Heartburn in babies

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346546 tn?1376252091 I eat about 15-20 tums a day now because of the heartburn. Babies are moving but still can't feel them very much from the outside.
9845831 tn?1421306292 Who's due in febuary? What are your symptoms? I'm due febuary 12 with baby #2 I feel exited I know what to expect when baby comes..... I'm getting lots of heartburn...
Avatar n tn I heard that too lol. If heartburn means baby will have a lot of hair, my baby is going to be super hairy !! Haha.
Avatar f tn m 34 weeks and the heartburn is unbearable sometimes.
Avatar f tn I was reading some comments on google about how your babies hair grows , and some people say that when you get a lot of heartburn your baby comes out with a lot of hair , I got maybe like heartburn 5 times throughout my pregnancy , so does this mean my baby is going to come out with just little hair ?
Avatar f tn With my first and with this one i have constant heartburn. Tums by my bed so in the middle of the night when it wakes me up I can chew a couple. Both babies I have carried low, so I don't know if that has a lot to do with it. Have you tried elevating your upper body some so you aren't laying flat?
Avatar f tn Is it true that the more heartburn you get means the babies hair is dark?
10405418 tn?1410050869 19 days!! November 4th.. physically I feel pretty good besides aches and pains, I'm started to get really anxious about labor, birth, and the first few weeks of being a brand new FTM.
Avatar n tn Terrible low back ache, terrible heart burn first thing in the morning at work, working overnight 7/3-7/4, pain in thighs
453818 tn?1241024973 Yes there are 3 babies in there alittle freaked
Avatar f tn Today in the morning after eating
Avatar f tn I got heartburn in the evening time.
954999 tn?1356748422 Really bad heartburn in night. Took extra lansoprazole and two Remegels. Panicked.
Avatar f tn I've had lots of heartburn in both my other pregnancies and had two very bald babies. my.husband is thrilled because this time I actually got to see hair on the ultrasound for both babies, so hopefully.these two have hair!
Avatar f tn Belly is actually starting to get in my way sometimes and the heartburn has already kicked in, yay....but my husband and I are so excited! My little girl is finally starting to wiggle around more now.
1969424 tn?1353020641 Had my 27 week u/s and Laila look so adorable, in one f her pics she has her fist under her chin. She is progressing really well. she now weighs 2.
Avatar f tn I read an article a few years ago and scientists did find a link between pregnant mothers having heartburn and babies being born with hair. http://m.voices.yahoo.com/pregnant-mothers-heartburn-expect-babies-451594.
346546 tn?1376252091 it's official... heartburn is here. I wake up with it and go to bed with it. I'm going to ask the dr. for something. Pepto helps a little bit but I need something more permanent. I'm also hungry all the time lately. Mabe the babies are going thru a growth spurt?
4364093 tn?1365869659 I get heartburn so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night all i can say is at this stage tums works wonders and ur baby will have lots of hair
Avatar f tn Does heartburn determine how much hair your baby will have cause I haven't had heartburn and I'm scared my baby will be born bald
Avatar f tn I'm currently 6+4 weeks and i am having morning sickness heartburn very fatigued and slight cramping which all is normal my first appointment with the doctor is not until July 30 that is because most doctors don't see patients till about ten weeks
Avatar f tn Does having a lot of heartburn mean my baby will be born with a head full of hair?
Avatar n tn m due February 6th!:) I'm so ready to have baby but its not tiem yet. It's our 5th in 5 years and I'm tired.
1679244 tn?1375241559 I have NOT had heartburn like this this many days in a row since i was pregnant with my DS.
6658929 tn?1395711522 Mothers who have lots of heartburn during pregnancy babies end up with lots of hair at birth