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198627 tn?1203057607 Tagamet or Cimetidine are 2 over the counter meds that work well for heartburn. Only you know how much pain your in. If you can't stand it, get to the ER.
Avatar n tn Actually, there's more you can tell her than just 'test'. You can offer information and advice. This isn't like someone posting "I'm four days late and I feel nauseated, am I pregnant?". In that case, go get a test already. In this case, though, you can give info on when birth control becomes effective and on emergency contraception.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just approaching my 26th week and having constant heartburn. It's really bad in the evenings and was wondering what would be safe to take...if anything. I didn't want to rely on medications but this is some serious heartburn.
Avatar m tn Ever since then like i said ive gained weight and also been experiencing heartburn/gerd symptoms. First it was feeling of my food sticking in my throat, happens sometimes but not as often.Then the heartburn would come with it,not everyday but when it does,feels like a blow torch in my throat.Now i seem to have this buring sensation just below my breast bone around my sternum area and lately has shifted to my left side. i also have back left side pain.
Avatar f tn They are testing me for an ulcer, but who knows? I wonder if there were always young people feeling this way or is it a more current trend? If that is the case, then something we all are eating, breathing, or experiencing is changing. I've never had any tramadic events and never had anxiety before. You can't possibly life a normal life under this. I can handle stress, but this is a constant battle with your body and mind. At least it feels that way.
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety that seemed associated with heartburn too. I treated the heartburn with 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 glass warm water,(it will cause you to burp because it is neutralizing the acid) and the anxiety seemed to lessen.
8069122 tn?1407175166 Yes!
Avatar f tn They will want to run an EKG as well, though I've read they are not ALWAYS an accurate indicator that something's wrong. Heart attacks sometimes present like heartburn in women. Young people can still suffer from heart attack & since you had chest pain last over a minute the second time, that is especially troubling, along with the breathing problem, sweating & fatigue. Please go to the emergency room now!
Avatar f tn This may sound dumb, but I read the obituaries in the newspaper and I envy the people who have died, especially young people. I hope I would never act on my suicidal thoughts -- but it would be so nice to go to sleep and not wake up. I am so sick of struggling with this bp disorder. I'm sick of being sick. Sure, I have some good days -- but mostly it is a constant struggle to control my thoughts and behaviors.
Avatar n tn Hey, maybe our body is trying to let us know we have somthing in us when other people sneeze in our presence. Everything though is going wrong in my life, lost everything, lost my love, lost my past self. instead of hanging it up, ive decided to give it one last courageous push, i will reconstruct myself. if i dont speak to u guys again jus want to let yall know u guys are the bomb. been a pleasure.
Avatar f tn So I empirically took Nexium 40mg twice daily and Gaviscon at bedtime and 15 days later I am almost air hunger free. Most people respond in 4 months according to the PubMed studies. Please, try this for at least 2 weeks if all other tests are normal. Hope this helps someone. This problem has been ruining my life for almost one year and a half.
Avatar n tn Hi I read about your problem..lower rectal pain in young males is a well described phenomenon in medical literature but has no underlying sinister pathology. You do need to see a surgeon for a per rectal examination to evaluate your prostate..self examination is notrecommended at all.
Avatar f tn Everything went downhill right after I had bowel surgery for my crohns in summer of 09, my surgical site got really infected and by November everything healed but low and behold all the eyeball stuff showed up again lol but with a couple of new symptoms such as large black disc in my vision (not floaters), eyes not tracking tog, neck/back shocks, dizziness/vertigo (especially with induced heat), ringing in ears, pins/needles across shoulders in legs/toes and arms/fingers, balance issues, muscl
Avatar n tn It was helpful, albeit a bit confusing. How common is Acid Reflux in young people? I am 20 years old, and don't really have any allergies and am in genereally in good health. I don't smoke and only drink occasionally. I am not exactly sure what "heartburn" means (English is not my first language), but I don't seem to have any other unusual symptoms.
Avatar n tn Second she is very young and really needs to be with other inexperienced people to grow in life with her age group. She would grow up too quickly which is not fair to her. If you love her consider this also. With love its about the other person. When you 70 she will be 39. What then? Will you still go out partying and how will your Prostate be functioning? As one adult to another, i think better to love her in a different way. Love to teach her wisdom, enlightment or even a business.
Avatar n tn Now I have a glass or two and I know what gave me the blues later on in the day. The lactose intolerant is normal for older people (in my opinion). The heartburn and other GI symptoms should be checked out by a doctor. It's possible that you can control the heartburn-like symptoms. Having it everymorning where you have to thtrow up isn't normal. Better have a doctor tell you whats going on. Hope everything works out.
