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Avatar f tn I feel this weird thing in the back of my throat, it's almost like when you drink soda or anything fizzy and you have to burp, but I've been feeling this for hours now. It's really uncomfortable. Like there's some kind of pressure building up in my stomach but can't get out.
Avatar f tn Give food poisoning? I eat egg and toast every morning and today I have extreme heartburn and I've been vomiting. Shall I not eat eggs from now on? And do they poison you? I still feel like I need to vomit!
Avatar n tn My OB doesn't allow tums but recommender Prilosec. I had heartburn to the point of throwing up with my daughter and this time it's almost as bad. And Prilosec knocks it out in a day and it never comes back as long as I don't stop taking it. Try tracking for a day or two what foods you are eating and you might notice certain ones making it worse.
222011 tn?1265475648 Also, when I started thyroid med, I was first on the generic (levothyroxine) and it gave me lots of side effects including bringing back the reflux and heartburn!!!! (also caused burning flush skin, headache, diarrhea, mild nausea. MD thought it was the fillers in the generic). I did much better on synthroid the brand, but everyone is different, so it's sort of trial and error.
Avatar f tn I havent taken anything just so im safe but would love to know if theres something that is okay to take to help. Im only 7 weeks and its horrible! I get heartburn from grapes!
Avatar f tn ) I'm 28 weeks and never had any issues with acid reflex or heartburn till a few weeks ago and now some night its gets so bad that it keeps me up at night. I REALLY dont want to take any medicine during my pregnancy, but this is something i just cant solve myself. tried everything already.
Avatar n tn Had a Sig done a few days ago. Then today I awoke with heartburn and bloating. I burped and out came out a fizzy, egg-like burp. I didn't eat any egg or carbonated drinks! Heck, I haven't been eating much lately. All day I've been passing gas from all sides. My family really hates me right now. The egg burp is what's really scaring me. What the heck can this be? I've had some minor to moderate abdominal pain and discomfort.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I found out I was allergic to this delicacy us hispanics call "chorizo" made with pork and various spices, its usually made with eggs, which I made, and I've been eating it all my life. I ended up itching all over and started getting hives everywhere, shortness of breath and everything that comes with it. I had to go to ER to get treated with an IV full of meds, because the doctor that treated me earlier gave me two injections Benadryl and a steriod which didn't work.
Avatar f tn This is my 2nd IVF cycle but first with donor eggs. I also have back pain since day 3 and slight heartburn. On 2/9 I will know, I am just trying to keep positive. Anniebrooke - were you on a lot of meds before and afterwards, because I'm rattling!!
Avatar n tn However, there was no heartburn, no nausea, though I felt like I was on the verge of getting the heartburn and nausea. At 11am my apetite came back and I ate the rest of my breakfast (which was only a bowl of scrambled eggs). Everything was ok. At 12.30pm I ate my lunch, which was salad (lettuce, spinach, egg, crackers, and reduced-fat Italian dressng). 2-3 hours after lunch, the heartburn and nausea came back, but only mildly, definitely not as bad as the past couple days.
Avatar n tn Boron and Tom: Hi guys! I'm new to this board and have read many posts and your replies--I'm impressed with your level of knowledge regarding the GI system and I'm looking for some help. About 1& 1/2 months ago I started becoming nauseous, about 3-4 x wkly. It would really flare when I was trying to do cardio workouts, so I'd have to go way slower than normal and sometimes even quit. Then I started noticing it sometimes in between meals and after meals.
Avatar n tn if you work your cardio more you will have a reason for your heart to be pounding fast, and you wont be scared. the heartburn...eat less acidy foods, eat right and you will feel better more of the time, i know that this may not eliminate all but it will make a difference.
266195 tn?1215314011 My symptoms come more at night and include a burning in my esophagus when I burp, lump in throat, shortness of breath during the heartburn, a feeling of a full stomach and sometimes a sore throat afterwards. Also once I got what I assume are PVC's or PAC's during one of these, like 3-5 in a row. But 2 months ago I got an ekg, chest x-ray, cardiac blood work-up and a 24 hour holter monitor and everything checked out normal, So I don't think anything is wrong with my heart.
