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Avatar n tn green tea is very healthy, but you cannot over do it. maybe a cup every other morning. drinking green tea every single day causes headaches, and what you've been experiencing. cut down to maybe half a cup a day.
Avatar f tn I don't drink coffee or have anything with caffeine and I had started drinking green tea a couple months ago in the evening and after awhile I thought maybe that was the cause, but I have not had any tea for the past month and I am still experiencing the palpitations, some days more often than others. I am healthy, I run 4 days a week, I am not overweight, no medications, no other health issues. Is this something I should be concerned with? Any recommendations?
Avatar n tn There is no evidence that low dose of caffeine present in green tea can cause arryhtmias. In fact, one study find that modest dose of caffiene actually increases HRV (the lower the HRV, the higher risk of sudden death - HRV is an independent risk factor for sudden death). http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=15111532&dopt=Abstract The article, Meyers, M. G., "Caffeine and Cardiac Arrhythmias," Annals of Internal Medicine.
Avatar f tn Is anyone having heart palpitations ? I'm on week nine of treatment. Taking victrelis triple. Last time i had blood work they said everything was normal but my hemoglobin was low but that was normal and my palpitations could be due to that. Lately they have been lasting for hrs some times almost all day. I seen my nurse about two week ago now.
Avatar f tn It might not be the hormones. Heart palpitations at menopause are often caused by caffeine. Have you tested this by not drinking coffee and cola?
Avatar f tn Hello, just wanted to say that I too have been suffering with esophagul spasms which bring on heart palpitations, breathlessness and even twitching.. plus constant discomfort in my chest on my left side about where my ribs are... Ive been trying to figure out for some time what's causing this and I think i got it down to parasites causing my stomach to spit food back up. So i started on a parasite cleanse, and it seemed to really help.
Avatar n tn hello im 27 yrs old and suffer from heart palpitations, i wondered if these can be linked to the menstrul cycle as i tend to get them mostly around this time and only occasionally inbetween its quite scary as i have to breath deep to get my breath, i have not been to my local gp about this yet as im afraid of what he will say. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/712390'>Heart Palpitations</a>.
Avatar f tn 2 years ago I felt my first heart palpitations (extra heartbeat). They were happening like every 5 minutes. I realized that that morning I had drunk 2 caffeine energy drinks, so I attributed it to that. A few weeks later they came back, but every so often. So I went to the cardiologist, had all the tests and they said it was nothing. Since then I was at ease and haven't felt anything.
Avatar f tn BUT 4 weeks ago she started having chest tightness, heart palpitations, insomnia and fearful thoughts which of course brought on extreme anxiety. It was after 4 days of these repeated systems that she told me. I asked about work and all the usual factors that lead most to stress and anxiety. WITHOUT CONSULTING HER DOCTOR she stopped taking her Singulair. This was Saturday. She insisted work and all was good.
Avatar n tn This happens until I stand up again. Why would my heart be doing this? I do have palpitations throughout the day that I notice (maybe 3 or 4), but I really don't like these ones when I lay down. Thank you for your time.
692001 tn?1236566062 Oddly enough, my reflux has been bothering me off and on and I seem to be having heart skips or palpitations until I either eat or take Zantac. Has anybody else considered or have heart about the relation between reflux and heart palpitations? Is there a better medicine out there for reflux? I take Zantac 150 mg twice a day and have been doing so for the last 15 years.
8683847 tn?1410760916 Specifically, I have noticed minor heart palpitations after I take the 600mg and sometimes after the 400mg dose. It doesn't last very long and almost always happens if I engage in some sort of physical activity (just like coffee affected me before I stopped drinking it). Other than this side effect, the only other issue I have had are minor headaches occasionally. Has anyone else noticed any heart issues with the Riba or this combo?
Avatar m tn Saaturday i felt a little more winded or out of breath than usual but nothing bad. my heart rate came back down and no palpitations or pain. i was not bending over trying to catch my breath. i felt good. MY ISSUE OR EPISODE: but later that day about 5 hours later do nothing special just walking out of costco i got a flush in my chest. when it happened i thought, ok i have had these before no biggie. kept walking. then i got another 15 seconds later and another.
Avatar m tn , and look at the definition, you'll see a part that most people forget about, or maybe never realize. Palpitations are the SENSATION of irregular OR FORCEFUL beating of the heart. Notice the word "or". Palpitations by definition are not necessarily caused by irregular, extra beats. Everyone associates them with PVCs, but that's not always the case. Normal, sinus rhythm beats can produce palpitations. Read up on palpitations.