209591 tn?1267418314 There is always another thing to try or try in combination. You are so young. I'm 40 and feel 80. It's rediculous. I hope you go to Duke and find out something really helpful. There is always hope.
Avatar n tn "I have noticed that I have a lot more heartburn lately." Just want to chime in with the G.I. connection. I used to get PVCs/PACs them all the time, but since I started exercisely regularly and taking a magnesium supplement, I only have a few now and then and haven't been bothered by them for years. The other night, though, I had a very serious IBS attack which left me bent over with cramping and vomiting for 24 hours. I'm better now but I'm still experiencing mild symptoms.
Avatar n tn She was back in the ER last week because her legs went completely numb and she could barely walk. In light of all of the crazy flu bugs and people falling over dead I think it is only natural these days to get nervous when things don't feel right. In fact that is a common triage complaint: "I feel funny" or "I do not feel right". I think it is very important to be your own advocate and be assertive in your own health care until you are satisfied with the outcome.
1796093 tn?1317006110 For example, before my exeperience with anxiety a flutter in my chest would be no big deal...in fact, I probably didn't notice it, but when anxiety is involved that flutter is a very big deal. For me, seeking help through talk therapy really gave me the knowledge to confront it. Learning about it gave me the tools to deal with it quite effectively. Do you have access to counseling?
Avatar m tn However, in some people, those of us who are prone to allergies, our immune system responds to harmful things, but also things that are relatively harmless, and generally cause no reaction in people who do not have allergies. In essence, with allergies, our body is fighting itself, and this is bad. These harmless things that cause allergies are called allergens. Some common allergens are pollens released from trees, mold, hay, grass, dander, and food.
Avatar n tn It is so interesting to hear a "bizarre" symptom and have other people jump in to say they've experienced the same thing! I haven't a clue what could be causing the sensation you are describing. I have a symptom that I have been telling neurologists about for more than twenty years. It is actually my most disabling problem, and they just look at me like I grew a new head. Finally, reading these forums I found someone complaining of the same thing (I think).
192055 tn?1263559137 1. Grew up in the mountains [never had problems with health] 2. Gone back in vacation, situation almost cleared Symptoms: 1. Phlegm at the back of the throat 2. Morning spit brownish 3. Feeling like the uvula is not doing what it suppose to do 4. Really dry throat in the morning 5. Snoring! I never had this problem. Now I snore like a bear. Possible causes [in my case]: 1. Some bug in the AC 2. Too much cold/hot change going in and out of AC environment 3.
Avatar n tn But I do notice here are all young people. Who would this happen as young people is usually heathier than elder people. Three questions: 1. Are you young? I'm 26 year's old. 2. Are you fat? I get fat recently. 3. Do you spend a lot of time sitting before a computer? I did. I want to find the cause and coorelate all these problems.
Avatar n tn I can well remember some 35 yrs ago, with a flare of Crohn's, as an in patient for 3 weeks in a Metabolic Unit in London, England, for Crohn's, that I had this terrible choking feeling in my throat as if there was a lump there. My gastro thought I had a stricture in my small bowel and/or oesophagus. Turned out it was just anxiety at the complexity of my problem.
Avatar n tn The pain is a mild to severe stabbing-type pain, it is in the center of his breast bone (in between his nipples, but a little higher). He has also complained about being dizzy a couple of times. He is really scared (so am I). Do you have any idea what can cause this kind of pain? What should I try next? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn At least they won't be able to deny people a policy because of pre-existing conditions. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to look around for any financial assistance or whatever.
Avatar n tn gurgling/croaking noise coming up from the mid chest area, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, slightly to the right side of throat more so than the left, at first I had slight heartburn in the first month of the symptoms, but now just all the other symptoms. I've taken coffee right out of my diet, and I'm trying nexium as well, but don't think I really have reflux, it's just really weird, I think it's hard to not think about it, because you're constantly wishing it will go away!
Avatar n tn Would you say, you have heartburn, acidic burning feeling behind your breastbone or in the throat? If yes, then your hard breathing may be from acid, which comes into lungs and causes narrowing of small breathing pathways (bronchioli). This is like in asthma. It's not an allergy, but irritation of lungs. If acid goes further into the lungs, it may cause aspiration pneumonia. This causes permanent lung damage. You should by any means avoid these attacks.
Avatar n tn If anyone suffers from palpitations there is a great website called heartburn-help.com and on this people talk about palpitations and one man believes he has actually found a "cure" for them it consists of so much calsium,magnesium etc. go to this web site and under search type in " cure palpitations" and it will give people the list.