Avatar m tn One day I felt better I ate 2 eggs and got so sick I was out the next day for the whole day and only drank water. The whole week I ended up only eating 3000-4000ish calories because of the nausea, no pain, 2 normal bowel movements 1 diarrhea week 3: Came home very dehydrated and huge deficit in calories, I went from 165 to 145lbs. The next 2 days I had diarrhea which I thought was a good sign because maybe whatever is in me is getting cleaned out.
Avatar f tn It usually starts 2 days before you are due for your period and is lighter in flow and is more brown in colour. It doesn't usually last as long as a normal period would. PREGNANCY TESTS. Ok, my favourite! You can do a home pregnancy test as soon as 2 days after your missed period. They are very accurate if followed through correctly. You MUST follow the instructions that come with the test as each is slightly different but all test for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).
1666434 tn?1325265950 my heartburn is not that bad only if I drink organ juice or eat organ.
Avatar m tn Add the beaten eggs and cream and stir the mixture till the eggs are set and look like scrambled eggs. Sprinkle the remaining coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatis (Indian flat bread) or crusty toasted bread. Serves 2 Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in South Asia, and is commonly used in South Asian (Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Pakistani).
Avatar m tn Hello guys, I've recently been having some recurring heartburn, and am trying to discover the source. First off, I'm 22 and in relatively good health (a "healthy bodyfat percentage" etc) so I don't have any cause to believe I have health related reasons for GERD/heartburn. Diet wise, it gets trickier. Now I graduated college in May, and have been living at home since then.
Avatar m tn your doctor can give you tests to see what is causing the problem and stay away from nuts, fish,eggs and hair dye until you have been to see the doctor because they are the main cause of the worst reactions.Hope you get it sorted soon i know haw you feel take care.
Avatar m tn recently I had an extremely proteinous meal of eggs and salmon, and I still hadn't digested it six hours later. Any clues as to why drinks should disagree with me like this, and not food? Thanks.
Avatar f tn My diet went to plain foods too. Many things trigger heartburn or severe nausea...peanut butter, bacon and onions to name a few. I stick to eggs, toast, cereal, plain everything. I pay a big price if I eat certain foods and have to sleep it off. But I miss those foods!!!!
Avatar n tn The salad had lettuce, crackers, eggs, soft whit tofu, and carrott. at 3pm, mild heartburn and mild nausea. Gone by 4.30pm. The hearburn and nausea came back at around 5.45pm. Drank 1 cup of green tea throughout the day.
Avatar f tn Then I had allergy testing to eggs, soy and milk and all came back negative. No doctor can give me a good answer except to avoid eggs. However, if I cook with eggs like in a muffin mix, I don't have any symptom. The doctor told me they only test for specific proteins in the eggs and it could be another protein I have a sensitivity too. I do also keep a food diary of any pains I get and see if I can find a common culprit. The pain and nausea happened one time when I ate tofu.
Avatar f tn i had sex again in august (protected) then nov 1st(not protected) i know there is no excuse for not being protected but ive known him for 4 yrs and i kindof figured one time without a condom wont hurt seeing as depo is 99.9% effective and stops making eggs and all that.... so i have no ideawhats going on or what to think.....i have a 28 month old daughter. and i am worried that im pregnant and i need help to know if i possibably am or not. bc im gonna have to figure out what im going to do...
Avatar f tn I constantly feel like my stomach is stuffed and I eat less and less every day. My acid reflux is terrible, and even with decreased food intake, my heartburn is at its worst. I have it 24/7. WHat do I do? What could this be? I've seen several doctors and even a gastroenterologist. Nothing makes me feel better. I have really bad anxiety and depression could this be the reason for all of my stomach upsets?
Avatar n tn I also been getting weird heat sensations and feel weak and I am always hot.So I went to a third doctor and she ran other tests as well (normal) and put me on Zoloft also dx me w/ MVP.I been on it for 13 days now and it seems to help me with my anxiety but I still have unanswered questions w/the pain in my rib. 1. Does this sound like gallbladder? It doesnt seem to change when I eat anything.I feel it more when I bend or put a strain on it. 2. Does GB problems cause any other symptoms I have?
4485787 tn?1355331044 I am going to get some when I get out of work and take one tomorrow morning and see. Right now I am fighting nausea and heartburn. I forgot to mention I have been doing Weight Watchers for the last month and have lost 10 pounds, but when I weighed myself this morning I have gained 2 back and I haven't strayed from the program at all. Kinda weird. Thanks again, this is the first site where someone has actually responded to my question, lol!