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Avatar n tn My son is 3 years old, but he's the size of an average 2 year old (he's about 89 cm tall). All along, he's been 1 or 2nd percentile in length on the growth chart. Weight-wise, he's been between the 10th to 40th % lines (closer to 40th% recently). According to the mid parental height, he should be along the 25th%, not the 1-2%. He's also got a large head circumference (always been on the 50th % line), high weight to length ratio, and some snoring/nosebleeds/chronic bad breath problems.
Avatar f tn Please keep the answers and questions in the same window so we can refer back-my memory is not the greatest! She is a perfect weight and height both around the 50th percentile, so not overweight or having rapid growth or short stature.
Avatar m tn I'm 38 years old male, 76 kg weight and 5ft 4inches height. I did lipid profile test and following are the numbers Total Cholesterol 242 Triglyceride 254 HDL Cholesterol 38 LDL Cholesterol 153.2 VLDL Cholesterol 50.8 Total Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 6.3 LDL Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 4.0 My doctor suggested me to take medication Azur 10mg per day, I asked my doctor if it comes down to optimum level by lifestyle modification?
Avatar m tn BTW I should mention that I have had several ultrasounds, lab tests and a few biopsies and as far as I can tell overall the results seem to match up to my weight/general health... that may be coincidence but it does make me wonder.
Avatar n tn Since that time I have forced myself to work through the weight lifting and have cut out the the stairmaster (which did cause a lot of sweating). I found that after a few days the flu like symptoms would diminish from the weight lifting. However, if a took a break for a week or so and then got back into it I went through the same thing. I am in very good shape and I don't know what to do to fix the problem. I had considered the possibility of mineral depletion but I do eat well.
Avatar f tn I actually was up to working out 6 days a week, and doing heavy cardio on top of weight training. At the moment, I dont think I'll be able to work a year from now, at least a full 50-60 hour work week, if I continue to decline as rapidly as I have been.