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881363 tn?1499241613 Urgh, heartburn so bad, get it 6/7 times aday, Had midwife today, charlotte is doing great, so in love with her xx
Avatar f tn Why do babies start moving around a lot when we drink orange juice? I drink anything else and I don't get the same reaction from my baby than when I drink orange juice! Its so cute!
Avatar f tn Plz something that helps with the heartburn I can't even sleep
1250698 tn?1371351279 I can't get rid of it and nothing is working either! I can feel the constant burning in my stomach and esophagus. It actually hurt so badly, that the pain radiated into my back to the point that I couldn't walk. I took a Tums Ultra 1000 and the last Pepcid AC in the house too :'( I fell asleep sitting up and I was fine after about 5 minutes waking up, but it came back with a vengeance. I just want to drink a gallon of milk to alleviate it!!!
Avatar f tn Drink water for hiccups, eat food with lots of fiber i think alot of women drink apple juice or prune juice.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, what's a good way to relieve heartburn besides for tums, Zantac and meds. I stay away from meds while pregnant. I usually just fight threw it but it's every night and almost day now :/ never had this much with my first so unsure how to relieve it? Thanks! Btw I'm 30w3days alonge.
Avatar f tn It happened to me to. I also really like orange juice. I found minute made orange juice with low acid and that did the trick. So you should try that.
Avatar f tn Try a glass of milk
1936698 tn?1333915193 I keep reading a lot about vinegar, pickle juice, baking soda and water. Last night I was craving orange juice and I drank a huge glass of it before I went to bed and I didn't have any heartburn last night at all. I wonder if that did anything to ease it because I was having it before I drank it, but not after it. Thanks to everyone who has suggested things.
Avatar f tn Someone please tell me what can help get rid of this severe heartburn and acid reflux I hurts sooo bad and nothing seems to be helping:(
Avatar f tn ve been told that drinking a small amount of something like pickle juice works for heartburn.
Avatar f tn EVERYTHING gives me heartburn! Gum, juice, cheese, fruits, etc. What gives you heartburn?
Avatar f tn Might sound gross but try pickle juice. This is my 4th pregnancy and when tums dont do the trick pickle juice usually does.
Avatar f tn is it just me or does nothing help with heartburn? I've taken every approved medicines by docs, over the counter, tums, milk, bread, every possible thing I could think of. I even get it sitting up!! This is my 2nd pregnancy and the heartburn has been exactly the same. Tiums cover the burning for about an hour then come back. And, my god it is PAINFUL :( Does anyone else have it this bad??
Avatar f tn Sounds gross but eat a pickle!!! I used to have the worst heartburn then I started eating a pickle and drinking a tiny bit of the juice every day and I haven't had any heartburn since!!! It seriously will salve your life!!!
Avatar f tn Eating pickles and drinking pickle juice. Or just straight apple cider vinegar. Takes it away instantly.
6007249 tn?1394900105 Oh wow I must try this haha I have horrible heartburn thank you!
Avatar f tn I tried pickle juice and it gives me worse heartburn and makes me throw up lol.. and that was my craving one point of time!!!
1317258 tn?1421713625 holy crap cakes is any one else getting really REALLY bad heartburn? i'm vomiting beacuse of it. it's so bad. So one told me that if you have really bad heartburn your baby will have heaps of hair well if thats the case i think my baby will be born with longass hair!!!
Avatar f tn Prilosec and Nexium is for heartburn. Prilosec is taken over a 14 day period and can only be taken every 4 months. Not sure about dosing for Nexium but Prilosec is often prescribed because it is over the counter.
993545 tn?1249456679 and it does say that the medication (buspar) im on can cause heartburn but it burns on the right side and its not constant just kind of random pain. Is it jus my anxiety freakin me out or is it heartburn.. or is it something else i need to worry about?
Avatar f tn Drink pickle juice or Apple cider vinegar. Takes heartburn away instantly.
Avatar f tn So I'm 19 weeks and I've been having severe heartburn. There's times it wakes me up outta a sleep. Even If I don't eat much that day. Does anyone else have heartburn like I'm explaining ?
346546 tn?1376252091 another blah day... was craving spagetti-o's then I got heartburn. :oP Feeling better, didn't get sick, and was able to eat. Drank some veggie juice too.