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Avatar f tn reflux and heartburn and bloating when lying down
Avatar f tn I do not feel like I am going to vomit, or feel the burning in my throat like acid reflux, I only have severe heartburn now and then. At least 1/2 of the week. I am very active, have a pretty stressfull job, I work out at the club 4 days a week and run 3 miles at least 4 days a week. I stay away from fattie and fried foods, I eat lots of chicken and fish no red meat at all. I do not drink coffee, I have one diet soda a day if I have one.
Avatar f tn I have had Acid Reflux for the last couple years. I have recently been experencing more heartburn than ever. I'm in Italy and it seems like nobody knows whats going on. I've takin Prilosec, Muslce relaxers etc.. I have tingling in my hands and feet. I don't know what else to do. I really think I should go back to the ER. My EKG came out normal. I'm getting very upset because it seems like people are just telling me its anxiety/stress. Right now I feel blessed not stressed.
1110659 tn?1272163134 Experiencing very bad Heatburn & Reflux.Tastes just Like Asprin,Yuk.Still a walk in the park for me rather then alternating moods.Mood okay today,nice & stable THANK GOD for the break.
342693 tn?1425621476 WOW this heartburn and acid reflux is in full swing! Wow I am eating Tums like candy...I know its all well worth it!
Avatar n tn had a huge BM, less heartburn/reflux then normal
Avatar n tn Bad reflux/heartburn this am. Tired after work. Perked up at gym. Excitable ++.
346546 tn?1376252091 I have heartburn so bad today, it caused acid reflux a couple of times and also I was real nauseous. I've been feeling real down the past few days. I don't know why... but I've been crying and feeling sad. Rey got his ring today, he had to change out the other one for a bigger size.
1250698 tn?1371351279 ve noticed within the past couple of months that my acid reflux has been getting worse. I started taking Tums regular to Tums 750, to now Tums Ultra 1000 AND Pepcid AC. No health insurance is pretty much stopping me in my tracks from getting some help with this.
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Avatar n tn took 20 mg omeprazole in the morning before breakfast. Ate 3 slices of white bread for breakfast. No heartburn, no nausea. At noon, ate salad w/ very little Raspberry Vinaigraitte dressing. The salad had lettuce, crackers, eggs, soft whit tofu, and carrott. at 3pm, mild heartburn and mild nausea. Gone by 4.30pm. The hearburn and nausea came back at around 5.45pm. Drank 1 cup of green tea throughout the day.
Avatar n tn Anything seems to give me heartburn. I also feel a burning sendsation just below my adams apple. I take zantac and it does the job, but its a very annoying problem. Also ive had the feeling of being "fogged in" since the heartburn has gotten worse. could this be related? an answer to either question would be good.thanks ____ dear Chris, I doubt a relationship between being "fogged in" and the reflux.
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971074 tn?1362759766 Oh yeah for me since about 30-32 weeks i've had horrible reflux and heartburn and i never did before. Tums have been my best friend lately. I used to be able to eat anything i wanted and now even my one cup of coffee in the morning gives me reflux and heartburn. almost any kind of juice, pizza(which i loooove lol) anything with any kind of acidity makes it horrible. were almost there though!
Avatar f tn Probably mixed with a lil acid reflux drink a glass of milk it should help
Avatar f tn I've been having heartburn frequently and can't keep my acids down ..I had my gallbladder removed over 7 years now yet is it common to feel the same as before or worse ?
1317258 tn?1421713625 I have heartburn since the beginning! But if I eat somethin the sets it off I get horrible acid reflux ( where it's like I just vomit with no gagging... Gross!!!) same thing... If that's the case this little guy is going to come out needing a haircut...lol!!!! But it is funny,. I can eat spicy food no problem, I have trouble with citrus like orange juice and the worst I ever hot it was after eating chicken carbonara...???? It's a cream sauce??? Don't get it...
Avatar f tn Is acid reflux the same as heartburn ? I don't get heartburn. Believe I only had it once through this pregnancy but I've had acid reflux a lot through out my entire pregnancy.
Avatar n tn No prior history of Heartburn/ Acid Reflux Ate nothing , drank only coffee this morning, went to ER with chest pain in upper abdomen
Avatar f tn I have acid reflux and didn't want to take zantac with my first pregnancy so I was using a bottle of tums a day! Tums is great for the calcium but really ***** for persistent heartburn/reflux. Zantac stopped working for me and I've been on prilosec for a while now. Just one a day. Over the counter is more expensive than zantac but works better in my opinion.
1444053 tn?1365456815 every yeararound late September Oct I get reflux problems I dont know if its seasonal, stress more this time of year or diet or what all I know is it is horrid having this constant burning and chest pain all day, started Pariet for this just before the surgery then it stopped but it started again 4 days ago then yesterday stopped today its back grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pain from surgery all seems to have gone occassional small twangs, and nothing much in flow, was expecting more but I can handle none l
Avatar f tn Several years ago I was diagnosed with reflux because of my excessive burping. I was put on Protonix. It never seemed to work all that well but whenever I tried to go off it I had horrible heartburn. I am to point now that I really want off it but can't stand the heartburn. Any suggestions?
378497 tn?1232143585 For about the last four weeks, I've had heartburn/reflux (real reflux, too) pretty much every single night. I almost never have had heartburn (unless in late pregnancy), and now, I'm waking up every night, reaching for the Zantac. I can't really take it pre-emptively right before bed because it might interfere with my BCP. Anyone had a problem like this? I don't take in much caffeine, this doesn't appear to be food related in any way.
Avatar f tn Seriously going insane with heartburn and reflux. It never goes away! Tums don't seem to help. Today I didn't eat for like 9 hours, had only water and still...it hung around. What can I do to make it go away or do I just have to live with it?
Avatar f tn I had heartburn/acid reflux so bad that I lost 20 lbs. My doctor had me take Prevacid (sp?) for 2 weeks. When that didn't work he gave me a prescription for Protonix (sp?). It took 2 weeks for it to start working. I am now 26 weeks. I've gained some weight back but I still struggle with it some days. It's no where near as bad as it was in the beginning though.
Avatar f tn I had gallbladder surgery two months ago and I have alot of heartburn, acid reflu and stomach ache. I had some of this before the surgery, but it seems to be worse now. The heartburn is definately worse! I was taking Zantac and that didn't help, so I'm now taking Prolosec.Is there any reason I still have this heartburn? I can eat most things, but chocolate isn't good.How long does this last? I realize these things take time, but it seems like a long time already...