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Avatar f tn Any tea that is decaf is okay. Black tea has the highest caffeine and green tea is middle, while herbal is least. Also, as long as you are drinking a lot of water in addition to caffeine, you are fine. But anything decaf is perfectly fine.
8691340 tn?1415127741 Is okay if i drink green tea during pregnancy? Just like one cup a day? I really want some...
Avatar m tn Where do you get the good green tea? at walmart they just have the tea bags...
Avatar f tn is it okay to drink green tea ? I'm 10 weeks now but before I found out I was pregnant was drinking it before workouts and I'm not sure if to keep drinking.
Avatar f tn Green tea is suposed to have wonderful health benefits. But you definitely don't want a tea with caffeine in it. My LLMD said no caffeine with Lyme. Be sure to take Vitamin D and C. Both are necessary for good immune function, which you really need right now.
628735 tn?1273875777 Ok, so did a little looking and green tea has a lot of caffiene in it. At Starbucks you can get a green herbal tea that is called "refresh" it has a minty hint to it just like green tea. Hope this helps...but being green tea is used in ALOT of diet meds/potions I would suggest staying clear from it.
Avatar m tn I have read recently that green tea is not good during pregnancy because it blocks folic acid. I am 16 weeks pregnant and have been having a cup every morning. I had no idea about this until now, Should I be concerned about spine bifida?
Avatar n tn green tea is very healthy, but you cannot over do it. maybe a cup every other morning. drinking green tea every single day causes headaches, and what you've been experiencing. cut down to maybe half a cup a day.
Avatar f tn I even used pre-seed lub. didnt work for me on the 1st month. However, i heard about drinking green tea can help when you are TTC. what is your thought on this? does anyone tried green tea? does it work? please let me know.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if you can drink green tea during pregnancy! Never even thought about the caffine I been having 1-2 small Styrofoam cups of it a day!
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! Does anyone know if its okay to drink green tea during pregnancy? I drink it sort of a lot but I know it has alot of caffeine. Any advice?
Avatar f tn There is not much caffeine in green tea, however green tea inhibits absorption of folic acid so its advised to keep it limited during pregnancy
7557112 tn?1399509472 Green tea has a lot of caffeine. Black teas also have a fair amount. If you can find Tetley tea, they have decaffeinated versions of many of their teas (green, earl Greg, chair...) It's excellent.
Avatar m tn Green tea and green tea supplements have become very popular in the last few years and have been touted as a panacea for many illnesses. While drinking green tea may be beneficial, there is less evidence to support the use of green tea extract, which is often marketed and used for weight loss. While there is some evidence to support this, there may be some risk. In a Clinical Observation published in The Annals of Internal Medicine (2006; 144: 68-69), Dr.
Avatar f tn Am I able to drink Arizona green tea? I know it's a silly question but better safe then sorry!
Avatar f tn I like my green tea too so I just got it in decaf form and added a dash of honey
Avatar f tn Thanks. Still on my vitamins n magnesium pills. I mostly drink Water n green tea. Haven't had much energy today.