercise which I did 5 - 6 aerobic work outs and 3 weight training work outs. I am a personal trainer and I was having an extremely frustrating time loosing weight after the birth of my 3rd child. Yes, I washed my hair and conditioned it. I don't wear alot of make-up anyway so the only thing I changed was that I used a powder sunscreen and Bare Minerals powder concealer. I did wear mascara and removed it with oil free make-up remover.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure has always run a little hi and so I am now on blood pressure medicine with a diuretic to loose the water weight. I admit I need to drop some weight and have changed my diet dramatically and can see my new muscle is burning off the fat. I plan on maintaining my current intake of Test and increasing my cardio and reducing my sodium to get my blood pressure down. I would say not to be scared of injections and stay at 1cc a week max.
Avatar n tn 9 nmol/l SHGB 18 nmol/l The next set are 4 weeks into my PCT are as follows. Estrogen 85 pmol/l = 23.1 pg/ml USA LH 7.3 iu/l FSH 7.4 iu/l Testerone 17.8 nmol/l = 512 ng/dl in USA WOW SHGB 20.0 PSA 0.8 ug/l As you can see it made a lot of diffrence on my blood tests estrogen is under 30 pg/ml and that where i want it to be , i will be getting blood work done on wendsday and will post friday for my results.
Avatar f tn When I got pregnant my OBGYN did not even mention what it was even when she did my physical. Now after 2 pregnancies, these axillary breast tissue just got bigger (I gained weight too). Finally during a routine pap exam, the nurse practioner send me to a plastic surgeon, who said that he will take them out, but he sort of frightened me about the scarring. At least i can wear regular clothes with out the ugly bump. I have HMO insurance and it would cover the surgery.
446896 tn?1237806342 I still have a good way to go, though, before I am at the correct weight for my height and age. I can't keep avoiding the doctor when I need one, but I am just so afraid of having a high BP reading and getting another lecture. I am even afraid of taking it at the store on a public machine. I fear what I will see. What if it's high? Then, I'll know it's high AND I'll be afraid to go to the doctor because he/she will see it, AND I'll be afraid of what could happen to me because it's high.
211940 tn?1267884866 At night it is on a scale of 1-10 it is like off the chart around 20 and waking me several times a night. I'm a side sleeper who can't now and even on my back if my arms are moved just right it's excruciating. I can't put on my bra or take it off by just reaching behind myself. I have trouble dressing myself; sometimes I can't hold a glass without the pain. I can no longer pick my 17 month old grand daughter up. I can only lift my arms sideways up so far or straight up or behind me.
Avatar n tn This pain is more annoying than anything and has caused me to not lift as much weight as I do at body pump. I am 5 feet 3 and weigh 110 and work out 5 days a week. Any suggestions?
162948 tn?1205256292 but the cause of removel was I've had other health problems that docs couldn't find out whats causing dizzness, legs swealling up, bad acne, excess weight gain and loss. 5 in a day to week 25 lbs.. getting a secon opion on uturin pain she said I had cysit rupture, a bit odd between 3 ob visits had several pregnacy tests done.
Avatar n tn After all of this, I finally decided to take control of the situation myself. I began an intense cardio workout program and lost weight. I changed my diet and did everything I could think of to become more healthy. At first I struggled with the conditioning and my own anxiety of losing my breath. The shortness of breath over the years had almost developed into a phobia of hard exercise. I hyperventilated many times in the beginning but after a few weeks I felt stronger and better.
Avatar f tn I actually was up to working out 6 days a week, and doing heavy cardio on top of weight training. At the moment, I dont think I'll be able to work a year from now, at least a full 50-60 hour work week, if I continue to decline as rapidly as I have been.
1294995 tn?1330666336 Its funny I told myself this round I wasn't gonna chart or do Opk's yet i find myself waking up in the morning and the first thing i do i take temp lol. It has become a habit i guess. Its hotter than h@@@ her in Toronto this weekend 41 with humidex - gonna be like this all week. Good thing I have a pool to cool off. Have a great day ladies!!!!!
Avatar m tn With other male problems this was becoming an issue but it did work on many of the problems – not all. My theories were given weight when my second daughter was born. She developed complex migraine with extreme visual and neurological symptoms ( even seeing things that were not there) at a very young age. She is now treated (after scans etc) with Tegratol for this.