Avatar n tn Multi-Vitamin Vitamin A Vitamin B Complex Vitamin C 6-8 grams x 5 days per week L-Lysine 4 Grams x 5 days per week L-Proline 1 Gram x 5 days per week Vitamin E 800 iu Folic Acid 800 iu L-Arginine L-Carnitine L-Taurine Cayenne Garlic (lots of it) Salmon Oil (2 grams) Omega-3 Tonic Green Tea Resveratol Lycopene Hawthorne I have added and discarded various supplements over the years, like Co-Q10, which I didn't see any value in. Most of this just becomes a belief system.
Avatar m tn Red yeast rice 6.Green tea extract 7.B-Complex vitamins But one more important thing need to remember.Always consult with your doctor before use of these supplements.
Avatar m tn Hello, About 3 years ago I experienced a lot of heart palpitations, and it was hard to breathe so I went to the hospital. They gave me an EKG and when I went to a cardiologist he said I had a first degree AV block. Since then I have cut out most stimulants and have not really exercised. I have rarely had a recurrence of any heart palpitations, like twice in 3 years, and I know they are attributable to caffeine, I keep forgetting green tea has caffeine... I would like to start running.
Avatar f tn I am a 35yo female that has suffered from heart palpitations for the last several years. I have had every test that you can think of. They all come back as normal. My cardiologist says that some people suffer from palpitations for no reason. It just seems like when I have palpitations that I automaticlly need to have a bowel movement. Does anyone else suffer from that? I have been told that is not a sign of any heart problem.
1504778 tn?1321398245 I don't smoke anymore and iv completely stppped drinking things like energy drinks,cola,pepsi,coffie,tea anything with caffine. My heart only started to seem to play up like this after I stopped why I don't get it. Iv been to my gp and to the hospital numerous times. Iv had about 2-3 ecgs and a 24houre ecg and 2blood tests. From my first blood test and ecg they said my blood looks fine and the ecg showed I might just have stress. But I don't stress at all my lifes preety laid back.
Avatar n tn Oh, and make sure you don't get dehydrated, that will cause the heart rate to go up too. I am 38 yr old female and my heart rate sometimes goes to 200+bpm during exercise. I also get pain when it's that high. Dr. put me on a beta blocker to slow the heart rate down. Check with your doctor about what might help you. Good luck!
Avatar m tn My heart was skipping a few beats a while ago, I had all the tests and everything else seemed to be fine. Back then I had been drinking Arizona green tea with ginseng - in moderation. It's been a while since I've had more heart beats skipping, until last night. Then I realized I had had 2 glasses of the Arizona tea yesterday. This AM I've gone online to see if anyone has had the same issues. I realize the tea has caffeine, but caffeine in coffee does not seem to have the same effect.
Avatar m tn The other condition was not a migraine, but Narrow-Angle Glaucoma which presents with heart palpitations, chest pain, pain in and around the eye, nausea, photophobia, and occipital head pain. You can have many other symptoms which I exhibited at one time or another. This condition presents in 'attacks' and worsens over time resulting in blindness in the affected eye if not treated.
Avatar n tn It worked for me and since I’m dealing with those 'feelings again' that is how I came to comment on this thread. This time I think my heart palpitations were brought on by sampling a Multi with green coffee and green tea in it but I'd forgotten about the ebook because I thought my feelings were a candida die off reaction to Niacin (as niacinamide and niacin) that was also in the supplement sample I took. I found my printed copy of Daugherty's book and am going to review it again for help.
Avatar n tn I thought about trying this and also wondered if it was ok to take while breastfeeding. They say it contains EGCG an extract found in Green Tea so I was wondering if it were safe. I have heart palpatations sometimes too which is why I can't take Metabolife or things like that. Just wondered if any of you have tried this and if it works. Thanks ladies. Feel free to use as an open forum if needed as well.
Avatar f tn I have found through my ND, that L-theanine, a derivitive of green tea, is good for getting your heart rate down. You can buy it in the health food store and can't do any harm. Also, it might be a slight case of anxiety. I have to take 1/2 mg of ativan during the day. I'm still working on getting my TSH leveled out so I am hoping when it finally is, everything else will be ok.
Avatar m tn For the last few months, I've often noticed heart palpitations, esp when I'm laying down, where my heart seems like it beats really fast for a minute or so and then slows down. I had a heart murmur when I was little but I got an EKG when I was 8 or so and it was deemed innocent. Other than that, I've never had any other problems with my heart and normally my blood pressure and heart rate have been in the low range of healthy.
Avatar n tn this is what i do and it helps drink green tea, the real stuff not tea bage get a tea kettle green japanese tea and drink it, drink alot of it..the first three days like 4-5 pots of it.. youll feel alittle shaky thats normal..then you need either a treadmill or walk..alt of walking 3-4 miles a day..
Avatar m tn What should I be doing to get this where it needs to be? I drink green tea, eat garlic, and do not use tobacco. Can constant stress really be the cause of this?
1518151 tn?1320452547 Sob and palpit. Plus choked on green tea. Is it better to take 10 mg once daily.